How to clean Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer


Arizer Extreme QIf you are in the process of cleaning you may need some parts or screens for your Arizer Vaporizer. If you prefer to stay at home and have some specialized cleaning solution and tools sent to you as well, check the Purify Cleaning Kit out. The grime stix in the kit will make your life much easier!

Keeping your Vaporizer clean is not only good for your unit but also great in terms of flavor. Residual buildup can cause unwanted flavors, one thing a connoisseur might not want to deal with. In today’s blog we will have a look at how to clean the Arizer Extreme Q, while putting in minimal effort.
The Extreme Q is one of the most popular stationary units around. Especially its price/quality ratio is simply outstanding. However, every unit, even the EQ will need some maintenance from time to time in order to keep things running smoothly.
The good news is that the EQ is very easy to clean and maintain, especially because so many parts are made of glass. Glass Elbow Adapter
Here is what you need to clean your Vape:
  • Glass Jar
  • Rubbing alcohol (though specialized solution is faster and cheaper over time, not everbody has it around so we will talk about rubbing alcohol)
  • Cotton Swabs
  • Large bowl
The three main glass parts that will need some cleaning from time to time is the Glass Mouthpiece, Glass Cyclone Bowl and Glass Elbow adapter.
You take the jar and fill it with alcohol. You can use this jar to clean your vaporizer for the next 6 months. Just make sure you close the lid when you are done with the alcohol. That will ensure that it doesn’t evaporate.

1-Removing the medical grade tubing

The glass elbow adapter is attached to a tube. Make sure to leave the whole whip in a bowl with hot water for a few minutes. That will soften the tube and allow you to remove it without breaking the glass piece.  

2-Cleaning the glass parts

Glass Mouth PieceThe best way to clean these parts is to simply drop them into your jar with rubbing alcohol. Let them soak in the alcohol for about 10 minutes and don’t forget to chill in the meantime. Then simply rinse the glass pieces with hot water. The residual buildup should come off as soon as the parts are rinsed with hot water. In really “dirty” cases, simply repeat the process.
Once your EQ’s glass parts are clean, the medical grade tubing may also need a little care. The two rubber parts are the delivery whip and the long whip. Please do not clean these parts with alcohol. If submerged in alcohol they may dissolve and become unusable. In most cases it will suffice to clean the rubber tubes with hot water. In bad cases some highly diluted dish soap can be used. I would generally recommend purchasing new medical grade tubing every few months. It costs as much as two cups of Tim Horton’s coffee, so it won’t break the bank either but it will make a difference in vapor quality. Also make sure to not replace your rubber tubes with regular tubes found at your hardware store. The tubes sold at specialty stores are medical grade tubes.
If you follow these simple and easy cleaning instructions from time to time, your EQ will stay happy for many years to come. Also, after 6 months you can leave the jar open and let the alcohol evaporate. What will be left behind is a nice film of residue of your favorite botanical.
Thanks for reading today’s blog, and as always we welcome your comments.
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    • Hey! Just soak it in some diluted ZEUS Purify solution or iso-propyl alcohol for up to 24 hours. You can then take a pipe cleaner or even an old tooth brush to gently scrub away excess residue. If you notice your screens are not able to be cleaned anymore, throw them out and get new ones. You should be replacing your screens about once a month depending on use!

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