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Solid Valve Starter Set

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Product Description


This set will replace the entire top portion of your VOLCANO Vaporizer with the SOLID VALVE System or act as your first valve system, if you only own the base VOLCANO. This is one of two different valve systems available for the VOLCANO, the other being the EASY VALVE System. By choosing the Solid Valve system, you will be able to assemble your own balloons for the Volcano from a 3 meter roll, cutting them to your size preference. This is less expensive over time, however requires more effort than the EASY VALVE System upon initial balloon assembly. If you are interested in changing from the EASY VALVE System to the SOLID VALVE System, this is the set you need. Everything you need, other than the base Volcano, is included in the box.


  • VOLCANO Vaporizer

Package Contents

  • 1 x Mouthpiece
  • 1 x Filling chamber
  • 1 x Normal screen set
  • 1 x Liquid pad
  • 1 x Cleaning brush
  • 1 x Balloon tube (10 feet/3 m)

How To Replace

  • There are no difficult installations in order to start using the SOLID VALVE System. Follow the instructions in the box for how to begin using this system.

Additional Information

Additional Information

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good product, excellent serviceReview by Kate
I needed this replacement set because I dropped the valve on a hard tile floor and a piece broke off. I was worried that this newer version wouldn't fit my for my older-model classic Volcano, but it does fit! I like the updated design of securing the bag on the valve using the slipring.

Toronto Vaporizer shipped this very quickly to my Vancouver home. They were also fast to reply by email to a couple of questions I had. Best of all, replacing these parts was cheaper here at TV than at any of our local stores -- including shipping! (And I like that they provide the tip to search out their "secret" coupon codes on Google -- got one for enough to cover my shipping costs.)

PS - can anybody tell me about the little round "liquid pad" -- my original Volcano didn't come with one, and I'm not sure how I'd use it. (Posted on 2012-12-22)
excellent customer service Review by T.V customer!
i bought the solid after using the easy that came with my volcano, the easy bags seem expensive as I was going through a bag in a week or two. First i wanted to just use solid bags with easy pieces but that apparently is not a good option. There are some negatives with the solid though, it doesn't have clips to clip onto the vape but this isnt a big deal, as well where the chamber and bag connect leaks when filling up the first bag of a chamber pack; it gets much hotter than the easy and I have been borderline burnt a few times, I burnt my lips by putting the bag to my mouth without a mouthpiece on, also the insert gets hot and is hot on the finger tips and when you wanna use the vape for a long time and refill it may be an issue but no biggie. overall this is a cheaper option, the easy bags would have ended up totalling the price of a new volcano where as the solid is cheaper to maintain with bags costing at least half as much as easy bags not including the valve.

Toronto Vaporizer has excellent customer service! I needed this asap, and ordered on friday and was using it before the end of the day that monday, Toronto Vaporizer ships their parcels out fast! This is an excellent retailer and you couldn't find a better supplier for your vaporizer needs. Overall, the solid valve is the way to go, there may be some small issues with it but over time it is the better option. If you have the easy valve and find it too expensive to buy bags, the solid valve is the way to go! Thanks Toronto Vaporizer for your excellent service! (Posted on 2012-02-10)

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