Best Vaporizers based on Vapor Quality

When comparing Vaporizers one of the most important criteria is definitely vapor quality. Our polls showed that about 65% of the people in Canada that are looking for a Vape primarily care about vapor quality! With so many units out there, it is very hard to separate the cream of the crop. But don’t you worry fellow connoisseurs; we at TorontoVaporizer had to undertake the “grueling” task of re-testing some of our units to give you the 5 Best Vaporizers in terms of Vapor Quality. What a difficult job we have over here.

The 5 Best Vaporizers

Best Vaporizers

5. Arizer Solo

Arizer SoloThe Arizer Solo is the only portable unit that made it onto our list. For a Portable Vaporizer this unit produces excellent vapor that is not only dense and thick but also incredibly smooth. The glass drawing stem allow the vapor to cool down very nicely and produces flavor that is better than most stationary units. Furthermore, this unit is incredibly efficient allowing you to produce awesome vapor using a small amount of botanicals. So if you hate being without great vapor when you leave the confines of your home, you will just love this unit.

Extreme Q
4. Extreme Q

The Extreme Q is one of the most popular Vaporizers on this planet. Why? It is competitively priced but produces awesome vapor. Now that’s a great combination. Furthermore, you can vaporize using balloons or traditional whips which adds some flexibility in terms of how you can use this unit. What we especially liked about the Extreme Q is that temperature control is very accurate and the unit is able to produce vapor of excellent flavor even at higher temperatures. The fact that this unit is designed and assembled in Canada just adds to its “connoisseural” legitimacy.

3. Plenty

Plenty VaporizerThe Plenty Vaporizer made by Germany’s Storz and Bickel is a new unit made by this famous company. The botanical chamber is the same as used in the popular Volcano units maximizing the chamber surface area allowing for incredibly efficient vaporization. Not only is the vapor of pristine quality, you will also save a lot of money due to the unit’s great efficiency. What is also nice about the Plenty is that although it is a stationary unit, it is actually a handheld device making it incredibly comfortable to use. Just lie back on your couch, Plenty in hand, and enjoy awesome vapor. Now what’s not to like about that?

2. Volcano Vaporizer

Both the Classic and Digital Volcano version have been dubbed to be the best Vape for quite some time now. Both units have definitely deserved this reputation. The exceptionally well-engineered botanical chamber these units use, allows for maximum surface area vaporization producing incredibly thick and dense vapor that will extract the maximum amount of active ingredients from your botanicals. The flavor these units produce is simply phenomenal no matter what temperature you are vaporizing at. In short, the Volcanoes are still on top of the world.
Volcano Vaporizer

1. Aromed

The Aromed Vaporizer made by Research & Experience is another example of great German quality and ingenuity. We have recently tested this unit and were absolutely blown away by the vapor quality. What makes this unit so special is twofold.
  • First, it is one of the only units that use water filtration to catch particles and cool down vapor. This will enable you to enjoy the purest and coolest vapor on in the world. Furthermore, the water will moisturize the vapor making it incredibly smooth.
  • Secondly, this unit uses a very unique heating element that is placed directly over your botanicals. The heat comes from a UAV-Free halogen light source that automatically changes intensity to maintain an even temperature. This is the most efficient heating element we have ever seen and sets the benchmark purity.
The patented Phyto Inhalation technology, coupled with a light based heat source and water filtration system set this unit on top of the famous Volcano Vaporizer in this category. All we can say is that if you value purity and smoothness, the Aromed is the best unit around.
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  1. your blog should have more direct links to your shopping page
    took me a while to find and i havent even blazed yet today

    nice reviews though. i appreciate your attention to detail.

  2. Hi !

    Bought my Aromed 4.0 direct from “the source”.I just had it now for 3 days,medical user 100%.Homegrown Z6 strain from Shanti.I have a Plenty too which i tought was the vaporizer to have when it comes to quality..but i say this..Aromed wins hands down..Thank you Frank Fush for developing such a awsome vape.Pricy,i guess so BUT when you tryed it are instantly becomes a beliver..Aromed to the people..


    • You sound like an shill.

      The Plenty blows the Aromed away in manufacturing quality and vapor production. Where again does the Aromed shine? Thin vapor. I plug my Plenty right into the downstem of my waterpipes by taking off the coil.

  3. The Volcano will and always will be the top dog in my opinion. But I’m sure in due course we’ll see some competitors along the way. Great article!

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