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Today we will be taking a look at the Swift Pro by Flowermate. This unit boasts 100% pure convection vapor. Needless to say with a claim like this we were very excited to get our hands on this unit and give it a test drive. But did it meet our expectations? Read our review to find out.

Review: Flowermate Swift Pro

How it Works

To load the Swift Pro swivel the body of the mouthpiece to the side and lift it from the body of the unit to expose the heating chamber. Next fill your favourite herb into the heating chamber and swivel the mouthpiece body back onto the unit.

To turn the Swift Pro on press the power button 5 times, the screen will illumate and display the temperature. Using the up and down arrows set the unit to your desired temperature. Once the temperature is set the unit will automatically begin heating to that temperature.

Temperature Flexibility

This unit has precise temperature control which means you are able to set the temperature down to the individual degree. It can be set anywhere up to 240 degrees Celsius which gives you a lot of room to work with. Lower temperatures usually provide better flavor while higher temperatures are known to produce denser vapor but less flavor.

Vapor Quality

First we have to applaud the innovation of Flowermate, they set out to make the first fully convection unit and they did just that. The herbs are only cooked with the hot as air it passed over the herbs, there is no heating from the sidewalls.

And while this all sounds great in theory, in practice the result is a little underwhelming. Because the side walls are not heated there is nothing to help insulate the heat as it passes over your herbs and instead the heat ends up dissipating into the side walls.

Furthermore in order to achieve any visible vapor at all we had to crank this unit up to the highest temperature and take really hard, fast, harsh draws from the unit. The whole ordeal left us out of breath and frustrated but we did get one or two nice draws. The problem is you need the herbs to stay heated in order to cause the vaporization and in order to do this you need to draw hard and for a long time because there is no other heat source to help radiate heat through your herbs.


We have read that people have had better results with this unit when hooked up to a water-pipe or the Iceborn. This is most likely because you are able to get a harder and more consistant draw when connected to a longer tube.

Regardless of the reason, if you are a person who likes visible vapor this unit is not for you and will be a very frustrating experience.

If you are looking for pure stealth and value flavor above all else, then you may find some value in the Swift Pro, but there are other units that offer the best of both worlds like the Utillian 720.

Manufacturing Quality

Manufacturing quality is another mixed bag, this unit is listed on Flowermates website for 219 USD, which is almost $300 Canadian. For that amount of colourful money we would expect a unit that has a bit more of a quality feel to it. The Swift Pro is made entirely of plastic, it feels cheap to the touch, and is very light even for a portable unit. The display is far too dim and we even struggled to read it in moderate lighting.

The unit comes with a whole host of accessories which I guess is supposed to help justify the pricing, but most of the parts, like spare rings for the heating chamber won’t get much use and ultimately does not provide any real benefit to the unit. This unit is definitely more flash than function.

Battery Life

Even the battery life of this unit did not impress us. In our 40 minutes of playing around with the unit we had entirely depleted the battery and some of those times we weren’t even using the unit it was simply on or in standby mode.

Many will draw comparisons between this unit and the Crafty and unfortunately this is probably the only aspect that they both share, weak battery.


The Swift Pro is roughly the same size as the Crafty and is fairly portable. It will easily slide in a pocket, purse or back for easy transportation.

Flowermate does provide a thin material storage bag that will help protect the unit from scratches while in your pocket or bag.

As we mentioned the battery life of the Swift Pro is not the greatest so don’t expect it to last you a full day of vaping without needing to recharge the device.



Because of the lack of visible vapor this unit can be seen as fairly discreet. Also because the herbs are only ever cooked while you draw from the device it does seem to be relatively low odor during your entire session with the only odor coming from when you exhale the vapor.

Ease of Use

The Swift Pro is really easy to use, there are just 3 buttons and it features precise temperature control to make things even easier. Press the power button 5 times to turn the unit on, set the temperature with the two other buttons on the device and then wait for the unit to reach temperature. It is a really easy device to use. 

Overall Experience

While we applaud Flowermate for developing and manufacturing the first purely convection vaporizer and while it does function, the Swift Pro overall is underwhelming. For the cost of the unit we expected to be blown away with quality, which unfortunately was not the case.

You can get both the Utillian 720 or the Vapir Prima for less than the cost of the Swift Pro and have a much more fulfilling vapor experience.

We hope in the future that Flowermate works to perfect this formula because we do believe pure convection heating has potential. Unfortunately that potential just hasn’t e fully realized yet.

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