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Focusvape Pro

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The Focusvape Pro puts precise temperature control in the palm of your hand. It features the same great focusvape design but now allows you to set your own custom temperature!

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Performance Specs
  • 7.4
    Vapor Quality
    Vapor Quality
  • 7.5
    Manufacturing Quality
    Manufacturing Quality
  • 9.0
    Temperature Flexibility
    Temperature Flexibility
  • 7.5
  • 6.5
  • 6.0
  • 7.1
    Battery Life
    Battery Life
Overall Score 7.1
Technical Specs
  • Manufacturer
  • Origins
  • Battery
    18650 (Removeable)
  • Heat time
    1 - 2 Minutes
  • Heat style
  • Temperature
    220C Max
  • Compatibility
  • Warranty
    1 Year with Focusvape
  • Versions
    Latest Version: Oct 2016
  • Materials
    Glass Mouthpiece
    Ceramic Chamber
    Faux Leather Exterior
  • Key Features
    Digital Display
    Precise Temperature Control

How to

How to
How to use

Let’s have a look at the Focusvape Pro by iFocus. This unit features precise temperature control, a removeable 18650, and a glass mouthpiece providing smooth and flavorful vapor.

Inside the box you’ll find: 1 Focusvape Pro vaporizer, 1 18650 battery (pre-installed), 1 replacement glass mouthpiece, 1 screen set, 1 USB Cable, 1 Wall charger, 1 packing tool, and 1 cleaning brush.

The first thing you’ll want to do with the unit is sterilize it. To do that, press either arrow button 3 times quickly to turn the unit on. The device will ask you to choose between Celsius or Fahrenheit using the arrow buttons. Highlight the temperature scale you wish to use and press that arrow button twice, for the purpose of this video we will be using Celsius.

Once that is selected, press and hold the right arrow button until the unit shows its maximum temperature at 240 degrees Celsius. Once the temperature is set, the Focusvape Pro will automatically begin to heat up, let the unit sit for an entire heat cycle. After about 5 minutes the unit will go into sleep mode to preserve battery life. Simply press any of the arrow buttons to wake the unit up to and to begin heating again. Repeat this process 2 more times to complete the sterilization process. This will get rid of any manufacturing oils that may have gotten inside the unit as a result of putting it together.

Once you’ve done that, you’re ready to load your unit with freshly ground botanical. To grind up your botanical we always recommend using the ZEUS Bolt grinder. The Bolt grinder has been calibrated to grind up your botanical to the perfect consistency for vaporization. That means its fine enough to be properly vaporized inside of your unit, but not so fine that it fly’s through screens. Unscrew the mouthpiece to expose the heating chamber and using a Zeus scoop or your fingers load in freshly ground botanical. Once packed, screw the mouthpiece back on and you’re ready to vaporize.

The Focusvape Pro vaporizer has precise temperature control which you can adjust to the individual degree by pressing the left or right arrow buttons below the LED display. The Focusvape Pro can be set between 80 – 240 degrees Celsius and it will automatically begin heating to the last pre-set temperature when turned on. For best results, we recommend vaporizing between 190 – 210 degrees Celsius. Once the chamber is fully heated, the temperature shown on the screen will match the set temperature. This unit heats up super-fast and can reach its highest temperature in less than 1 minute!

To wrap this unit up, I’d like to tell you guys about some of the key features of the Focusvape Pro that make it such a stellar unit. The first is the Focusvape's air flow control. Simply twist the ring above the temperature display to either open or restrict the airflow depending on your preference. This brings an added level customization to your session and can help you achieve the consistency of vapor you desire. The 2nd is the Focusvape Pro's precise temperature control. This unit offers you complete control over the type of vapor want. Those who prefer either dense clouds or light flavourful draws will be fully satisfied by this units wide temperature range. The third is the Focusvape's removable battery. This allows you purchase and carry multiple batteries to ensure you are never without power.

The Focusvape Pro is an excellent unit for those looking for a high-value, convenient vaporizer, that’s simple to use and provides satisfying vapor every time. I’m Sarah for TVape TV. We hope you enjoyed this video and for all you connoisseurs out there, keep vapin!


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