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Updated: 3/24/2013

The market for Portable Vaporizers seems to be getting more popular by the minute. More and more people are discovering the advantages of having the freedom to vaporize whenever and wherever. The market has reacted by continuously bringing out new products and currently quite a large number of portable units are available to consumers. We do cast out “crappy” units and decline to cover them in our product line, but there are some that do perform as advertised and have larger companies standing behind the warranty process and product in general. Today we will have a look at my personal favorite handheld vapes.

Best Portable Vaporizers

5. Magic Flight Launch Box

Magic Flight Launch BoxThe MFLB is a tiny unit at a very competitive price point. It is the size of half a credit card and through its incredibly simple mechanism produces some pretty decent vapor. What I like about this unit is its portability and price. For 119 CAD you can get an ultra-portable vaporizer that will produce quality vapor that is comparable to more expensive units. However, the unit is not the most convenient since there is no heat setting and the only way to operate this vaporizer is to push an AA battery into the unit to start the vaporization process. Now that’s a little tricky, but that is also the reason why the Magic Flight Launch Box is one of the most popular units among the young folks. The reason this unit makes my list is simple: Price and portability.

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4. Vapman Vaporizer

The Vapman Vaporizer is made in Switzerland from the highest grade material. This unit features a gold plated copper heating chamber with a unique mineral protective coating. The Vapman is fully manual meaning that you have full control over Vapor Quality. This is a very unique feature that has earned this company its large following in places like Amsterdam. The unit is not as convenient as some of the units designed in North America. It rather follows the European product ideology, which is more about engaging with the gadget and enjoying the vapor rather than consuming it. This low cost unit is another beautiful Swiss gadget that grows on you and certainly attracts the attention of fellow connoisseurs.  

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3. DaVinci Vaporizer

DaVinci Vaporizer
The DaVinci is a small but highly advanced portable unit. It is very well designed and has a digital temperature display. What I like about the DaVinci Vaporizer are small and distinct details the unit offers that separates it from the rest. First, is a really cool flexi drawing stem that is made of composite material that is bendable and therefore will not break. Next, there is a little storage compartment beside the heating chamber that allows you to store an extra round of your favorite aromatherapy blend. That actually is a sick feature, since it WILL come in super handy every time you want to reload your botanical. Another cool feature is the digital display that allows you to exactly set your desired temperature. Overall, this is just a very technically sound unit and the fact that it is very discreet allows this unit to easily make my list. 

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2.  The Arizer Solo

Arizer Solo VaporizerFor anybody that has been reading my blogs, this is not going to be a surprise. In my opinion the Solo is one of the best portable vaporizers. Why?….one word…vapor quality. For a portable unit the Arizer Solo produces unbelievably good vapor. On lower temperatures the vapor is smooth and extremely pure in flavor while on higher temperatures the vapor is perfectly dense and has a great consistency. Furthermore, the manufacturing quality is awesome and the fact that this unit is made in Canada makes me love it even more. Some people argue that the glass drawing stem makes this unit less portable. All I can say is that glass is still better than plastic and therefore I can live with less portability but simply great vapor flavor. Since over one year now I call the Solo one of my own and I honestly don’t regret one moment.

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1.  The Ascent

Winner of the most portable vaporizer: The Ascent!For those who pay attention to the vaporizer scene, this is an easy guess. The Ascent is a simple choice for the number one spot because of it’s versatility and level of customization. The all glass pathway makes for an amazingly pure experience while the software allows users to tailor thew experience to their personal tastes and needs. If you want, you can set the unit to deliver thin flavorful vapor at the start of your session before having it automatically crank up the heat to deliver thick, satisfying vapor to finish your session strong! No other portable vaporizer can offer you that level of customization while also providing you with a solid, well built stealthy unit like the ascent. The unit’s glass stem even retracts into the unit to make it easier to carry the unit around in your pocket or bag without worrying about breaking the stem. This is a huge benefit for a portable unit to have as most units can’t boast amazing portability while holding onto the all glass vapor pathway. 

