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This product is a premium oil tank that offers an upgraded vaping experience over the normal Z-Oil Cartridge for the ZEUS Thunder Vaporizer. Why settle for good when you can have great? The Z-Oil Pro offers several improvements, including being double the size which means the cartridge produces more vapor and is longer lasting. Other features or the Z-Oil Pro include:

  • Stainless steel interior pathway
  • Hard-shell acrylic casing
  • Double the size of standard Z-Oil tank
  • Millimeter filling indicators, up to 2.4 ml


  • ZEUS Thunder Vaporizer

Package Contents

  • 1 x Z-Oil Pro

How to Use

  1. Invert tank.
  2. Unscrew bottom of tank.
  3. Load by dripping oil into side of tank.
  4. Avoid overfilling or getting contents inside of stainless steel core .
  5. Screw bottom of tank back on tightly.
  6. Screw tank onto Z-Fuel.

Informations supplémentaires

Informations supplémentaires

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