Pax vs Air Vaporizer Comparison – SHOWDOWN

Since our last Showdown of the Solo vs Pax, people have been leaving comments asking for the Air to be compared to the Pax. Finally we’re putting the Pax against a newcomer to the scene, the Arizer Air. Can the pretty Ploom-made portable beat the unit whom manufacturer, Arizer, is known for vapor quality? Let’s get into the showdown and find out!

Pax vs Air Vaporizer Comparison


Vapor Quality Winner - Arizer AirVapor Quality

The Pax has an oven at the bottom of the unit that’s has a magnetic cover and a unique screen that keeps small particles from entering the vapor pathway, which is really nice. Unfortunately, the problem isn’t with the small particles, it’s in the heat of the vapor. The unit delivers some pretty warm vapor, especially at the highest temperature. Worse still, the vapor’s quality further diminished as the unit gets dirty, which happens quite quickly. Unless you’re regularly cleaning the unit, the vapor will only be decent for about a week or so before the quality takes a sharp dive.
The Air borrows a great many features from the Solo to make the best of its size while still delivering amazing quality vapor. The first feature is the glass aroma tube. This tube keeps the flavor of your vapor nice and pure and also acts to cool down the vapor on its way to your mouth. The second is the airflow, which is managed (though not as much as the Solo) to keep the vapor delivered in every draw consistent. In the end, the quality is on par with the Solo, which means it is leagues above the Pax.

Manufacturing Quality Winner - Arizer AirManufacturing Quality

The Pax was really well designed in terms of its look. The anodized aluminum makes the unit look and feel really high quality while the retractable mouth piece makes the unit feel high tech. Unfortunately, the magnetic heater cover means you should plan for the magnet to fail sooner rather than later after being exposed to enough heat from the oven. The next problem is probably the worst which is the tendency for the unit’s mouth piece to get stuck after getting gummed up from regular use. This happens pretty quickly, which leads to the unit being inoperable way faster than a premium unit should.
The Air has a plastic shell, but the plastic is nice and durable and doesn’t make the unit feel cheap. It does, however, make the unit nice and light which comes in handy in other ways. The pieces are all well machined and fit together seamlessly. The materials are all high quality and make for a really pure experience. This unit might not exactly be as pretty as the Pax but its quality and robustness give it a definite edge.

Temperature Flexibility Winner - Arizer AirTemperature Flexibility

The Pax has 3 temperature settings that you can cycle through using the button inside the mouth piece. The temperatures are 188 Celsius, 199 Celsius, and 210 Celsius. These temperatures aren’t terrible but to get the most out of the unit you really have to go to the medium or high heat setting.
The Air has 5 temperature settings: 180 Celsius, 190 Celsius, 200 Celsius, 205 Celsius, and 210 Celsius. These setting do a great job of satisfying connoisseurs who favor flavorful vapor and those who like their vapor thicker and more satisfying. This flexibility provides more options and the ability to satisfy a more diverse crowd so the Air again takes a win in this category.

Portability Winner - Arizer AirPortability

One thing that the Pax has going for it is that it’s built to be really portable. The size as well as the retractable mouth piece make it easy to pop it in your pocket and take it with you on the go. Unfortunately, it won’t last you very long while you’re out. The battery unfortunately lasts less than about 45 minutes which makes this unit really difficult to take with you for longer outings without having to worry about charging the unit somehow. This puts a serious damper on the portability of this unit.
The Air is very light which makes it much easier to carry the unit around and being nice and small means it won’t take up much room if you decide to put it in your pocket, not like you’ll have to. The unit comes with a carrying holster that allows you to carry the unit and 2 aroma stems without having to worry. To cap it all off, the 18650 that powers the unit lasts an hour, which is longer than the Pax, but can also be switched out for another battery to keep your session going easily, which is an option the competition doesn’t have.

Discreetness Winner - Arizer AirDiscreetness

The Pax is made to be pretty discreet with its all black exterior and retractable mouth piece. This does help with the unit drawing less attention to itself, but the discreetness of the unit is stifled by the vapor leakage from the bottom of the unit. The oven’s magnetic heater cover isn’t an air tight seal in the slightest, so vapor and odor tends to leak from the oven which can make the unit much less stealthy.
The Air does a good job of covering its bases in this category. The aroma tubes are much shorter than the Solo’s aroma tubes and even have a black mouthpiece on the top to make the unit more discreet while in use. The size of the unit makes it easy to fit it in your hand and that together with the short aroma stems means you can have nice stealthy sessions in public!

