Volcano Vaporizer Review – Is it worth the big bucks?


Go ahead and ask any knowledgeable vaporizer connoisseur the following question: Who manufacturers the best Desktop Vaporizer available in the market today?

You will most likely hear the names Storz & Bickel.

For over 15 years, the vaporizer industry trendsetters Storz & Bickel have been constantly innovating and refining their cutting edge Volcano technology. In the spring of 2007, the entire desktop vaporizer landscape shifted when their flagship product was released, the Volcano Digit and this unit has been deemed the ‘King of vaporizers’.

So what is all the hype about? Let’s dive right into our review of the Storz & Bickel Digital Volcano Vaporizer and the Easy Valve system to find out.

Digital Volcano Herbal Vaporizer

Digital Volcano Review

How It Works – Video

As stunning as the Volcano Digit looks on the outside, the real magic happens on the inside. The Volcano produces vapor through a hot air convection heating system which results in superior vapor quality and flavor, as opposed to vapor produced by conduction. The Volcano heating system consists of a high-performance iron-clad ceramic heating element and a strong air pump pushing continuous heated air flow. This convection system allows for even air flow around the entire surface area of the vaporized material, maximizing the vapor extracted. In a nutshell, the convection-based vaporization system heats up your botanicals evenly and consistently, ensuring excellent vapor quality and flavor throughout each session.

The Volcano’s convection heating system also ensures that the essential oils in your botanicals are extracted with maximum efficiency and reduces the amount of wasted material, saving you money in the long run. As a nice added touch, the Volcano has an integrated silencer which keeps the device relatively quiet and discreet while in operation.

As for the basic operation of the Volcano Digit, set your desired temperature and wait for the unit to heat up. On the display you will notice a red digit on top and a green digit below. The red digit is the current internal temperature of the herbal vaporizer and the green temperature underneath is your desired temperature. Once the red digit reaches your desired temperature, and the yellow Control Light turns off, the Volcano is ready for use. Simply place the Filling Chamber on the top of the Volcano and press the green button to begin the airflow. Right away, place your Easy Valve Balloon on top of the Filling Chamber and wait about 30 seconds for the Balloon to fill with vapor. Once the Balloon is almost completely filled, press the green button again to stop the fan and remove the Balloon from the Filling Chamber. Finally, place the mouthpiece into the valve on the Balloon and enjoy your vapor. We usually get 4-5 draws per bag but this totally depends on each individual user.

Manufacturing Quality

At first glance, the Volcano Digit looks like something developed by NASA. Beautifully housed in a brushed metallic cone with a large digital LED display on the face of the device, it truly does present itself as a high-end herbal vaporizer. Since its birth in 2007, the Volcano Vaporizer has been manufactured in Tuttlingen, Germany, home to half of the world’s surgical equipment companies. As with all Storz & Bickel products, you can expect to see extremely high standards of workmanship and durability with the Volcano Digit model. Saying Storz and Bickel is the Mercedes Benz of vaporizers could be considered understatement. When it comes to reliability and performance, Volcano products are in a category of their own.

The Volcano Digit unit is incredibly sturdy as it is made up of high quality metals and other heat resistant materials. Weighing in at about 1.8 kg (4 lbs), it’s a good idea to use two hands when moving the Volcano Digit. Other than damage caused by dropping the unit or tripping over the cord, the Volcano Digit has seen very few complaints regarding its workmanship. The company even claims that the original Volcano unit created in 2003 still works without a hitch to this day!

Every Volcano Digit purchase includes a Three Year Manufacturer’s Warranty, which covers most repairs. It’s worth noting, the Volcano is the only vaporizer in the world that is certified by ISO quality standards and meets U.S. Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) standards.


Vapor Quality

Volcano Vaporizer Heating ChamberA major advantage of the Volcano’s convection heating system is that there is virtually zero risk of combustion or vaporization by conduction, ensuring no unwanted substances are emitted from your botanicals. The beauty about the digital version of the Volcano, is that you can set the vaporizing temperature within almost pinpoint accuracy. This means you can achieve the precise density or thickness of vapor to your liking.For users who prefer a lighter or thinner vapor cloud, it is recommended to start at a lower temperature and work your way up until you reach your desired consistency of vapor. A good baseline temperature is around 375°F (190°C) and then gradually increasing the temperature by about 10-15°C after filling each Balloon, to ensure you are maximizing the extraction of all vapor and essential oils from your botanicals. We can safely say, the Vapor Quality produced by this device is among the top ranks, if not the best, of all Desktop Vaporizers.


