DynaVap TiWoody and NonaVong Review


The DynaVap TiWoody and Nonavong are two parts of a modular portable vaporizer system that require a flame as a heat source. You didn’t read that wrong, these require a flame to create vapor, and the results are incredible. Check out the full review now… Also if this is your first vaporizer be sure to check out our Vaporizer Buyers Guide.

Review: DynaVap TiWoody & NonaVong

Dynavap Review

Nonavong Heating Chamber

How it Works

If you’ve ever heard of DynaVap or checked out their products, you may have been confused about how it all works. We certainly were the first time we came across them. For starters, there’s the whole using a flame to create vapor aspect, and then there’s all the different models and interchangeability.

Let’s break it all down now.

DynaVap vaporizers are comprised of a cap, a titanium tip, a condenser, a midsection, and sometimes a mouthpiece. The titanium tip is where your ground material goes, and the condenser is the vapor pathway from the tip to your mouth. The condenser is located inside the midsection. So far, so good.

The cap is what goes over the titanium tip when it’s time to actually vape the material. All you have to do to create vapor is apply heat from any flame to the cap while twisting it to ensure the entire cap is heated evenly. There are no batteries or electronics involved at all. Butane lighters are the recommended heat source.

Nonavong Exploded View

You may be wondering how you would know how long to heat it, since this is the major downfall to units like the Vapman and Lotus Vaporizer. That’s where the magic of DynaVap comes into play. As you heat the cap, you will eventually hear a click. That click is by design and let’s you know when it is ready to vape. As soon as you hear it, you stop applying heat and take a draw. It’s actually incredibly simple.

The basic functionality of their vaporizers is largely the same, but there are several ways that you can customize the overall experience and aesthetic. That’s where the midsections come into play.

There are two basic types of midsections, bodies and stems. Bodies are designed to be used with mouthpieces, while stems don’t require one. A body plus a mouthpiece is the same size as a stem by itself. The mouthpieces spin to make it easier to heat the cap, other than that, there doesn’t seem to be a huge difference between the two styles.

This has already been an extremely long ‘How It Works’ section, but we still have a few things to go over. I’ll try to keep the following sections short to make up for the length.

You’ve probably wondered why we are doing both the Woody and NonaVong in the same review. This comes down to the modular aspect of the DynaVaps and how similar these two midsection styles are.

Dynavap Nonavong Parts

The Woody (or TiWoody) is their most classic model. They had a glass one that came out first, but the Woody is what really got them going. It’s nothing more than a 10mm round midsection made out of cool looking and exotic woods.

The NonaVong style is extremely similar, except it has nine sides instead of being completely round. This keeps it from rolling when you set it down on a table, and it’s also 14mm instead of 10mm, meaning it will fit directly into some water pipes.

Dynavap Titanium Cap

Temperature Flexibility

Like I mentioned, there are no electronics on this at all. The heat is provided from a flame. You would thing this means that there is no temperature flexibility at all, but that’s not actually the case. While you’ll never know the exact temperature that you are using, you do have some control over the experience.

For example, heating just the tip of the cap will create more flavorful vapor, while heating lower will create denser clouds. You can also keep the flame on the cap for an additional one or two seconds beyond the click if you want a little more heat than usual.

Dynavap Nonavong Mouthpiece

Vapor Quality

The vapor quality is amazing, especially for what this is. Something about a small vaporizer made of wood and metal and heated by flame made me assume that we’d be dealing with either bad vapor, combustion, or both. I was majorly wrong.

I mentioned just heating the tip of the cap above. If you do this, the flavor is outstanding. Not just for the size and design, I’m talking good even when you compare it to other vaporizers. The vapor production is good as well.

If you heat the whole cap the flavor isn’t quite as good, but you can get a surprisingly big and dense hit. I really enjoyed doing one heat using the first method, then finishing the session off with a the second method to get a full extraction. 

DynaVap Nonavong

Manufacturing Quality

The manufacturing quality of these is incredible. Everything works perfectly, and I absolutely love the way they look. Since there aren’t any electric components on these, they could last forever if you take care of them.

Even if you lose something or something breaks, you can just get another piece. You have to love a simple design that looks great and works well.

DynaVap Nonavong with Zeus Armor Vaporizer Case


These may be the smallest vaporizers on the market. The fact that they don’t need a battery means that they can be a lot smaller than pretty much everything else out there.

You can carry them anywhere without worrying about them breaking, and you’re also never going to have to worry about running out of battery life. As long as you have any flame source, including matches, you can get these to create vapor.

Dynavap TiWoody in hand

Ease of Use

These are extremely easy to use. DynaVap did an incredible job making sure that there was no fuss at all when using these.

The click from the cap makes heating it a breeze, and the fact that it all comes apart for cleaning is also nice.

Everything that’s not wood can just be put in ISO to clean.

DynaVap Nonavong full kitOverall Experience

The DynaVap TiWoody and TiNonaVong are two awesome flame-powered vaporizers.

If you don’t mind carrying around a lighter, this could be a great pickup. The vapor production is great and you’ll never have to worry about running out of battery life. These would be incredible to take on camping trips.

Really, the need for a lighter is the only big downside that some people will have. If that won’t bother you or you’re open-minded, I definitely recommend picking one of these up to add to your collection.

If you are looking for a more conventional starter vaporizer, the Utillian 420 retails for under $100, features a glass mouthpiece and digital display. And if you are looking at a more advanced vaporizer that features convection heating check out the Utillian 721.

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