Zeus Thunder Vaporizer Review


UPDATE: ZEUS Arsenal has since released the Thunder 2. Unlike the original Thunder this unit is for waxes only. Be sure to check out our review to find out what has changed!

Concentrates and extracts have been making big waves in the vaporizer industry which has shot pen-style vaporizers up dramatically in popularity. To meet the rising demand, ZEUSArsenal recently released the Thunder, a pen-style vaporizer with changeable tanks that allow you to enjoy viscous oils, waxes, and very soon, even dry botanical! Join us as we take a close look at this versatile, portable unit to see what it has to offer over other pens on the market!

Review: The Zeus Thunder Vaporizer

Zeus Tunder Vaporizer Review

Zeus Tunder Vaporizer, Z-Oil, Z-Oil pro, Z-Wax, Z-Wax Pro, Z-AppHow it Works

The Thunder is a multi-purpose unit that can be used with the Z-Oil tank for oils, the  Z-Wax tank for waxes/botanical dust and very soon,  the Z-Erb for dry botanicals. The first step is to load your chosen extract into the appropriate tank.
For the Z-Oil tank, with the tank on the Z-Fuel, carefully pull out the silicone cap that covers the heating coil and wick with your Z-App, squeeze your extracts into the tank until it’s filled about 2/3 of the way. Next, with the groves on the silicone cap aligned with the wick, use the Z-App to gently push the cap back into the tank. Loading the Z-Erb is as simple as grinding up your botanical then pulling off the Z-Glass and mouth piece, unscrewing the top of the Z-Core E and loading your botanical into the heating chamber. Once filled, simply screw back on the cap and replace the Z-Glass and it’s ready to use. For the Z-Wax tank, use your Z-App to scoop some wax and apply it directly to the coil. Make sure you don’t touch the coil with the applicator or you could damage your unit.
The Pro Series requires a different set of steps for loading. To load the Z-Oil Pro, all you have to do is unscrew the base of the tank, squeeze in your chosen oil into the tank down the side (not down the middle) and then screw back on the base. There are 2 ways to load the Z-Wax Pro. The first way is to apply the wax direction to the coil just like with the Z-Wax tank. The second is to scrape the wax onto to side of the tank, and then use a torch lighter to heat up the heating chamber and melt the wax into the tank. This is a really convenient way to do it and one everyone at the office agrees is their favorite way.
To engage the heating element, all you have to do is press the button. If the unit is locked, just press the button five times to unlock or lock the machine.

Zeus Thunder Engage Heating Element Button

Temperature Flexibility

As it is with all pen-style units, there is no temperature flexibility. Instead, there is a single button used to engage the heating element, but this unit does get 20% hotter than other pen-style gadgets, which does improve some of the functionality of the unit, but we’ll talk more about that later.

ZEUS Thunder 4 Tanks

Vapor Quality

There are 4 tanks you can use with this unit for vaporization purposes that offer different experiences when it comes to vapour quality: the Z-Wax tank, the Z-Oil tank, The Z-Wax Pro tank and the Z-Oil Pro tank. When it comes to vapor quality, the Pro Tank Series outclass the other tanks thanks to the fact that they’ve been designed for higher output capacity. As a result, you can expect bigger, thicker draws when using the Pro Tanks than what you’d get from the Z-Oil and Z-Wax tanks. Regardless of which tank you use, vapor production is effortless and smooth with this unit and on this note critics couldn’t agree more. Even behemoth gadget review sites like Gizmodo boast about the Thunder’s vapor quality.
The Z-Erb tank actually combusts your botanical. This isn’t a surprise as the technology simply doesn’t exist to offer vaporization in pen-vaporizers yet. ZEUSArsenal seems to have offered this additional tank option for convenience and to meet customer requests, as many connoisseurs are looking for a discreet pen-style unit that can be used with dry botanical. The great thing about the Z-Erb Tank system is that you can buy multiple Z-Core E’s to carry around and swap out easily for convenient, simple on the go use.


ZEUS Thunder Components

Manufacturing Quality

This vaporizer really shines in this category because of how well the entire unit was made. Each component is high quality and built to execute masterfully. The Z-Fuel (battery) and Z-Shield (top cap) are all PVD coated to provide a luxurious, extremely robust and clean finish. The coating is mega durable and protects the unit from scratches so that it won’t be badly damaged when you’re carrying it around in your pocket alongside other items like your keys. The Pro Tank Series miss out on the shield (as they are slightly larger), but they’re made of high quality materials as well – the Z-Oil Pro tank offers an acrylic exterior with a stainless steel air pathway and the Z-Wax Pro tank offers an all-glass exterior with a stainless steel air pathway. Though the Pro Tanks are more durable and offer a more premium experience, all of the Z-Tanks are made to be disposable, which isn’t the best approach in our opinion, but even tanks on units like the G-Pen have a lifecycle of about 4-6 weeks. That being said, the Thunder’s disposable tank approach is hygienic, relatively maintenance-free and inexpensive.  The unit is also covered by a 2 year warranty, which is something not even Grenco offers on their G-Pens.
ZEUS Thunder Z-Fuel Battery