Digital Volcano VaporizerEase of Use

When it comes to usability, the Volcano sets the standard. The Volcano Digit is extremely easy to use, especially with the Easy Valve system. The LED dual-temp display and large buttons make temperature setting as easy as can be. The hardest part about using this device is waiting 3-5 minutes for heating element to heat up! That said, the quality and quantity of vapor produced is well worth the wait.

Maintenance of the Volcano Digit is not difficult to stay on top of either. We recommend using the included Cleaning Brush to clean out excess material left on the Filling Chamber and to periodically change the screens as needed. Storz & Bickel includes a few extra screens to keep you covered for the first year or so. There is also an air filter housed in the bottom of the unit, which should be checked every month or so and replaced if there is excessive build-up visible.



Temperature Flexibility

Volcano VaporizerThis digital version of the Volcano Vaporizer has an edge in temperature accuracy over its older analog brother, the Volcano Classic. The Volcano Digit’s temperature accuracy is subject to a miniscule discrepancy of ± 2.7°F (± 1.5°C), which is downright astonishing. Another slight advantage of the Digital Volcano over the less-expensive Classic version, is its extended temperature range which allows you to vaporize materials at temperatures as low as 40°C. Playing around with the temperature setting is so easy on the Volcano Digit, that almost anyone can determine their ideal vaporization temperatures within the first few uses.


A typical one-person session with the Volcano Digit takes about 10-15 minutes in total. The unit heats up after about 3-5 minutes and it takes approximately 30 seconds to fill each Balloon. While you wait for the Volcano to heat up, we recommend using that time to break up your botanical of choice and transferring the ground material to the Easy Valve Filling Chamber. Remember to use the Zeus Bolt grinder to prepare your botanicals for vaporization, ensuring the optimal surface area of material is exposed to the heated air flow.



Storz & Bickel is not just known for producing vaporizers made with top-quality materials and craftsmanship, but they are also known for their simplicity in design. You are not going to get any unnecessary bells and whistles with this device and frankly, we are happy about that. With less unneeded mechanisms to break down, the Volcano has built an outstanding reputation for durability and reliability. One nice feature of the Volcano Digit, is that it comes with a Liquid Pad which can be used to vaporize waxes or oil-based materials, if that floats your boat. Another nice addition to the Volcano Digit, is the auto-shutoff feature after 30 minutes of inactivity. This helps conserve energy and avoids any potential hazards.

Volcano Valve Set Options

Volcano Vaporizers come with the option of two different valve sets, both of which cost the same. The valve set is basically the system that makes up the top of the Classic Volcano. How the heating chamber connects to the balloon and you can draw from it will depend on the valve set that you select. Regardless of which option you use, you can vaporize wax or herbs and most of the general functioning is the same. Storz and Bickel however developed the easy valve after the solid valve to be more convenient and “better”, but never discontinued the solid valve due to the consistent demand. Continue reading to find out which is best for you, though we generally recommend the easy valve option. You can watch the two videos in this post as each has another valve set, so you can see it in action for yourself.

Easy Valve Starter Set

easy-valve-volcanoThe original Volcano valve system, known as the Solid Valve, was popular with some users but not so much with others who were looking for more convenience of use. The Solid Valve system has its drawbacks, mainly that it’s not very user friendly to set up every time you need a new Balloon. Storz & Bickel announced their revolutionized Easy Valve System, at the same time the Digital Volcano was introduced. It was designed towards ease use and minimal maintenance but did not allow you to make your own balloons. In November of 2016 Storz & Bickel made a major change to their Easy Valve Starter Set by including a part called the Easy Valve Balloon Adapter. This balloons adapter now allows you to make custom balloons using the Easy valve rather than the Solid valve, bringing even more convenience to this already amazing starter set.

