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In a time where development for electronic cigarettes is slowly moving towards the more outlandish, bizarre, or out-of-this-world, it’s always a breath of fresh air to see a company take a step back in terms of aesthetics.

The Eleaf iStick Melo is a welcome respite to the current vaping trends with it’s simple and laid back design. That doesn’t mean that its lacking in any way in the functionality department. Sporting an internal 4400mAh battery powering the mod to a respectable 60 watts of power, the Eleaf iStick Melo is an interesting option for many vapers, new and old. Be sure to check the vape buyer’s guides for important information to take into consideration before making your purchase.

Review: Eleaf iStick Melo

iStick Melo Review

iStick Melo front profile

Manufacturing Quality

One look at the Eleaf iStick Melo and it’s very apparent that the device isn’t going to win any awards for innovation in design. Probably one of the cleanest and most minimalist devices to grace our pages, this tiny kit is all about the understatement.

Color options are similarly reserved, being only available in a classic black, silver, red, green, or rose gold finish. Like most other Eleaf devices, the iStick Melo uses a durable finish resistant to regular wear and tear; so while the aesthetics of the mod arent anything to write home about, at least you know that its there to stay.

Unlike most variable wattage devices which showcase a screen on the side or the front of the device, the Eleaf iStick Melo places the display directly on top of the mod, next to the 510 connection. While the placement might seem odd at first, it almost immediately makes sense when vaping on the device as all information about the mod can be easily viewed as you vape.

One caveat to this however is this limits the variety of atomizers which can be used with the device. The side of the device is where you’ll find the conveniently positioned firing button which produces a satisfyingly tactile click upon every press.

iStick Melo colors

Since the Eleaf iStick Melo uses an internal battery, there isn’t any battery door to be found, which further adds to the rigidity of the mod. 4 battery venting holes can be spotted at the bottom which is great for battery health and overall safety.

iStick Melo mouth piece

Flavor Quality

The Eleaf iStick Melo kit comes with 2 coils straight out of the box. One EC2 coil rated at 0.3-ohms is pre-installed in the Melo 4 tank, which can be easily swapped in for a 2nd EC2 coil rated at 0.5-ohms. While this is purely anecdotal, it seems like Eleaf has stepped up the quality on their coils as of late.

This is evident with the pair that came with the kit. Flavors are sharper and feel more intense on the tastebuds, and vapor production is on point which should serve as good news for all the cloud chasers out there.

The Melo 4 despite its nomenclature is anything but mellow. Given the wide range of airflow options made possible from the dual slotted airflow ring at the base of the tank, its easy to tune the tank to either get a relaxed vaping experience from a wide open airy airflow, or up the ante a bit by restricting the airflow to get a more condensed and intense vape.

iStick Melo heating chamberPower Flexibility

Despite its unassuming and humble aesthetic, the Eleaf iStick Melo has no shortage of features to offer either the most clueless or most seasoned vaper.

Aside from the standard variable wattage mode which has a maximum output of 60 watts, the full range of temperature control options are available; from stainless steel all the way to titanium, the Eleaf iStick Melo can handle them all.

Adjustable TCR values are also an option for those who aren’t afraid of messing around with the settings of their mod in order to get the best possible vaping experience.

Given its wide range of options, it’s quite a pity to see that the Eleaf iStick Melo can accommodate atomizers of only up to a maximum of 22mm in diameter. In my opinion, it would’ve been preferable for the device to make some compromises in terms of overall size if that could mean larger atomizers ranging from 24-26 in diameter could be used.

Nevertheless, even with its limitations, the kit works great as it is with the included Melo 4 tank.

iStick Melo on back

iStick Melo tank refillEase of Use

If you’ve ever handled an Eleaf device such as the iStick Pico for example, then you should have a pretty good grasp on how to operate the Eleaf iStick Melo. If you haven’t, there’s no need to worry as operation of the kit is simple as it comes.

5 clicks on the firing button to turn the device on, and another 5 clicks to turn it off. 3 clicks allow you to cycle between the different vaping modes such as variable wattage, bypass, and the multiple temperature control modes.

In case you were wondering, the orientation of the display can also be flipped to better accommodate your grip style. Simply holding the up and down buttons simultaneously for a few seconds is all that’s needed to do this.

My one minor complaint regarding the interface is that when using the device in temperature control mode, adjusting the wattage is a bit too slow and requires you to hold the up or down buttons too long in order to get to your desired wattage.

While it’s far from being a deal breaker, it would be nice to see a firmware update in the future that addresses this minor problem.

iStick Melo with armor case


One of the strongest points of the Eleaf iStick Melo is how it manages to fit such a massive battery into such a tiny frame. A 4400mAh battery is pretty much unheard of given the dimension of the mod which measures out to a mere 132.5mm in height, 22mm of thickness, and 42mm of width.

The mod is far from heavy weighing in at 182 grams making it easy to carry around in your pocket. It should be mentioned that these specifications to the dimensions and weight of the entire kit including the tank, not just the mod itself.

Battery life on the Eleaf iStick Melo is stellar and can easily last from 1 up to 2 full days of vaping depending on your settings and frequency of vaping. Charging the kit is as easy as pie thanks to the accessible micro USB charging port on the side of the mod which also serves as a channel for future firmware updates when hooked up to any laptop or desktop computer.

iStick Melo detached

iStick Melo full kit

 Overall Experience

Despite its inherent limitations when it comes to atomizer compatibility, the Eleaf iStick Melo is still very much a compelling option even amongst the flood of modern day devices.

The internal battery is top notch for the kits size and weight class, and while the aesthetics might feel boring to some, there are more than a few who are appreciative of the minimalist approach on the design.

Of course, the mod offering great flavor and vapor production is the icing on the cake, and it’s not difficult at all to achieve a more than satisfactory vaping experience thanks to the overall ease of operation of the kit.

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