Benefits of a Vaporizer

As more and more people are trying to live a healthy lifestyle, the vaporization of botanical has become increasingly popular over common combustion techniques. However, the method of vaporization is still in its infancy and not everybody is aware of its benefits. We will use today’s blog to shed some light on this matter.

Why Are Vaporizers A Healthy Alternative?

Volcano Vaporizer
During the vaporization process one creates vapor instead of harmful smoke. However, in order to extract the active ingredients of the most popular botanical one does not need to combust at high temperatures. Regular combustion techniques such as a cigarette reach temperatures of well over 1000 º C, although the beneficial active ingredients are released at much lower temperatures. When vaporizing with units such as the Volcano Vaporizer, one can extract the essential oils out of the plant material and leave the carbon fully intact. That is the main difference between smoke and vapor.
The harmful compounds will bind to your hemoglobin (red blood cells), and take the space of oxygen. This will kill your red blood cell. In effect, your blood will not be able to get essential nutrients to your body and make you feel tired. Over time you will not even know why you are tired and as most of us do, compensate with Tim Horton’s coffee. That is why we tell our customers that their metabolism will be noticeably better within the first few weeks of exclusively using a Vaporizer.
health benefits of vaporizer

Efficiency & Flavor

As you can set your temperature to your desired level, it will take a longer time until they are fully vaporized. Therefore your favorite botanical will last you longer. Furthermore, many active ingredients that would be destroyed by burning will be released when vaporizing. If you really want to taste your botanical, vaporization beats combustion hands down. No more coughing or itchy throat, just pure flavor.

Less Smell

In terms of discreteness vapor does not smell nearly as much as smoke. What is also great is that vapor will not linger around your home or make your clothes or furniture smell.
We hope that this post will shed some light on why vaporizers have become so popular in the recent past. To sum up, it will be easier on your lungs, save you money and even make your experience more enjoyable.
If you have any comment that you would like to add to this discussion, we welcome your perspective.
Thank you for reading.

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