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We have seen cleverly designed units that put discreetness first before, most notably the Puffit 2 which looked just like a puffer. But today we are looking at a vaporizer that takes discreetness to the extreme by looking just like a cup. The aptly named VaporCup features a discreet, travel mug design, 4 mouthpieces, and a digital display for maximum control over your vapor. The biggest drawback to this unit is that travel mugs were never designed to fit in your pocket, so naturally this portable vaporizer is not very portable.  But can the discreetness and unique design of the VaporCup be enough to curb our reservations of the size? Read on to find out.

Review: VaporCup Vaporizer

VaporCup Vaporizer

VaporCup Top

How it Works

The first thing you need to decide with the VaporCup is which stem or straw you are going to use to draw from the vaporizer. Depending on what stem you choose will change how you load your herbs.

With the glass stem, you load the unit similar to the Arizer Solo by packing the bottom of the glass stem with herbs and inserting it into the VaporCup. Then you take the plastic top to cap off the unit and hold the stem in place.

With the 2 plastic and 1 silicone stem, you first pack the exposed chamber with herbs and then cap the chamber with the included plastic cap. Next place your desired stem on the top of the plastic and attach the plastic top.

Once the VaporCup is loaded and you’ve attached your mouthpiece you are ready to start vaporizing. To turn the unit on, flip the on/off switch at the bottom of the device. The screen will illuminate and display your last set temperature and battery display. You can adjust the temperature with the + and – arrows and press and hold the power button to get the unit to heat up.

Once the unit reaches your set temperature the light on the unit will turn from red to green and you can start taking slow smooth draws from the mouthpiece.

VaporCup Temperature

Temperature Flexibility

To be honest, we are a little disappointed with the temperature flexibility of the VaporCup. The unit has precise temperature control which is always nice to have but the unit maxes out at 205 degrees Celsius.

This temperature is usually considered the medium heat setting for most pre-set units and we have seen many precise temperature control units go up to 220 to 230 Celsius like the Zeus Smite Plus and FocusVape Pro respectively.

Because the temperature spectrum is a bit on the low end it will directly effect the vapor you can achieve from the VaporCup which we will touch on next.

VaporCup Mouthpiece

Vapor Quality

As we discussed, this unit is a bit lacking when it comes to the higher end of the vaporizing temperature spectrum, tapping out at only 205C.

While lower temperatures are great for flavor and the VaporCup does offer some great flavor especially from the glass mouthpiece.

Where this unit falls short is for those who prefer denser vapor and larger draws. Personally I like to vaporize between 210 to 220, especially when finishing my session. With the VaporCup, I was not able to achieve the same quality of vapor that I prefer on other units and struggled to produce any type of significant vapor.

So if you enjoy flavor first and only ever vape at lower temperatures, but if you like to see some vapor and prefer a bigger draw you may want to consider a unit like the Utillian 720 which uses convection heating to provide some impressive clouds. 

VaporCup with Cover

Manufacturing Quality

From a manufacturing standpoint the VaporCup is well made. All the parts fit nicely together, the glass stem especially has a nearly perfect seal when inserted, something that can be hit and miss with a unit like the Arizer Solo.

The design looks strikingly similar to a travel mug and we especially like that they included 4 different mouthpieces to choose from which can change your session and overall discreetness.

Our biggest complaint from a manufacturing standpoint is the weight of the unit. It definitely has some heft to it and while a lot of times we associate a bit of weight with quality, this unit feels much too heavy to be considered a true portable unit.

VaporCup BatteryBattery Life

One thing we want to note right off the bat, is that in the instructions it tells you to charge the battery for a full 24 hours before first use. To be honest this is a bit weird to say the least and we really do not understand the rationale behind it. We threw caution to the wind and used it after it read fully charged without any issues.

However we know a lot of anal people out there who will want to follow the instructions to a T, in which case you will be waiting a full day before you get to use your brand new vaporizer, which is mildly frustrating.

Once the device is fully charged the battery lasts roughly 2 hours which is pretty decent for a vaporizer, however we wished it would have been able to last longer considering the size of the device and lower temperature spectrum. A unit like the original Zeus Smite can last for almost 3 hours and is way smaller.

VaporCup Portability


Portability is the biggest downfall to the VaporCup, the device is large, bulky, and heavy. Just like normal mugs, you won’t be able to store this vaporizer in your pocket and even fitting it into a purse is suspect.

Realistically you either need to walk around holding the VaporCup or carry around a backpack. If you are looking for a truly portable unit I really would not recommend the VaporCup and would recommend a unit like the Arizer Air instead.

VaporCup KitOverall Experience

We have to applaud VaporCup for continuing the tradition of uniquely designed vaporizers geared towards full discretion. When the device is set up and running it is indistinguishable from an ordinary travel mug.

Unfortunately it seems like there may have been a bit too much focus on discreetness and not enough on function. While the VaporCup is certainly a capable unit, we would have liked to see a larger temperature range, better battery life, and a lighter overall build.

This unit may be billed as a portable vaporizer but it is far from it. We certainly see potential from this unit and hope in the future to see a slimmer more consolidated design and better temperature flexibility.

If discreetness is your main concern we definitely recommend checking out a unit like the Utillian 651 which is shaped like a flask for a more discreet portable session.

Compatible with ZEUS Iceborn
This vaporizer is compatible with the ZEUS Iceborn, a revolutionary new vapor cooling system engineered by Canadian vape manufacturer ZEUSArsenal. The Iceborn is designed to produce cooler draws and bigger clouds when connected to your vaporizer. The vapour produced is ultra smooth and crisp and because of ice cooling, instead of water filtration, there is no loss of efficiency. The ZEUS Iceborn adds an additional 2 points to the vapor quality score of this vaporizer and is a highly recommended vaporizer accessory.

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