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Today we have a showdown between the Utillian 720 and the Pax 3. The 720 offers convection based heating at an extremely attractive price point, while the Pax 3 is known for its sleek design and ultimate portability. They have very different strengths, and choosing between them may be hard if you’re trying to pick your next vaporizer. To make the decision much easier, read our full comparison now…

Utillian 720 vs Pax 3

Vapor Quality

The vapor quality of the Utillian 720 is excellent. It is a fully convection vaporizer, and you can tell right away from the flavor. Every draw I took from this was smooth and very enjoyable. If you want to get denser vapor, you have to bump the temperature up to its higher settings.

The Pax 3 uses primarily conduction heating. The vapor quality is good, but the flavor isn’t anywhere close to the 720. One thing I really liked about the Pax 3 is how much vapor you can get from a short draw. You can sip it for just a few seconds and still have a nice cloud when you exhale.

The 720 is the winner by a significant margin in this category. The vapor it produces is much more flavorful and enjoyable than what you get from the Pax 3.

Manufacturing Quality

The manufacturing quality of the 720 is impressive. The thing that I really like is how versatile it is despite a very simple and easy to use design. There’s just one button on this and no screen at all, yet there are 8 different temperature presets you can access.

The way it works is intuitive too. 5 clicks turns it on, while 2 clicks moves up through the temperature options. The temperature is indicated by the color of the light on top of the unit. There are 4 base levels, but you can activate a boost mode by pressing and holding the button for a couple seconds.

The only thing I would change about it’s design is the plastic swivel mouthpiece. It seems to be the weakest link, although it has performed as intended and doesn’t impact the flavor at all.

The Pax 3 is also built well for the most part. The design is extremely simple and only has a single button, just like the 720. The button is hidden on the top of the unit, so it has a perfectly smooth exterior that looks very slick. The one problem I have with the exterior is how easily it scratches. It seems like every time I use it I manage to put another mark on it.

Related to the scratches, I can’t help feeling like this is a vape I have to be gentle with. It doesn’t give me the same feeling of durability that I get when holding the 720. In other words, I’d bet on the Pax 3 breaking earlier from a fall or accident of some sort. Of course, I could be completely wrong about that.

While I think the 720 is built better overall, the Pax 3 gets bonus points for how elegant it looks and of course its bluetooth integration, which most people will probably not use.

Ease of Use

These are both extremely easy to use. I’m not sure that you can actually find a herbal vaporizer that is easier than either of these.

Like I mentioned above, they both operate using just one button. You just turn them on, choose your temperature, wait for them to heat, and then draw. Loading the chambers is as straightforward as removing the mouthpieces. Again, this is as easy as it gets.

Where the Pax  3 takes a step back is when it comes to maintenance. The Pax screens have a tendency to clog really quickly and if you do not keep on top of cleaning, the oils start to burn after repeated heating and can be quite difficult to fully remove.

This ultimately effects flavor in the long run and will require you to be more diligent.

Because the 720 is convection base, the herbs and oils are not cooked as much through direct heat through the side walls which means less frequent and less intense cleaning for the 720.


This isn’t much of a contest, is it? Pax has dominated the portable side of dry herb vaporizers since they released their original model. Their vaporizers have only gotten smaller with longer lasting batteries since then. The Pax 3 even has a flat mouthpiece that doesn’t stick up above the base at all.

The 720’s size is the reason it can’t compete on portability against the Pax 3. It’s at least twice as big. With that being said, I don’t mind carrying it around. If you have a bag or purse, it wouldn’t be a problem at all.

Battery Life

The battery life will be a little better from the Pax 3. That’s pretty surprising, given the size difference between the two. You’d think that the 720 would have the room for a battery that outperforms something as small as the Pax 3.

As it stands, I seem to get anywhere from an hour and a half to almost 2 hours out of the Pax 3, while the 720 maxes out at an hour and a half.

The difference only amount to a single session on average, and occasionally two. This really isn’t much, but it’s enough to get the Pax 3 the win.


The Pax 3 wins this category because of its size and design. You can easily fit the whole thing inside your hand, and the fact that there is a flat mouthpiece option means nothing will be sticking out above. The Pax 3 may actually be the most discreet herbal vaporizer on the market.

The two things that hurt the 720 are the bigger size and the swivel mouthpiece. You’ll have a harder time concealing what you are doing when using it.

Temperature Flexibility

Both of these offer above average temperature flexibility, especially for one button vaporizers. The 720 has 4 base settings, and each can be easily boosted by 5 degrees celsius by pressing and holding the button. This gives it 8 temperatures that can be accessed from the base.

The Pax 3 has 4 presets that are available from the unit itself. To get more from it, you have to use an app. The app does unlock several cool features, including the ability to set a specific temperature and different modes that change how the oven heats.

This is a close call, but I prefer the 720. It offers the more convenient way to adjust the temperature. While the heating modes in the app are cool, I prefer to be able to make the adjustments straight from the vaporizer.


If I had to pick just one of these to own, the 720 would definitely be my choice. With that being said, they’re both great vaporizers and I think there are good and very different reasons to buy both.

In other words, the 720 will be right for some people while the Pax 3 will be right for others.

If your main concern is getting top quality vapor out of a device that will last you a long time, the Utillian 720 is the one to get. It’s convection heating delivers vapor that is about as flavorful as you can get, especially for the money.

However, the Pax 3 is the clear choice if you want something discreet to carry around with you. It’s small and easy to hide, plus it has a great battery life. The vapor quality is definitely above average for such a small unit, and very enjoyable in its own right.

Or you could always buy both…

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