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Why Vaporizers ?

Arizer SoloMaking the switch from smoking to vaporization is not an easy step for many connoisseurs to make. Many are simply too used to inhaling thick smoke and the whole routine that regular smoking with papers entail. In short, it has become a tradition for many that is hard to break. One of my good friends, let’s call him Sam, always sounded worked up but couldn’t get himself to finally quit smoking. He was talking about quitting for months.
 About 6 weeks ago I pitched to my colleagues here at the blog to donate Arizer Solo and in return get a first-hand “switching to a vaporizer experience blog post” from Sam. Well Sam was kind of out of himself when I told him about the offer and obviously accepted the Free Portable Vaporizer we offered him!
Today’s blog will therefore give you a first-hand look at what the difference between combustion and vaporizing meant for Sam. In his own works.
PROMO: I pitch this idea as something to engage the community in Canada into the discussion. If it turns out that you guys like this and engage in the discussion, I can make sure that every few weeks, we give away a free vaporizer in exchange for an interview with you about your switching experience (anonymously of course)!
Disclaimer: Before I continue, please be aware that Sam is no doctor or qualified health professional.  What you are about to read is Sam’s personal opinion. Read and interpret at your own risk. Consider using Google to double check the facts, I love the internet and disclaimers wink wink!

What made the switch to vaporizers so difficult for you at first?

VaporizersI am 31 years old and until recently have been smoking for over 12 years. Smoking had become a part of my life that seemed second nature to me. After meals, before going to bed, while I am chilling with my friends, smoking had become a routine to me. I wasn’t feeling too healthy though so I was thinking about quitting for a long time. I mean I couldn’t come home from work and go to bed without just relaxing for like an hour and smoking. (Sam works an office job administering payroll) I like the change of perspective smoking gives me however, so I was torn between my health and something I enjoy. That’s the reason why vaporizers are a great idea.
I was a little upset with myself for a while. I knew that it can’t be healthy the way I felt in my lungs. I mean I sit the whole day in the office, and I am starting to grow these stupid love handles and when I get home I smoke after my workout. I love the switching off and relaxing but physically the smoke just gave me a bad feeling. Quitting after I got my Arizer Solo didn’t really seem like quitting. So most of the difficulty was getting myself in the mindset. I guess the vape just gave me what I wanted just without all the crappy smoke.

How long did it take you to make the switch?

It really didn’t take me too long. The first week was tough as I always had that weird desire to inhale thick smoke. After the first week I really got used to the consistency of vapor and after the second week really didn’t think about smoke anymore. Now two months later, the thought of smoke actually grosses me out a bit and I like tasting my product.

What did you notice health-wise after using your Portable Vaporizer?

Oh wow, there were a lot of things. And I warn you, I am a deep thinker so just stop me if I talk too much. I mean this is probably the main question you guys wanted this interview for. I’ll tell you the most important things.
Portable Vaporizer

1.    First of all, after around 2 weeks I really started to notice a difference in my lungs. As a former hockey player I still hit the gym around 2-3 times a week. I was actually able to increase my cardio workouts by around 40%. My regular interval workouts would last around 30 minutes and trust me when I tell you they felt like torture. Now my interval workouts take around 40 minutes and I can go into intensity levels I would not even think of before, plus I don’t feel like a wreck when I’m done. (This is an improvement in metabolism we refer to in one of our previous blog posts)

2.       The next difference I noticed was that my occasional coughing disappeared. Sometimes after a workout my throat would feel itchy and sore, I don’t have that problem anymore. I hated the morning showers where I would cough out the crap I smoked the night before.
3.       Another difference I noticed was my taste. Food tastes so much better when you are not smoking. Simple healthy foods that I wouldn’t even taste before suddenly taste like a flavor explosion. My girlfriend always snacks on fruits and some of them just taste so much better than before.
4.       Talking about my girl, she also loves the fact that I got myself a vapourizer. She never smoked a day in her life and I don’t want to know how much second hand smoke I passed on to her. Vapor doesn’t bother her at all since there is no smell. I got a pass to use the vape indoors as well, which is great. 
5.       Also I use about half the amount of product I used to smoke.

What do you want to say to people who are thinking of making the switch?

Stick with it. Quitting smoking is not easy but knowing that my Portable Vaporizer will still allow me to keep my hobby made the switch a lot easier. The first week will be tough but after around two weeks you will not look back. You can still enjoy all your old habits, no reason to destroy your health.
We at TorontoV want to thank Sam for his valuable insight. We hope you guys like this post so we can give away another vaporizer J.
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  1. First off, I love reading personal experiences from actual people, joe/Jolene blows like myself whom have no affiliation with the manufacturer or the retail venue trying to sell the item.
    Nothing beats firsthand experiences, good quality in depth personal experiences.

    Thank you to Sam for sharing, and a huge thank you to Toronto Vaporizer for offering this PROMO to Sam which allows us, fellow connoisseurs, a better look into the specifics of the topic at hand.
    If the folks at TV would like to utilize other peoples reviews of the items offered by TV, I would gladly post some in depth reviews, and would fully support, engage in further promo opportunities.

    Congrats Sam on successfully making the switch from smoking to vaping

    • Thanks for your great feedback Chris! It is certainly insightful to get personal experiences and we like to offer these perspectives to future vaporizing connoisseurs, as they are extremely helpful. If you’d like to become part of our Experience Network, please sign up to our newsletter (on the right sidebar). We periodically send out requests to our newsletter members to submit personal experiences and product reviews. The most insightful submissions are accepted, based on how relevant and honest their review/experience is :).

  2. Once I started vaping with the Solo 2 years ago….I never went back to rolling. Vaping is indeed the way to go. Wish they had these portable units 20 years ago. Vape on, people!!this is a Very Nice Product and Good Response

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