Vaporizing for Beginners (Video)

Lots of people call us up just when they’re getting into vaporizing, wondering what a suitable low cost vaporizer might be. If you’re switching from combustion methods, the huge number of vaporizers available might be overwhelming. We sift through the good and bad to shed some light on what the best vaporizers are in each price category. Some of the best performing low cost vaporizers are the Launch Box, Vapman, V Tower and Easy Vape. Each one of these four vapes is made on another continents. In this post we will write about vaporizing for beginners and what the most suitable low cost units are.


Portable Units

Portable Units run off batteries or butane, and you can carry them around with you during your day and keep vaporizing. They’re convenient and quick, but they tend to give up some vapor quality for the flexibility that you get with a portable vape. Very simple, cheap units like the VaporGenie can be attractive to people used to combustion, but we only recommend them for very occasional use. The Launch Box and Vapman, however, are much more suitable for heavy use.

Launch Box

Launch Box
The Launch Box makes a great tiny little vaporizer. It works off batteries, by creating a short circuit to heat your botanicals. Once you get the hang of it, it’s really simple to use – you just push the battery in yourself and let it go when you’re done. It has a heating time of only six seconds, making it one of the fastest vapes around. Despite its small size and simple mechanism, it’s also very durable. Magic Flight covers it with a lifetime warranty for manufacturing defects.
The Launch Box is not as flexible as premium portables, since it no temperature setting, and the vapor quality isn’t as amazing as what you can get from the Arizer Solo for example, but it’s very good for portability and discreetness.
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Vapman Vaporizer
The Vapman comes in two styles; Basic and Complete. Vaporizing with this unit is very fun as the unit is very interactive. The Basic style is one of the lowest cost vaporizers around and the Complete packs a surprisingly good punch. The unit is handmade in Bienne, Switzerland which is where the major watch makers like Rolex and Omega. The Vapman gives you full control over vapor quality so you can calibrate the exact density of vapor you prefer. It is more engaging than other units, which means you will love it if you like having a routine and relaxing, but you might prefer another unit if you are more interested in convenience. For its price class it is one of the best portables by far.
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Stationary Units

Stationary Vaporizers only work when they’re plugged into an outlet. This category includes most of the highest quality vapes like the famous Volcano vaporizer. Plug in vapes tend to be more durable and have higher vapor quality. Vaporizing with these type of vapes is usually more convenient. The Arizer V Tower is a simple but high quality vaporizer with a very low price for what you get.

Arizer V Tower

Arizer V Tower Vaporizer
The Arizer V Tower is a great simple introduction to vaporizing, but it’s still got amazing vapor quality and manufacturing. Arizer is a well-known manufacturer operating right out of Waterloo, and have put Canadian vaporizers on shelves across the world. Their units all have very high vapor and manufacturing quality. The V Tower is the more basic of their two stationary units. It has a durable stainless steel casing and excellent performance, as it is a glass on glass vaporizer. It works with an attached whip which you use to take draws of vapor. It also comes with a potpourri bowl you can use to vaporize scented oils and air fresheners. Arizer gives it a 2 year warranty.

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Vaporizing Equipment

Easy Vape

Easy Vape
The Easy vape is one of the cheapest functional vaporizers around. It performs average, but just like with everything you get what you pay for. This unit is super cheap and the construction is of average quality. This is not meant to be a unit to last forever, as it is made in china. This unit is only recommended if you really don’t know how you are doing to like vaporizing and just want to pick up the cheapest functional vaporizer out there. Keep in mind that it will do its job of vaporizing. All said, if you can spend the extra 3-50$ to get a V Tower do not hesitate to do so. You will also be much better off getting a Vapman at this price point.
We hope that give you a few ideas on how to get started on switching to vaporization. Remember, vaporizing is so efficient that vaporizers pay for themselves in only a few months.
Thank you for checking out this post on low cost vaporizers for beginners. You can leave your questions or comments in the section below.Team TorontoVaporizer

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  1. i personally reccomend the vapir rise vaporizer. I have owned this since march and the quality of vapour as well as the minimal amount of product i put into the machines exceeds my expecations. Its in the mid price point but definitely worth it.

