Cleaning the DaVinci Vaporizer

All vaporizers should be cleaned regularly to improve vapor quality and prevent any buildup from causing malfunctions. The DaVinci is pretty easy to clean. It has three small screens which can be difficult to remove, but the rest of the unit doesn’t need much maintenance. Wait until your unit is completely cooled down before cleaning, and empty it of botanicals first.

How to Clean the DaVinci Vaporizer


The Heating Chamber

For traces of dried botanicals, just use the included brush to brush away loose pieces. The metal end of the brush can be used to scrape residue off the walls. The inside of the heating chamber can also be cleaned with a cotton bud dipped in a nonabrasive cleaning solution or alcohol. To clean the bottom of the heating chamber, you will need to take out the bottom screen first, and be careful not to block the holes at the bottom or let any liquid fall through them.
If you use the included oil cans to vaporize, this will keep the heating chamber itself much cleaner. The oil cans can be cleaned just by soaking them in an organic cleanser or rubbing alcohol and then rinsing them with a strong stream of warm water. The outside of the Da Vinci will rarely need cleaning, but can be cleaned with just a rag and soapy water. A can of compressed air can also be used to blow away dust and traces of botanicals from the inside and outside of the unit.

The Screens

There are three screens on the DaVinci. The top two screens are in the air pathway between the main heating chamber and the flexi straw. Unscrew the cap on the metal cylinder just above the heating chamber on the inside of the unit. This has the first screen inside, and the second one can be pushed through from the top. Both these screens should be cleaned frequently, since they affect the flavour of the vapor a lot.
The screen on the bottom of the heating chamber can be lifted out carefully with a needle. Clean all the screens by soaking them in an organic cleanser or rubbing alcohol and then gently scrubbing off any remaining debris.

Flexi Straws

The flexi straws rarely get much buildup inside them because the vapor is filtered through the screens before it reaches the straw. But cleaning them regularly will improve the vapor quality and make it easier to take draws. Look through the straw to make sure there’s no noticeable debris inside, and then use warm water and a pipe cleaner to clean the inner plastic tube.
Remember that regular cleaning will keep your DaVinci producing flavourful vapor all the time, and keep the air path free so it isn’t difficult to take draws. We recommend our organic cleaning solution, but rubbing alcohol will also work for just the metal parts of the unit. Want to know more about the DaVinci? Check out our DaVinci Vaporizer Review post! If you want to get the most out of your vape, check the Top Vaping Mistakes post to make sure you are doing everything right :)
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