Top 5 Vaporizers

Looking outside the window today is quite depressing. It is raining, the temperature has dropped and the sun is nowhere in sight. Worst of all, this tells me that summer is coming to an end. No more flip flops and shorts, chilling around lake Ontario in the evenings and enjoying my portable vape collection. However, true Canadian connoisseurs know how to have fun all year round. As the cold comes back to Canada, home units become more popular. These type of vapes are more heavy duty than portable units and therefore more suitable for home use. Today we will have a look at the top 5 stationary vaporizers out on the market today so you know which one to pick up to get you through the winter.

Top 5 Vaporizers

5. H. Aire 2.2

H. Aire 2.2 Vaporizer
The H Aire has been a staple in the stationary market for a few years now. They are manufactured in Alberta and have a loyal following in Canada. What is special about this vaporizer is that it is extremely flexible in terms of how you can use it. You can take draws directly from the unit which allows you to vaporize in an instant. You can also attach the whip to the unit which will allow the vapor to be cooler and smoother or you can use the balloon system and inflate some balloons filled with delicious vapor. Because of the tight chamber design, it is also one of the most efficient units in the market, as it is able to extract the most out of your blend (according to the manufacturer).

4. Arizer V-Tower

Arizer V Tower

The V-Tower is my favorite Whip Style Vaporizer. It is made from the same high quality parts as the Extreme Q, just without the inbuilt fan. The ceramic heating element coupled with the glass filling chamber give the vapor an exceptionally pure taste. Furthermore, the unit comes apart very easily and the glass parts are quickly cleaned, hence this unit is very easy to maintain. I think the key to the success of the Arizer V Tower is the patented upright Cyclone Bowl. It is made of glass for exceptional taste and makes the filling process a breeze.

3. Plenty

PLENTY Vaporizer

The Plenty is Storz & Bickel’s newest product. It was released in 2012 and quickly gained popularity in the vape scene. What’s special about this unit is that it is actually a handheld device in the design of a large heat-gun. This allows you to hold the vape in your hand so you can just kick back on your couch and enjoy some of the best vapor around.  Furthermore, the heating element is that of the famous Volcano vaporizers and therefore vapor quality is just exceptional. What I really like about this unit is the special stainless steel coil whip. It cools down the vapor perfectly for smooth and easy going vapor. Overall this is another great vape made by the most trusted company around.

2. Extreme Q

Arizer Extreme Q

The Extreme Q might just be the most popular vaporizer in the world at the moment. Although it is one of the best units on the market, it is priced well below other stationary units of this quality. This makes it my favorite unit in terms of “bang for your buck”. What I love is that I have the option of using the whip or inflating balloons. The whip is just great when you are alone while the balloons come in handy when my buddies come over. As the Extreme Q uses a ceramic heating element and the filling chamber and heating element cover are all made of glass, the flavor of the vapor is exceptionally pure. The long whip and balloon system also cool down the vapor very nicely for a smooth and easy going experience. My favorite little gadget is the remote control. This makes the unit super convenient to use around the house.

1.  Volcano Vaporizer

Volcano Vaporizer

The Volcano Vaporizer is the pioneer of all other stationary units. The Classic Volcano first came out in 2002 and has set the industry standard for high quality vapes. The manufacturing quality is simply exceptional and you can expect these units to last for many many years. In terms of vapor quality no other unit comes close. The heating element is simply genius as it allows for the most even and efficient vaporization process around. This is because the heating element is unusually large in diameter, enabling the heating chambers surface area to be larger. The flavor is crisp and pure and is also the most easy going vaporization experience around. This unit comes in either a Classic or Digit versions (also called Volcano Digit) where the latter comes with a digital display to set temperature. You can also choose between two valve sets, the easy and solid valve. If you are looking for the best vaporization experience around, you need to look no further.
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    • Hi Seth,

      good point! At the time of writing the Aromed was not available in Canada yet, so we didnt include it in the ranking. Considering the quality offering of the Aromed, it would probably rank second now. The H.Aire, would not make it in the top 5 anymore. It would probably not even make it in the top 8. There are other units now that are much better than the Aire. Just an update on this post. We will try to write an updated version of this post as soon as possible.

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