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Sold by Black Rock Originals, primarily a carrying case manufacturer, the Ceramic Vaporizer starts in the mid-range wax pen market. Featuring a coil-less ceramic oven design and pen-shaped appearance, it builds off a traditional approach to portable wax pens. Check out what we have to say about the Black Rock Ceramic Vaporizer, and if makes its own mark in this saturated market.

If this is your first wax vaporizer, do check out the Wax Pen Buyers Guide for some handy information to help you get started!

Review: Black Rock Ceramic Vaporizer

Black Rock Ceramic Vaporizer Review

Black Rock Ceramic Vaporizer coils

How it Works

The Black Rock is about as straightforward as brushing your teeth. Remove the mouthpiece, load up your material, replace the mouthpiece, hold down the button and inhale!

Okay, perhaps that’s a couple more steps than brushing your teeth, but you get the point. It’s really straightforward and good for beginner users.

Black Rock Ceramic Vaporizer top view

Black Rock Ceramic Vaporizer power controlTemperature Flexibility

There is no temperature flexibility at all. What it defaults at is what you get. For the price, we expected a bit more flexibility for the Black Rock Ceramic vaporizer, most units at this price point offer users some sort of flexibility.

Based off how it hits, I’d say it’s a medium-high heat setting, but it’s impossible to know since there are no tech specs available anywhere.

Black Rock Ceramic Vaporizer mouth piece

Vapor Quality

Considering the price point, it’s below average for sure. You can get reasonable clouds and the vapor does taste quite nice, however, it’s pretty warm to the throat and not so smooth.

There’s no ability to use it with a water pipe either if you’re into that. The lack of temperature control doesn’t let you find the ‘perfect’ setting for your material used, which is a big shame.

Black Rock Ceramic Vaporizer flat display

Black Rock Ceramic Vaporizer front display

Manufacturing Quality

There really aren’t too many bells and whistles when it comes to this wax pen, it consists of a battery, atomizer, and mouthpiece. One nice feature is that the device features a magnetic mouthpiece system which easily snaps into place.

Overall, it’s not going to win any awards for reinventing the wheel, it is pretty basic when compared to other wax devices.

You do however get a 1-year warranty, which may be a saving grace considering the build quality isn’t too impressive.

Black Rock Ceramic Vaporizer usb slotBattery Life

Battery life is average, featuring your standard 650mah ego style battery. With only one temperature you are going to experience a similar drain rate each time you charge the battery.

For wax pens released in 2018 we would have liked to see USB implements on the actual battery rather than having to screw the battery into the charger, but perhaps on the next iteration.

Black Rock Ceramic Vaporizer with armor case


This size has somewhat become standard amongst portable pen vaporizers, and it does the trick pretty well. Pocket-friendly and decently durable, it’s a good companion to take on the go!

You’ll be able to throw it into any bag, purse or pocket no problem.

Black Rock Ceramic Vaporizer in hand

Ease of Use

As previously mentioned, the one button operation really doesn’t leave any guesswork involved. We imagine a well-trained monkey would be able to figure it out in a few minutes, let alone a functioning adult.

Cleaning is also straightforward, as a simple isopropyl alcohol bath for all the metal and ceramic pieces will leave them spotless after a half hour. 

Black Rock Ceramic Vaporizer in another hand


Thanks to the pen-sized form factor, it’s about as discreet as you can imagine. You’ll be able to have quick, stealthy hits practically anywhere you can think of without much problem.

Do be mindful of the odor still, as that’ll of course still be present!

Black Rock Ceramic Vaporizer full kitOverall Experience

At the end of the day, the Black Rock Ceramic Vaporizer is a bit underwhelming offering extremely basic features. It certainly will get the job done but it does leave us wanting more.

We’d highly recommend something else instead, like the Thunder 2 or Saionara atomizer at a lower cost with improvements all across the board.

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