Dr Dabber Boost vs Focusvape Tourist – E-Rig Racket!


Here’s a showdown for all you dab lovers out there. The Dr. Dabber Boost has been one of the most popular e-rigs on the market since it was introduced, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best. In fact, it may not even be close to the best…

Could the Tourist challenge it for the e-rig crown?

Dr Dabber Boost vs Focusvape TouristDr Dabber Boost vs Focusvape Tourist Showdown

Dr Dabber Boost vs Focusvape Tourist Vapor QualityVapor Quality

The Focusvape Tourist produces great vapor, whether you are using it for dry herbs or for concentrates. There are completely different tops for each mode, a chamber and mouthpiece for the dry herbs and a nail and bubbler for the wax.

The bubbler can be used for water filtration for the dry herb mode as well. On top of all this, the Tourist offers precise temperature control with good ranges for both modes. The end result is smooth vapor dialed in to the exact style you like.

The Dr Dabber Boost also produces good vapor, though it is much more limited in variety. Number one, you can’t use it for dry herbs at all. Number two, you can’t really adjust the temperature.

It just continuously heats throughout being activated, so you never know what temperature you’re actually at. Don’t get me wrong, the flavor of the Boost’s dabs is good. But there’s no comparing it to a full temperature range and the ability to vape dry herbs extremely well.

Dr Dabber Boost vs Focusvape Tourist Manufacturing QualityManufacturing Quality

The Tourist is a very well designed and manufactured device. The system for switching out the tops for the different modes is easy, and the threaded connection is extremely smooth. Everything is well machined and sturdy, even the glass bubbler.

The temperature range is 176F to 464F for herbs and 464F to 842F for waxes. The battery is a removable 18650, which means they are easily swapped. It even comes with a magnetic base to keep it from falling over.

The Boost seems well made out of the box, but its long term durability is questionable. We haven’t had problems, but if you look around the internet, you’ll notice a lot of regular users who report components breaking after a few months.

On top of this, the lack of temperature control is frustrating when compared to the precision and range of the Tourist.

Dr Dabber Boost vs Focusvape Tourist Ease of UseEase of Use

The Tourist is extremely easy to use. All you do is put your desired top on (herb or wax), then flip a switch on the side to either herb or wax mode. At that point, setting the temperature is as simple as using the two arrow buttons located below the display.

While the Boost as less buttons, the Tourist packs a much more refined experience into a similarly easy to use setup.

The Boost is also very easy to use. You can only use it for wax, so you don’t have to choose between different settings. For the most part, you simply turn it on and take a dab.

You can’t really get more simple than this, but we still think the Tourist deserves the win in this category because it offers so much more without really increasing the difficulty.

Dr Dabber Boost vs Focusvape Tourist PortabilityPortability

The Tourist isn’t really portable when it comes to the wax mode. You can’t use it without the bubbler attachment, and carrying around a large piece of glass doesn’t really fit my definition of portable.

The good news is that this is very easy to carry for using with dried herbs. You’ll have to sacrifice the water filtration, but that is true of every portable herbal vaporizer anyway.

Since the Boost can only be used with waxes and the big glass attachment, it’s hard to really call it portable at all. You can take it places with you, but that doesn’t mean it’s convenient. This category wasn’t a contest at all.

Dr Dabber Boost vs Focusvape Tourist Battery lifeBattery Life

Both of these units run off the same battery setup, a removable 2500mAh 18650.This means you can get additional batteries to avoid the need to stop and charge with either, and you can expect roughly the same life when using either for dabs. This round is as even as you can possibly get.

Dr Dabber Boost vs Focusvape Tourist DiscreetnessDiscreetness

The Tourist isn’t as small as many dedicated dry herb vaporizers out there, but it’s still small enough that you can use it strategically and not be noticed. It helps that the all black exterior isn’t very distinguished because it would be hard for someone who isn’t familiar with vaporizers to figure out what exactly it is.

When it comes to using it for wax, good luck. You’ll attract attention just about as fast as possible.

The same goes for using the Boost. Try to use this in public, and everyone will immediately notice and know exactly what you are doing. There’s a big glass bubbler on top after all. The Boost loses in this category because it doesn’t offer any mode that can be discreet at all.

Dr Dabber Boost vs Focusvape Tourist Temperature FlexibilityTemperature Flexibility

As mentioned above, the Tourist offers a very nice temperature range. The herbal range of 176F to 464F is bigger than just about every other vaporizer available, but the ends of it are well outside the vaporization range.

This means you’ll get combustion on the high end, but some people may like that when combined with the water filtration. The wax range of 464F to 842F is also great, giving plenty of room for low to moderately high temp dabs.

The Boost has almost no temperature flexibility. Well, the temperature is flexible, but you aren’t in control of it. The device simply continues to heat the longer you leave it on.

It starts at either 515F or 520F and reaches a max of 610F or 600F over the course of being activated. I don’t like this approach and greatly prefer the precision temps of the Tourist.

Dr Dabber Boost vs Focusvape Tourist WinnerSHOWDOWN

The Focusvape Tourist destroys the Dr. Dabber Boost in my opinion.

It’s not that the Boost doesn’t work – because it does. But the Tourist works even better, and offers so many additional benefits that it leaves the Boost in the dust when compared head to head.

The two things that really jump out to me are the precision temperatures and the ability to vaporizer dry herbs. The precision temps alone would make it the better vaporizer. They’re largely the same in the wax department outside of that big difference.

When you add in the fact that the Tourist is also a very good dry herb vaporizer, this stops being a competition and starts being a complete rout.

If you want an e-rig and are choosing between these two, get the Focusvape Tourist.

Still think you like the Dr Dabber Boost is better? Everyone has their own personal preference and if you are looking to grab one grab one directly from our store.

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