  2. Steve Brown: To all the new connoisseurs out there I would probably recommend the Arizer Extreme Q as the Vape of choice. Here are some reasons why: 1. You can choose either the bag OR whip future. This is great cause over time you will know what method you prefer. 2. Vapour quality. The quality of vapour this unit produces is great. Plus since you can adjust the temp you can make the vapor thicker or thinner with the touch of a button. 3 cost. Its not too expensive like the volcano and not to cheap like some of the lower end vapes. Overall you cannot go wrong with this purchase.

  3. My recommendation is going to be completely dependent on what the newbie’s needs are. If stealth is not a requirement hands down we suggest the solo. Awesome vapour quality, build quality and customer service from Toronto V and Arizer. For speed and portability I like my Magic Flight Launch Box and my home unit is an Extreme Q. All three are awesome but all three are different and each do something extremely well. A Zeus thunder would complete the arsenal.

  4. Jonathon Hoang on

    I would definitely recommend the Solo Arizer as the best starting vape for a beginner. This solo is easy to use, provides great vapor and is portable. The solo requires pretty much nothing to learn, just fill your material in the stem, attach and puff away. For such a small unit the solo provides amazing vapor, very full and thick and great taste because of the glass stem. The portability is good, all i have to do i place my glass stem in a carrying case and the heating unit which is very durable can go in your pocket or your bag. Best purchase I’ve ever made. Definitely no regrets. Thanks Toronto Vaporizer.

  5. Tony Haizimsque on

    I would definitely recommend the V-tower to someone just starting as it is a very nice vaporizer. I think a quality plugin vape is what someone needs to experience first to really get psyched about vaporizing . I have an extreme Q and I have showed quite a few people how awesome vaporizing is with it. :)

  6. I think the Arizer Solo would be my choice because it was the first vaporizer i owned. The first one I ever tried was the magic flight launch box it was ok but not knowing how to vape I didn’t know how long to hold the battery to get descent amount of vapor. The Solo on the other hand was easy on the first time using it I was getting excellent pulls from it. The temp meter is awesome and way easy to use. I also like the Vapman it great and really portable I was actually surprised by how small it is and how little product you need to use it. So I would suggest either the Vapman or the Arizer Solo both are excellent and easy to use.

  7. Michel Beaulieu
    I would highly recommend the Solo Arizer for anyone looking into vaporising!! Best unit money can buy and the vapor and quality is unbelievable!!!

  8. I’d recommend the Magic Flight Launch Box mostly for a beginner because of the low cost. Heck I just purchased one off here last night :P

  9. MICHAEL STEWART…………………I gave this a lot of thought portable vs stationary for a newbie. Well for a newbie I would suggest they go with the Atmos pen style. If you shop around you can get a good price, the vapor quality although not as good as some of your more well known vapes like DaVinci,Arizer and the like but over quality of the vapor is not bad and give the newbie a taste of vaping. The units are tough as nails which is also good for the newbi, hard to damage. I think the price, quality of vapor, ease of use, toughness, make this the perfect vaporizer for our new friends!!!!!

  10. Katie S – I have only ever used the Volcano (stationary), Plenty (stationary), and Vapman (portable). Out of these three, I would personally recommend the Plenty to new connoisseurs because of how simple it is to use and maintain the unit. Additional functions of the Plenty I would like to highlight that are ideal for new users is that the heating chamber automatically cools down when not in use. While it may seem a little inconvenient to have to re-activate the heating chamber, it is not a very difficult task given the design with it’s trigger-like activation placed conveniently at the handle and fairly short waiting time. It’s also a great function for forgetful people like me. Another noteworthy trait about the Plenty is that I am able limit the amount I use with the Liquid Pad (included with the unit) for solo sessions or utilize the entire chamber to share with up to 2-3 other fellow connoisseurs of all experience in a single session, no problem. Last but not least, the Plenty offers on

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