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The Aspire Breeze is a small, all-in-one style vape with a one button design and a 650mAh battery. When the Breeze is on, the power can be activated by either pressing the button or just taking a draw. Let’s take a closer look and see how it performs now… Also be sure to check our vape buyer’s guides for important information to consider before making your first purchase.

Editors Note: For those interested in the convenience of a pod-based system but want the versatility of using your own e-liquid we suggest checking out the Jücee Slice, a simple yet elegant open pod-based unit that offers 2ml of juice capacity and both direct to lung and mouth to lung draws. The Jücee Slice is the best solution for those looking for a flexible pod-based system.

Review: Aspire Breeze Review

Aspire Breeze Review

Manufacturing Quality

I can’t decide how I feel about the Aspire Breeze. When I’m actually using it, I enjoy it very much. But there are also some things that I don’t like about it. There is one thing in particular that I really wish they would have done differently, which I’ll talk about in a second.

The main thing that I like is the size. This is very small and thin, and therefore incredibly portable as well. It’s only 18mm thick, which is about 0.7 inches. That’s extremely small, even when you compare it to some of the smallest mods on the market.

I also like that this has a draw-activated coil. Pressing a button to fire really isn’t inconvenient at all, but there is something satisfying about feeling the coil engage as soon as you start to inhale.

The battery inside only has a 650mAh capacity, but that’s a trade-off you have to make to get this small. The battery isn’t removable, and the micro-USB port only offers 0.8A charging. You can also get a charging dock which appears to have 1A charging, but I haven’t actually used that. This is an area that leaves room for improvement, but it’s not the big thing I mentioned above.

The thing I really wish they did differently is the coil and tank setup. I specifically don’t like how difficult it is to fill the tank. The tank only has a 2ml capacity, which means you’ll have to fill it relatively regularly. Again, this is a trade-off you have to be willing to make to get a device this small, so that in itself isn’t a big deal.

The problem is that there is a long rod that the coil attaches to, and this screws into place at the top of the device. To get to the tank to fill it, you have to remove the entire rod and coil setup.

This isn’t just inconvenient, it’s also messy. In an age where top-filling tanks that provide instant access for filling with no mess are the standard, this seems like a huge step backwards. I found I had a much easier time with a unit like the Kandypens Rubi.

Flavor Quality

Like I mentioned above, I like the Breeze when I’m actually using it. A big part of the reason I say that, besides the small size, is the fact that the vapor is very enjoyable for such a small device. This isn’t going to win you any cloud competitions, but the vapor output is still good and the flavor is crisp.

There is currently only one coil that will work with the Breeze, which is rated at 0.6ohm. In my experience, they’ll last a little less than a week before the performance drops off and they need replaced. They’re very cheap to replace.

Power Flexibility

There is no power flexibility with this at all. The button on this can only be used to turn this on and off, and to engage the coil if you don’t like the draw activation.

Like most vapes with no power settings, the power output will drop as the battery charge drops. This means you should try to keep this relatively charged if you want maximum performance.

Ease of Use

Once you have the tank filled up and the battery charged, this is extremely easy to use. You can carry it with you anywhere, then just turn it on and vape. Click the only button on this five times to turn it on, then just take a draw whenever you want and you’ll get vapor.

However, the limited battery life and difficult tank access are a real chore. I wouldn’t mind the battery life if it charged fast, but it doesn’t. I also say that I prefer 2A charging with internal batteries, but this doesn’t even have 1A coming in through the micro-USB port!

Like I mentioned above, filling the tank takes time, and it is also messy. The rod and coil you are pulling out sits directly in the juice, so you have to have something to set it on if you don’t want to get sticky liquid everywhere.


The limited battery life and filling style again come back to haunt the Breeze when it comes to portability. A single charge isn’t really enough to last through a whole day for most people, and there is a good chance 2ml of liquid won’t be either.

This means that if you want to use this over the course of an entire day, at some point you’re going to have to charge your device and deal with the filling issues I mentioned above. This is doable, but not exactly fun. I think the charging port I mentioned earlier actually holds a charge, so that would at least eliminate the charging problem.

Overall Experience

I like the Aspire Breeze.

I really love the size and think it makes a great device to pick up and take with you on a quick trip out of the house.

It really shines for beginners as an easy to pick up and use vape without having to learn all about ohm law and how wattages work.

That being said, people who want those type of features will find the Aspire Breeze a bit lacking, but it does work well as a super portable travel vape.

If you fit into any of these categories and think the Breeze may be for you, be sure to pick one up from our shop.

If you want something extremely simple, check out the JWELL La Carte and if you are looking for a mod style kit to start with we recommend the Vaporesso Revenger.

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7.6 Good
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  1. I’ve had my Breeze for a month and love it. I picked up two more so I always have two fully charged up. The battery lasts about 6 hours which is sufficient.

  2. spot on review… I like mine as well, for the price, simplicity and portability you can’t really go wrong, especially if you’re on a tight budget.

    but the negatives are all there as you mentioned, that said, I find them pretty minor considering the price.

    one thing you didn’t mention though, which is my main peeve with the unit so far, is when I take the cap off, the whole mouth piece tends to come with it, I dunno if they’re all like that or if it’s just mine, but it’s already starting to frusterate the fuck outta me….

    but all in all, for the price, I’m definitely happy with it.

  3. My fiance got me one for christmas and it’s great. I’m using it as a vehicle to quit smoking and because of how portable it is, it’s honestly perfect for that. You’re right about it being a bit messy, I usually just leave it on a tissue or something while I change out the fluid. The battery life is short, but the charger cable is tiny and has a USB, so while inconvenient charging it from your car or office desk isn’t a big deal. Not too hard to find a USB port anywhere these days.

    I’d reccomend it for sure. Especially for those who want to quit smoking, it’s very easy to use and having it available to you at all times helps immensely.

  4. i dislike the aspire breeze due to i find it awalys floods the coil and it is not due to over filling it , i awalys leave a bit of space under the fill line to me i would rate this a 2 to a 2.5 due to coil flooding every fill up

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