PLENTY vs Volcano Vaporizer

When I think of high-end and great quality Vaporizers the first company that comes to my mind is Storz & Bickel. For around 10 years now the fine German company has produced some of the best vapes ever seen. Especially in terms of vapor quality Storz & Bickel has always set the standard and therefore we were double as excited when the Plenty hit the market.
PLENTY vs Volcano Vaporizer
Many people ask me these days what the difference is between the Volcano units and the Plenty. Today we will answer that question.

Volcano Vaporizer’s Balloon System

The first and most obvious difference between the two units is that the Volcano Vaporizer series are balloon or forced air vaporizers. There is no whip as the only way to operate them is using balloons. What’s nice about balloons is that they allow the vapor to nicely cool down before inhalation and also it makes vaporization a lot easier in a group setting. Furthermore, balloons allow you to be mobile within your home as you could simply inflate a balloon and walk around your home thereafter.
Volcano Vaporizer Valve Set
If you like to read more about the Easy Valve vs Solid Valve we have a separate blog post about that.

PLENTY Vaporizer’s Cooling Coil System

PLENTY Vaporizer Cooling Coil The cooling coil system the PLENTY Vaporizer uses is great in its own way. First of all, the unique coil design cools down the vapor very nicely. Although not as cool as with balloons, I barely noticed a difference to the Volcano units. What I also liked about the whip is that it allows me to vaporize at my own pace which is especially nice when you are vaporizing alone. One should also mention that the Plenty is actually a handheld device. So while the unit needs to stay plugged in to operate, it does allow you to move freely, limited only by the length of the power cord. This feature is actually very comfortable and ergonomic as you can lie back on your couch (my favorite hobby) and enjoy some Storz & Bickel style high quality vapor.

Vapor Quality of PLENTY vs Volcano Vaporizer

Vapes that are made in the US generally focus on discreteness. In contrast the Germans are more like us Canadians, as they design their vaporizers primarily around the concept of Vapor Quality. Vapor quality is just awesome with both these units. The volcano units are renowned for their incredibly smooth and dense vapor and the Plenty lives up to those standards. Both of these units heat the air before it hits your blend, making the vapor exceptionally pure and flavorful. Some refer to this “better” method as convection heating. Furthermore, both types of units use a very similar heating chamber with the biggest difference being that the volcanoes use a fan to force air / vapor into the balloons while the newer counterpart has no fan and relies on the drawing of the user to generate airflow. The reason why I still give the Classic and Digital Volcano the edge here is that they have a higher temperature range and therefore allow you to customize the type of vapor you prefer. Especially the digital version is very exact and allows you to set your temperature to the nearest degree. 
 Volcano Vaporizer

Final Thought

So which Vaporizer is best for which type of user? As always that’s the million dollar question. If budget is not an issue I would still go with the Volcano series. Vapor quality is simply the best on the market and you are getting a device that has been the market leader in terms of quality for over ten years now. Furthermore, if you like to vaporize with friends balloons simply make life a easier, especially if you go with the easy valve system were you get 5 balloons out of the box. Also, balloons allow you to be mobile within your home. However, if you are a little more price sensitive but still want to get a unit that is made by the pioneers of vaporizing, the Plenty is a great choice. It produces fantastic vapor and its funky handheld design make it really convenient to use. I really love the coil whip as it cools down the vapor perfectly and the fact that I can get an authentic Storz and Bickel unit at this price makes it even more exciting.
PLENTY Vaporizer
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