Top Convection Vaporizers (Video)

Why is convection vaporizing better than conduction? The shorty story is: because convection uses hot air to heat your botanicals, giving you better tasting vapour, more even vaporization and 100% efficiency. This why convection vaporizers have such a great reputation (and usually cost more). But the following top ranked vaporizers aren’t just the best in the convection heating category, they’re also top performing units in the vapour quality category. To read more about the best vaporizers based on vapour quality, follow the link.

3 Best Convection Vapes

Top Convection Vaporizers

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1. The AroMed

Aromed Vaporizer
The AroMed by Research and Experience uses an truly unique, UV-free halogen light heating system. The tip of the light bulb is held above your botanicals, so there is no direct contact with the material being heated. The temperature is kept continuously consistent, even when you take draws. This is because the light responds to your draws to compensate for the airflow. This means that when you take a draw, pulling the warm air over your botanicals, the light will brighten and emit more heat, so it isn’t all lost at once. This is the most precise and pure heating mechanism we’ve ever seen in a vaporizer. The AroMed also has a built in water filtration system to make your vapour crisper, smoother and just flat out better. The combination of halogen light and water filtration makes the AroMed’s vapor quality the best in the world. To get a more detailed AroMed Vaporizer Review, follow the link.

2. The Volcano

Volcano Vaporizer
You’ve probably heard of this one before. The Volcano by Storz & Bickel is well known for being one of the best vaporizers around and one of the reasons it has earned this title is due to its perfect convection heating style. The fan in the base of the unit takes air in through the bottom, filters it, and sends it through the heating element. If you wait to place the heating chamber on top of the unit, until it has heated up, then you’re getting 100% pure convection heat. The heated air then vaporizes your botanicals and pushes the vapor into the balloons. The fan helps with convection heating because it ensures steady airflow, so all of the air is heated equally by the heating element. The Volcano also has the widest heating chamber on the market, providing more space for the air to reach all of your botanicals evenly, for thicker, denser vapour. To get a more detailed Volcano Vaporizer Review, follow the link. Keep in mind that the Volcano is available in two different models: Classic and Digital, and you can choose between two different valve systems: Solid and Easy Valve.

3. The Extreme Q

Buy Extreme Q VaporizerSince convection heating is based on hot air flowing through the heating chamber, the amount of time the air spends there affects the vapor quality. Faster air gives you lower vapour quality and less dense vapour; slower airflow gives your vaporizer time to thoroughly vaporize your botanicals. The nice thing about the Extreme Q by Arizer is that it has multiple fan speeds to blow up balloons, which lets you choose whether you want speed or vapour quality. The unit also uses glass on glass vaporization, which combined with the convection heat from the unit gives you superb vapour quality. It’s also one of the cheaper convection vaporizers you can get, without forgoing manufacturing quality. To get a more detailed Extreme Q Review, follow the link.
So, the 3 best convection vapes, as you can see, are all stationary units. But why? Well, put simply, convection heating requires some space for airflow in order to get optimal results and this is best achieved in a stationary unit. The use of convection heat is a sign of great design and technical consideration.  The AroMed, Volcano and Extreme Q are at the top of the list for vapour quality, so for all you connoisseurs out there looking for the best of the best, we’d highly recommend picking amongst these three units.

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