Battery Life

The Z-Fuel is the batter of the unit and has a 650 mAh capacity. This lasts about 300-500 puffs which is a really long time. In our testing of the unit, we didn’t end up completely draining the battery and the one time we did charge the Z-Fuel was only to ensure we had enough power to last us through a weekend without needing to charge it again, which it did with ease. Bottom line the ZEUS Thunder is uber convenient when it comes to battery life and unlike other units, where charging is almost a daily chore, this unit allows you to vape carefree, without you needing to worry about the battery dying on you at any moment.
Zeus Thunder Slim Design


This gadget’s light weight and slim design make it super easy to carry around wherever you go. Being able to take apart almost every piece of the unit makes portability even easier. The only hiccup in the portability of this unit is the Z-Wax Pro’s Z-Glass. Being made of glass does make for easy cleaning but is more fragile than the other pieces when it comes to transportation. Z-Glass notwithstanding, the size, battery life and durability of this unit make it nice and simple to carry around and enjoy while you’re out and about.

Zeus Thunder with all tanks open and Z-App

Ease of Use

Pen-style units are a breeze to use because there is only one button to press and there are many removable parts that make assembly and disassembly super simple. There are some complications to be had with loading the Z-Oil and Z-Wax as opening and closing the Z-Oil and getting your wax onto the Z-Wax coil without touching it demands caution and patience. This can take some getting used to, but after a few sessions you get the hang of it.  Luckily, the Pro Tanks make this endeavour much simpler, so if you prefer larger output capacity and premium vapour, and don’t mind paying a little extra for this upgraded experience, easier loading comes along with it!
Zeus Thunder


The all black finish and small size of the unit makes the ZEUS Thunder very covert, making it difficult for people around you to notice anything at all. As the Pro Tanks are larger they are not covered by the Z-Shield. This makes the pen less discreet when in use with these tanks, as the top portion is exposed. As such, we docked points for discretion when the unit is used in combo with the Pro Tank Series. With that said, when considering the Pro Tanks, you end up sacrificing discretion for improved vapour quality. The Z-Erb also loses a few points when it comes to discretion as the combustion does create more smell and the Z-Shield also doesn’t fit over this tank (so it too is exposed). To deal with this toss up: discretion or vapour quality, we recommend choosing the items that fit your lifestyle. Of course if you’re not on a tight budget, we’d recommend collecting all the tanks to ensure the best overall experience. This way, you can use the Z-Wax and Z-Oil when you’re on the go (maximizing portability and discretion) and the Pro Tank Series when you’re not in public (maximizing vapour quality and ease of use).
Zeus Thunder Package Contents

Overall Experience

For use with waxes and oils this is a great device – add the convenience of the dry botanical tank and you’ve got a 3in1 unit for $100. However, be aware that when using the dry botanical tank you will be combusting (for the reasons mentioned above). That being said overall this unit is great value for money.  Unlike the hundreds of other cheap pens that have flooded the market, the Thunder was developed with quality in mind. The 4-6 week durability index on the tanks wasn’t something we were stoked about, but the upside to this is clean, fresh vapour every month or so without the hassle of much cleaning/maintenance. Overall, the unit is well built, with a unique, robust PVD finish, multi-purpose tanks, long-lasting battery and convenient array of accessories, that combined with a 2-year warranty makes it winner in our books.
Update ( June 20. 2016 ) : ZEUSArsenal has just released the ZEUS Thunder 2, which is the upgraded version of the Thunder, offering dedicated wax vaporization in it’s high quality ceramic plate chamber! Check out the review here to see how the Thunder 2 is a force to be reckoned with!

Compatible with ZEUS Iceborn
This vaporizer is compatible with the ZEUS Iceborn, a revolutionary new vapor cooling system engineered by Canadian vape manufacturer ZEUSArsenal. The Iceborn is designed to produce cooler draws and bigger clouds when connected to your vaporizer. The vapour produced is ultra smooth and crisp and because of ice cooling, instead of water filtration, there is no loss of efficiency. The ZEUS Iceborn adds an additional 2 points to the vapor quality score of this vaporizer and is a highly recommended vaporizer accessory.

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  1. The Zeus Thunder is definitely as great as it seems. I recently purchased one and it has been exceeding expectations ever since. The quick heating element really makes for an easy vaporizing session, and it is equally as good as any on the market!

  2. it’s a Zeus it’s got to be good it’s part of the Zeus arsenal!! Just waiting on mine to come in to put it hard at work.

    Michel Beaulieu

  3. Here’s hoping for the contest….

    Just picked up the Ascent from TV and absolutely love it but am still looking for a pen style vape for concentrates. I’ve tried other pens and have had no luck finding something that does everything I want it to. If this beauty from Zeus does everything it says it does…fingers crossed for the contest!!!

    Steve Lajoie

  4. I Have the home model and am now researching portable and this one looks like you could leave it in your upper pocket as it’s clearly incognito and the price does look right.

    In the end it’s the vap that matters, does it work & does it work well?


    • I have a thunder and to be honest I was quite disappointed with the taste. it should be noted though that I only have the basic tank I don’t have the protank perhaps that helps with the quality of vapor

  5. I threw it away like 3 other one’s within 2 months . Sucked but I must say they have good customer service .
    Did I mention it came with broken glass and the battery died in the first month.

    • Hey Andrew! Oh man, I am so sorry to hear you had a poor experience with the Thunder! Did you contact our customer service team regarding the glass and battery? They should have been able to take care of you! Hope we could turn your experience around!

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