With the standard replacement set balloons it is really easy to get started, simply unravel the balloon, remove the mouthpiece and its ready to place on the filling chamber. Storz & Bickel recommends replacing the Filling Chamber once per year, but in our experience that is more like 2-3 years if you keep it clean using the included Cleaning Brush. The Easy Valve Balloons are reusable but should be thrown out once they become dirty and residue starts to build up on the inside of the Balloon, around the mouth piece area. Expect anywhere from 100-200 uses per bag, depending on the frequency of use and thickness of vapor being produced. Easy Valve Balloons are available in two-foot and three-foot sizes. But as we mentioned with the new Easy Valve balloon adapter you will have the option to build your own balloons as well. Regardless of the size of bag you choose, nothing tastes better than vapor from a fresh Volcano Balloon 😉

Vapesterdam did two nice videos over on their YouTube channel explaingin how to use the solid valve and easy valve.

Solid Valve Starter Set

solid-valve-volcanoIn this section we will have a closer look at the solid valve set, but if you are interested in understanding what the difference is between the easy valve vs solid valve set, follow the link for more detail.
The Solid Valve set was originally intended to allow you to choose the size of your balloons. The set you get with your unit includes a three metre long roll of balloons, and all the materials necessary to attach them to the heating chamber of the Volcano. You then cut the balloons to whatever size you prefer and attach them to the valve. This is critical if you have a lot of friends over, because nothing impresses friends more than a Classic Volcano Vaporizer with a 1 meter balloon full of vapor.
The really great thing about the Solid Valve set was that the only thing that needed replacing are the balloons and screens. Both of these components are very low cost and replacing both will not cost you more than 25$ (shipping included). Since Solid Valve replacement balloon packs are cheap, you would have originally ended up saving money over time. But now with the new Easy Valve starter set you can also save money buy building your own balloons. Your mouthpiece of the valve set is also reusable for a long time. All you need to do is to clean it. This option will take a little more time to maintain (about 10 minutes every week) and cost less over time. So while the Solid valve set used to be the most economical way to enjoy your Volcano, the new Easy Valve starter set looks to do the same, but with less hassle.


Overall Experience

The general consensus across all major herbal vaporizer experts is that the Digital Volcano is among the finest Stationary Vaporizers available in the market today. Regardless of your herb of choice, the Digital Volcano is going to produce your desired vapor quantity and quality every time. The unit itself is not the cheapest appliance you will every buy, but if you are willing to spend the extra money, you are guaranteed a high-end vaporization experience for a very long time.

Warning: Not Compatible with ZEUS Iceborn
This vaporizer is not compatible with the ZEUS Iceborn, a revolutionary new vapor cooling system designed to produce cooler draws and bigger clouds when connected to your vaporizer. The ZEUS Iceborn adds an additional 2 points to the vapor quality score of compatible units, so we highly recommend considering a whip-compatible vaporizer to take advantage of this stellar ZEUS accessory item. All compatible vaporizers will have a compatibility notice.

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We hope you enjoyed today’s Storz & Bickel Digital Volcano Review. Please feel free chime in with your feedback or post any questions in the comments section below. Until the next review, Happy Vapin’! 🙂

9 Score

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  1. This is the most amazing product that I have seen for producing the quality and reducing the amount of medicine that I need daily. I formerly had a V Tower and the Volcano leaves that in the dust metaphorically speaking plus I have reduced my daily consumption (by weight) by 35 to 40% The fan is louder than I expected and this sells for too much money but if you finally bite the bullet and buy one, you wont regret this purchase and you’ll wonder why you waited this long to buy one.

  2. I own a Volcano digital, however I ordered mine with a solid valve and found that too much of a pain in the a** so I ended up purchasing an Easy Valve starter kit the day after I had received the Volcano. That was the only thing I regretted about buying the Volcano, not buying it with the Easy Valve to start with. I’ve heard tell of other people complaining about not liking the hot feeling that they get as they inhale from a vaporizer, if you own or purchase a Volcano you can do what I do which is after filling the bag let it sit for about 5 to 10 minutes and I find that it makes a big difference. That’s the joy of vaping into a bag !

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