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  1. Surprised to NOT see the NO2 on your list! Generally regarded as MUCH better than all but Solo & the equal to that, it seems strange to see even the butane box rated above it, especially by a reseller?!
    Guess there’s no accounting for taste.

    • The Vapir NO2 is a great portable vaporizer. Certainly one of the top 10 in the market. But that being said there are new releases that are just better since the technology is more recent. That being said we carry the Vapir NO2 as well, so as a reseller we don’t really have a conflict of interest when rating.

      The NO2’s main competitive advantage is its low price-point and good (not great) vapor quality. But because of its size (double the size of a Solo or Davinci or WISPR) it just doesn’t make it into our ranking of the best portable vaporizers. Portability is very important in this category.

      Thank you for the comment :)

    • We tested the Vape or Smoke. Unfortunately it didn’t pass the quality tests we put it through. It is an interesting product and design. But if you have any other vaporizer, you will end up not using it because it is just to inconvenient to use. It is not very userfriendly and the lighter section of it is not the most reliable. The quality of the vapor is far below average. A lot of online reviews reflect these issues with it as well.

    • I have had my Da Vinci for about a year now, It’s great. I love it, I may have to try out one of these Solo’s. Although the temperature only goes to 410F when the Da Vinci goes to 430F is there a noticeable difference between the two when having it at max settings?

    • They did an update to the DaVinci where they decreased the max temp to 207 degrees Celsius (down from 220). Now the Solo runs up to 210. It used to be that you could get thicker vapor our of a davinci, but now that is not the case anymore. A Solo produces much better vapor quality and in terms of battery it is almost double as strong (solo up to 90 minutes, davinci up to 45 minutes, and these numbers we do our own testing since some manufacturers like to overstate their performance) :). Hope this helps!

    • We have the review scheduled to be released soon. Unfortunately, it didn’t make our cut since the heating chamber is made of a plastic derivative. If they redesign their heating chamber to pass our quality standards (surgical grade stainless steel, glass, copper or gold) we will have another look at the unit. Full review should be published in two weeks or so.

  2. how much better is the solo then the pax??? i want to get the pax because it is stealthy but dont know if its worth it or not.

    • The PAX is very stealthy and that is to be honest, it’s main selling feature. The Solo by Arizer does out perform the PAX on a number of criteria: vapour quality, battery life, ease of use, maintenance, etc. Now the Solo is still the best portable on the market in terms of the vapour quality it offers. Literally comparable to the vapour quality of the Volcano. However, as I’m sure you can see, discreetness is not its #1 strength. So, if you are looking to get something super stealthy, while still having great vapour and battery life, and being super easy to use and clean, we’d highly recommend checking out the Ascent by DaVinci over the PAX. We have posted a review on this blog of the unit and there you will find an honest look of the Ascent’s features. It is soon to be released and will be the exclusive authorized online retailer to sell it in Canada! There are already a lot of eager connoisseurs awaiting the release of this highly anticipated unit and if you’d like to be one of them, give us a call to get on our wait list! Our office is open Monday to Friday 11AM to 7PM EST. Tel: +1.855.234.8273.

  3. I was greatly looking forward to the Ascent and purchased it. However, I was very disappointed first and primarily because of the significant toxic out-gassing due to all the plastic – esp. the plastic around the bowl on both the bottom and directly above it. My unit (the second – the first was worse and defective) took weeks and many burn-offs before it seemed to disappear. HOWEVER, I seem to notice that at higher temperature there is some possible plastic taste/smell – which indicates toxic material getting into my body. This all shows very cheap mfg quality. I noticed this with the original Da Vinci as well.

    Because of this, I am wanting to move away from the Ascent as fast as possible BUT I am having a hard time finding something that will not have this problem AND have the one feature I like – total temperature control.

    I also notice that the draw is very long and slow – partly because the holes in the glass tube are so small.


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