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The Cirro is a new vaporizer launched by industry newcomers Everoll. It is suggested to have convection heating, a nice accessories kit, functional design and high-quality performance. With completely new devices it’s always recommended to be skeptical and do thorough research before buying; though we’ll do all that for you!

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Review: Everoll Cirro

Everoll Cirro Review

Everoll Cirro coils

How it Works

Being rather simple to use, the Everoll Cirro is a rather straightforward unit. The top piece swivels, revealing the aluminum and ceramic chamber.

The unit turns on with a three-second hold of the single attractive button, while adjusting the temperature is done with the same button by double-clicking.

The mouthpiece itself is self-contained, and the top of the unit pops up the mouthpiece – a well-engineered process!

Everoll Cirro detached

Everoll Cirro power control

Temperature Flexibility

There are four preset temperature settings to choose from with the Everoll Cirro. Much better than only three settings, though still behind fully-adjustable, you’re given a decent range of settings to choose from: 374°F, 392°F, 410°F, and 428°F, or 190°C, 200°C, 210°C and 220°C.

While the top range is good and only barely below combustion, the lowest isn’t quite low enough and dropping the minimum temperature by 15 or so degrees would be greatly appreciated for when you really want to get smooth and flavorful draws.

Heat-up time is a healthy 20-30 seconds, depending on temperature selection which is pretty average for most dry herb vaporizers.

Everoll Cirro mouth piece

Vapor Quality

By today’s standards, it’s exactly average. For  The steel chamber does heat up, making me believe it’s, in fact, a hybrid heading device. Draw resistance isn’t like drinking a super thick milkshake, but it’s in no way free-flowing.

The lack of intricate cooling path and plastic mouthpiece doesn’t allow for the best of flavor or cooling either. Cloud production is good, though not great! It’s about right in the middle in all regards.

It’d be very nice for a redesigned unit to instead feature a glass or zirconia mouthpiece like the DaVinci IQ for a cleaner vapor-path. By no means is the vapor quality out of the Everoll Cirro bad, but it doesn’t really go beyond the average mark. I would rate this most similar in vapor quality to the Boundless CF.

Everoll Cirro front profile

Manufacturing Quality

Though the Everoll Cirro is manufactured in China and a budget unit, build quality and construction overall is quite nice. The design, in particular, is certainly something the team behind the unit should definitely be proud of!

There is a super handy little dry herb container at the bottom which holds up to ~0.5 grams of dry herb, and the multi-stage mouthpiece makes the entire experience feel ‘better’. The brushed-aluminum body feels nice to hold too and feels like it’ll survive a drop no problem.

You’re also given a standard accessories kit with a cleaning tool, manual, concentrate cup, spare screens, loading tool, Micro-USB cable and user manual.

Overall, the manufacturing quality is solid, the bodies aluminum build feels great, it is aesthetically appealing, the built-in herb storage is quite nice, and the two-stage top design is well done. Oh, and it vibrates when it’s heated up too! My only gripe is the plastic mouthpiece is rather cheap feeling and does impact vapor quality.

Everoll Cirro

Everoll Cirro usb slotBattery Life

Included is a non-replicable 1600mAh lithium battery which suggests a running time of 2-2.5 hours “continuous use”, but in reality, you can expect around 10 full sessions of 5 minutes when the auto shut off kicks in or roughly 50 minutes of accumulated time.

That sits it right in the middle for battery life for portable units. You can charge it up through the Micro-USB port on the body within a couple hours’ time. No pass-through charging exists, unfortunately.

Everoll Cirro with armor case


This is where the unit really shines for me. Between the compact design and the included herb carrying container, it’s remarkably portable.

While the Davinci IQ is remarkably tiny, if you want to load up a second session, you’ll need a separate container for your material. For practically every dry herb vaporizer on the market, this is a feature I always wanted to see!

To add to that, the flush-sitting flip-up mouthpiece helps to tidy up the appearance while protecting against pocket lint! A great little feature that I wish the DaVinci IQ had.

Everoll Cirro heating chamber

Ease of Use

It’s one of the more simplistic vaporizers you could have. No Bluetooth apps, no intricate loading rituals and no draw technique to worry about, it’s a very user-friendly device and any beginner will get the hang of it quickly.

Disassembly and maintenance are rather straightforward too, and an isopropanol soak for the mouthpiece bits and a cotton swab dipped in alcohol will clean the chamber out nicely.

Flush with water on the mouthpiece and do a quick empty chamber to ensure it’s properly cleaned.

Everoll Cirro in hand


Certainly laying up there with one of the more discreet units on the market, it’s no slouch! The small size makes it easy to palm and take a quick hit from – though of course smell and the vapor cloud you blow out will obviously be noticeable.

We’d put it up there with the DaVinci IQ in terms of discreetness simply because of the compact size.

Everoll Cirro full kitOverall Experience

While long-term reliability and the company’s unknown reputation is something to keep in mind, the Everoll Cirro is a pretty competitive unit at a competitive price. The main competitors would be Utillian 721 and the Linx Gaia, which are two very strong opponents.

In my mind, the Everoll Cirro is a really great device, but it falls slightly short to both of those. But for the first dry herb vaporizer released by Everoll, it’s definitely a good effort.

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