Ease of Use Winner - Arizer AirEase of Use

The Pax presents itself initially as an easy to use unit. Loading the unit is a simple matter of turning the unit over, pulling off the magnetic heater cover filling it, then putting the cover back on and using is just a matter of extending the mouth piece and letting the unit heat up before you enjoy. This is all made problematic by the fact that the unit’s mouth piece can easily get gummed up and totally stop the unit from functioning at all. To keep this unit working you’ll need to clean it really regularly, making this unit a bit more high maintenance than we like.
The most complicated part of using the Air is loading it because you have to turn the unit upside down to drop it on top of the loaded aroma tube. This isn’t really a big deal and using this unit otherwise is as easy as it gets. Turning the unit on and off and setting the temperature can be done from the same place and the managed air flow makes every draw delicious and consistent throughout your session.

Battery Life Winner - Arizer AirBattery Life

As we mentioned before, the battery life of the Pax is suboptimal. The unit lasts about 40 minutes per charge which is a huge problem when it comes to taking this unit with you on lengthy excursions, especially if you like to have relaxing and lengthier sessions. The Air on the other hand has a battery that lasts for an hour and is also able to be switched out for a fresh battery to continue your session if the battery interrupts your session. This is a huge advantage that the Pax doesn’t provide so you’ll be forced to keep your charger nearby if you intent to take it with you on a long trip away from home.

Buy Arizer Air VaporizerWINNER

In the end, this Pax vs Air Vaporizer comparison was pretty one-sided. The Pax is a pretty unit, but in every category it still falls short of what units on the market now, like the Air, can provide. It would be more fair to compare the Air to the new Pax 2 vaporizer. The Pax, like the predecessor of the Air, the Solo, are now both becoming outdated. Even a unit at half the cost of the Pax, like the ZEUS Smite, is putting up a good fight in our latest SHOWDOWN now. when comes to this SHOWDOWN, the Air is certainly the better vaporizer!

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  1. This is the best vaporizer comparison blog you can find.
    Right now I am searching for a new vaporizer and I have to mention that I have only tried vapeing with one (mine) so-so portable vaporizer (g pro by grenco). So by picking the next right one I really rely on your blogs.
    Arizer Air looks very promising. I am seriously thinking about. But a few question come to my mind when I try to make a decision. Maybe you could help me here?
    1. In your shop you have ratings for different aspects of these vapes . The one that is the most important for me is the vapor quallity. Air has an outstanding vapor rating of 8,5. My question is : is this rating a universal vapor rating as a whole, or is it only judged as a vapor quality in comparison only to other portable vaporizers? For example some stationary vaporizers like da buddha only have a rating of 6. I would assume that its a six only in comparison to volcanos 9 or is it true that actually a small portable like Air has that much better vapor quality that most desktop vaporizers?
    2. I you would judge just the vapor quality and look aside from the fact that one is portable and the other is stationary. How would you rate Arizer Airs vapor quality against lets say plenty. Or a Volcano? Would it actually be this close as 8,5 and 9,0 ?
    Thank in advance.
    And excuse me for my English mistakes.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Arnas!

    To answer your question, all our ratings are dependent on the category, so the vapor quality rating is an indicator for how it performs as a portable unit against other portable vaporizers. Portable vaporizers and stationary vaporizers are made for very different reasons, so they can’t be compared to each other. They’d have unfair advantages in certain categories because of how they’re built and what they’re built for.

    Take a moment to think about where and how you’d want to use your unit most and what would be most important to you in a unit so you can decide between a stationary and a portable. Once you know which type you want, you can look through the vaporizers in that category to see which units perform best in the categories that are most important to you. If you take the time to figure out what you really want from your unit, you’re bound to make a smarter purchase that will make you happier for much longer! :D

  3. That’s a pretty biased review lol
    1) You can’t use battery life as a ding against the Pax in portability and then have a separate category on battery life. The arizer portables are amoungst the least portable vaporizers because of the glass stems (without a holding compartment). Sure you can use the carrying case, but that’s not nearly as portable as the Pax (or Smites for example), which can just go in your pocket.
    2) I think it’s hard to justify the Air as more discreet than the Pax… again, sucking on a glass tube?

    ALSO, didn’t mention on your Manufacturing Quality section that Pax has a 10 yr warranty, whereas Arizer only provides a long-life warranty on the heating element (which will almost NEVER be the first thing to fail)

    I’d ask for a review with Pax 2 vs. Air, but worried that it’d be more of the same?

    I think Air is better value for sure, but if the two were the same price, I think the market would overwhelmingly pick Pax2

    • Hey thanks for your feedback! When we review units we certainly take into all components, including price. So yes, if they were the same price, this review may be very different, but we have to factor in the fact that you are paying almost double for the PAX, for not that much additional value.

      You bring up some very key points and thank you for your opinion. Our reviews are objective as possible as we couple our product experts qualified opinion with real connoisseur reviews and feedback.

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