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Halogen Lightbulb - AroMed

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Product Description


This replacement light bulb is intended for use with the AroMed Vaporizer. Unlike other vaporizers, the AroMed relies on a light source for its heat. Over time, the light bulb that comes with the AroMed can break or simply burn out. If this happens to you, or if you would like a spare to ensure uninterrupted usage, this is the light bulb you need. This item includes only the light bulb. The light bulb cover is a separate component that is also available for purchase.


  • AroMed Vaporizer

Package Contents

  • 1 x Replacement light bulb for AroMed Vaporizer

How To Replace

  1. Gently turn the light bulb cover until it comes off.
  2. Pull the existing bulb out of the vaporizer.
  3. Put the replacement bulb in its place.
  4. Gently twist your cover back into place.
  5. Enjoy vaping as usual!

Additional Information

Additional Information

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