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Can the king be dethroned? There have been rumblings in forums where users are saying they think the Cloud EVO may be even better than the Volcano. This is pretty hard to imagine, considering the Volcano has been the undisputed champion when it comes to vapor quality. It’s easy to see why the EVO is so popular. It’s designed to be used with hydratubes, and water filtration has a certain appeal that can’t be denied. That doesn’t mean it’s better though. There’s only one way to find out for sure. Today we have a showdown between the digital Volcano and the Cloud EVO…

Vapir Rise 2.0 vs VapeXhale Cloud EVOVolcano vs Vapexhale

Volcano vs Vapexhale Vapor QualityVapor Quality

The vapor quality of either of these units will blow you away, but the Volcano’s is better. Since vaporizers first started getting popular, pretty much every unit has been compared to the Volcano.

The flavor is simply unmatched, and the vapor is guaranteed to go down smooth because it has ample time to cool while inside the balloon.

The Cloud EVO also produces extremely good vapor. While the base unit only comes with a glass stem for a mouthpiece, the EVO is really designed to be used with a water attachment, which they call hydratubes.

The vapor is most enjoyable when filtered through one of the hydratubes, but it also loses a bit of the flavor.

Expect extremely smooth and good tasting vapor from either, but the Volcano will preserve more of the flavor.

Volcano vs Vapexhale Manufacturing QualityManufacturing Quality

Build quality is another category where pretty much every desktop vaporizer gets compared to the Volcano. Storz and Bickel – the company that makes the Volcano – are the gold standard when you’re talking about vaporizer manufacturing.

You can count on the Volcano to last a very long time. As far as vaporizers go, you won’t find any that are more reliable. The digital Volcano is especially nice because of the display and precision temperature control.

There are a lot of things to like about the EVO’s design. First, the vapor pathway going through the unit is completely enclosed. There’s a glass tube that runs through, and the heating element heats the outside of it.

The air is heated inside the tube and drawn through the stainless steel chamber before returning to the glass hydratube or mouthpiece.

I also like that the EVO has a dedicated setup for waxes, while the Volcano only has a concentrate pad that you put in the regular chamber. The end result is the same, though the EVO seems a little easier to do right.

While the EVO has some great qualities, it isn’t nearly as reliable as the Volcano. This will vary from person to person, but most people will have to do more maintenance on an EVO then they would on a Volcano. Part of this is due to all the glass associated with the EVO, and part of it is due to the Volcano’s better overall engineering.

Volcano vs Vapexhale Ease of UseEase of Use

The Volcano is about as straightforward to use as you are going to get. There are two clearly marked switches to turn on the heat and air. Setting the temperature is done with the arrows next to the digital display.

You should normally wait to turn the air on until the unit is heated and your bag is connected on top. Once the air is on, you just wait for the bag to fill and then enjoy the vapor.

If you want to use it with concentrates, you put the concentrate pad inside the chamber and then put your wax on top. When using it with wax, you may want to allow the air to run for a few seconds before putting the balloon on top because it takes some time to get the wax heated up which can lead to diluted vapor if the balloon is already filling.

The EVO is also simple to use, but it doesn’t offer precise temperature control. Instead, you just get a knob that allows you to adjust the heat level. The device itself doesn’t have any temperature indicators to go along with the knob, but the included cover does. It’s hard to say how accurate this is, but it’s definitely less accurate than a digital display or specific presets.

There isn’t a fan in the EVO, so all the vapor is produced by actually drawing air through it. I like that there are two different components for dry herbs and waxes. I think getting good results with wax is a little easier with the EVO.

I wouldn’t call either of these hard to use, but the Volcano has an advantage because of the screen.

Volcano vs Vapexhale ReachReach

Reach is a category we like to include as a way for you to gauge what kind of range you’ll get with a desktop in your house. In this case, it’s pretty easy to call the Volcano the winner because of it’s balloon system.

The reason the balloon system is good for this category is it allows you to enjoy your vapor from pretty much anywhere. You aren’t restricted to actually sitting beside the unit.

This is especially nice for parties or groups of people. Once the bag has been filled, you simply remove it from the Volcano and pass it around to whoever wants it.

To get vapor from the EVO, you have to be right on top of it. Like I mentioned before, the vapor is produced by manually drawing the air through the glass tube.

If you want to enjoy this with friends, you’ll have to pass the whole device around. Considering all the glass, I recommend making sure you trust them or at least explain that they need to be gentle!

Volcano vs Vapexhale Temperature FlexabilityTemperature Flexibility

This is another category where it’s easy to see that the Volcano is the winner. If you get the digital option, you have precision temperature control down to the exact degree.

With the EVO, you just have a knob to turn and you’ll never know exactly what temperature you are vaping at. So while they’re both flexible, the Volcano offers the flexibility in a much more useful package.

If you opt for the original Volcano, then they’re pretty much the same.

Volcano vs Vapexhale WinnerSHOWDOWN

The digital Volcano beats the Cloud EVO easily in my opinion.

The display is an obvious advantage, but the manufacturing and vapor are better as well. Even if we were comparing the EVO to the original, non-digital Volcano, I think the Volcano is still the better option for these reasons.

It’s a fantastic piece of machinery, and the vapor production is pretty much non-comparable.

The Cloud EVO is cool in it’s own right. It’s pretty obvious that the hydratubes are the main appeal. They improve the smoothness of the vapor from the EVO, but they don’t actually make it more smooth than the Volcano’s.

I’d only recommend the EVO if you really like the look and feel of using water filtration, not because it actually leads to preferable vapor.

The EVO put up a good fight, but the Volcano reigns supreme.

If you are convinced the Volcano Digital is the right unit for you, be sure to pick one up from our store.

To see how these 2 units stack up against the field, be sure to check out our Desktop Vaporizer Ranking Chart.

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