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The Milaana by Rasta Buddha Tao is, or at least was, an eagerly anticipated log-style vaporizer. Released in the summer of 2015, this wood-and-steel construction is assembled in upstate New York and is touted as featuring vapor production on par with stationary desktop vaporizers. Unfortunately, as so often happens, the hype precedes a product which cannot deliver the goods. The Milaana boasts convection heating at less than 5 seconds, which would be an admirable feat if the vapor didn’t end up basically burnt after every session. So, does the Milaana deliver the goods or end up dropping the log? Read on and get the TVape scoop!

Review: Milaana Vaporizer

How it Works

This is kind of a complicated device to use, as it requires following very specific instructions available on the website. You have to first insert the battery, then you have to twist the copper plate on to keep the battery secured.

Herbs are packed into the basket screen located in the glass stem (much like the Arizer Air). After inserting the glass stem into the Milaana, the other end of the stem will act as the mouthpiece.

Hold the one control button and draw slowly from the mouthpiece for 3-5 seconds, then release the button. Continue drawing for 5-15 seconds and stir the herbs after each draw session. Sound tiresome? You bet.

Temperature Flexibility

Similar to the Magic Flight Launch Box, the temperature is controlled by how long the button is activated for, so while this is advertised as being temperature-controlled, it’s actually more accurately described as “voltage-controlled”.

You get 45 watts of power with the Milaana, which at least gives the potential for variable temperature control.

However, the heat from this level of control basically ranges from lukewarm to burnt, even through the glass mouthpiece. 

Vapor Quality

The vapor quality here is not nearly up to par for what we would expect for pretty much any vaporizer, never mind one costing as much as the Milaana does.

Despite being advertised as featuring a lower-temperature heater, vapor gets quite hot during the sessions.

The glass stems are good for retaining at least some vapor flavor, though combustion remains a constant risk, so it’s a challenge to get through a session without burning the herbs.  19/22 millimeter glass attachments are appealing for cooling the vapor down but with primary vapor quality this variable, why even bother? 

Manufacturing Quality

The outer body of the RBT Milaana is definitely well-made, but we wish we could say the same thing about the rest of the build.

The wood is solid maple, the steel parts are stainless, and the whole thing has a subtle steampunk appeal, once again making one think of a high-tech upgrade of the now-relatively-obsolete Magic Flight Launch Box.

The use of glass stems is also a fair indication of manufacturing quality, but as we’ve described in the previous section, these only do so much to help the vapor flavor. 

Battery Life

The RBT Milaana uses 18650 batteries and comes with two in the package.

Each battery lasts for just shy of an hour, so if you’re taking the Milaana out for a while, it would be advisable to carry the extra battery or two with you.

We strongly recommend using a reliable 18650 like the Samsung  INR18650-25R to ensure peace of mind when using an unregulated unit like the Milaana. Cheaper batteries have much higher risk of failure, so it is important to get your 18650’s from a reliable source.


The base of the Milaana is fair for portability, but once you factor in the glass stems, it’s game over, man. These glass pieces will ensure a risk of breakage pretty much any time you try to carry the Milaana in transit without any protection.

The Milaana uses a removable lithium-ion battery which can be swapped out for fresh batteries on the go. Using swappable batteries is good for portability, especially considering you already need something to carry the glass stems with you anyway.

If you end up with a Milaana and want to take it on the go, best to use a carrier like the Zeus Armor Hard Case to keep the stems from shattering and some extra batteries to keep the Milaana alive.

Ease of Use

Considering how you’ll have to consult the RBT website before you can even get started with the Milaaana, ease of use is not exactly tops. The battery has to be installed before each use, then secured with the copper plate. Herbs are then loaded into the heating chamber, which also acts as the other end of the mouthpiece. Herbs also have to be stirred throughout the session in order to get an even cook.

Considering one will have to keep jump between holding the button, drawing from the mouthpiece, detaching the mouthpiece and then stirring the herbs, this does not bode well for ease of access. For this much work, you can get a better-performing model with much higher-quality vapor.

Overall Experience

We can easily see why people were so excited for the RBT Milaana. These wood vapes are super cool to look at and handle, but the vapor quality is just not on par with what we expect, especially from this price point.

Unless you’re super dedicated to the idea of a wood vape, it would be wiser to invest in a better-performing device like the forthcoming Arizer Solo 2.

Compatible with ZEUS Iceborn
This vaporizer is compatible with the ZEUS Iceborn, a revolutionary new vapor cooling system engineered by Canadian vape manufacturer ZEUSArsenal. The Iceborn is designed to produce cooler draws and bigger clouds when connected to your vaporizer. The vapour produced is ultra smooth and crisp and because of ice cooling, instead of water filtration, there is no loss of efficiency. The ZEUS Iceborn adds an additional 2 points to the vapor quality score of this vaporizer and is a highly recommended vaporizer accessory.

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