Holiday Gift Guide 2017


Looking for the perfect gift? Here’s a list of gift options that manage to be useful, fun, exciting, and affordable all at the same time! There is no better gift than the gift of vaping, and we won’t tell if you get something extra for yourself as well – you deserve it. All of our dry herb vaporizers include the option of a free Zeus Bolt Grinder, and you even get free shipping on orders over $100!

Special 2017 Gift Bundles from TVape

Holiday Gift Bundles - Utillian 420 Bundle

The Starter Slopes Bundle is perfect for getting someone started with their first vaporizer. It includes the Utillian 420 vaporizer, a ZEUS Temple box , a ZEUS Bolt Grinder, and a Purify cleaning kit. The Utillian 420 consistently ranks as one of the best budget vaporizers on the market, and it’s a great option for people who are just getting their toes wet when it comes to vaping. Give This Gift.

Holiday Gift Bundles - Smite Plus Bundle

The Intermediate Bundle includes everything in the Bunny Hill Bundle, but upgrades the vaporizer to the ZEUS Smite Plus and also adds a Temple storage and moisture extraction box for dry herbs and a glass mouthpiece for the Smite Plus. The Smite Plus is an excellent vaporizer that offers full temperature control and a great battery life, making this an amazing gift for any connoisseur. Give This Gift.


Holiday Gift Bundles - Utillian 721 bundle

We designed the Black Diamond Bundle for the truly discerning connoisseur. If you know someone who demands the absolute best, this is the gift to get. The Black Diamond Bundle includes all the components of the first two deals, but upgrades the vaporizer to the fully convection Utillian 721. It also includes a ZEUS Iceborn, which is a special accessory that allows your vapor to be filtered over ice to deliver the smoothest, coolest vapor imaginable. Give This Gift.


Holiday Gift Bundles - Extreme Q bundle

The Stay-At-Home bundle is geared towards somebody who loves to spend their time at home.  It comes with the Arizer Extreme Q desktop vaporizer, the Zeus Temple herb box, the Zeus Bolt XL and the Zeus Iceborn.  The EQ is one of the best desktop units available and when paired with the Iceborn will provide smooth flavorful draws from first to last. Give This Gift.

Under $100

Utillian 420 – $89.99

If you are looking for a budget portable dry herb vaporizer that delivers the performance of a device that costs twice as much (or more), the Utillian 420 is the one to get. It offers a ceramic chamber, a glass mouthpiece, and a digital screen, plus four preset temperature options! More importantly, the vapor is outstanding for the price. Give This Gift.


Zeus Temple – $49.99

Upgrade that special someone’s herb storage with the Zeus Temple. This de-humidor is elegantly designed and perfect for storing herbs. If your connoisseur loves to vaporize this is the perfect accessory, helping to extract moisture from their botanical to provide a more satisfying session. Give This Gift


ZEUS Armor Hard Case – $59.99

This may not be a vaporizer, but if your loved one already has a vaporizer, vape or wax pen, the ZEUS Armor Case is the perfect companion to almost any unit. It features a customized precision-cut ZEUS Bolt grinder slot and space for your herbs and accessories. The zipper is airtight to keep smells in and water out. So help that special someone keep their favorite unit protected this year so it will last into next! Give This Gift.


Zeus Iceborn – $69.99

Know someone who always complains about hot vapor? Get them the Zeus Iceborn Vapor Cooling system, this nifty accessory attaches to most vaporizers and cools vapor to provide smooth draws every time. Give This Gift


Zeus Thunder 2 – $89.99

If the person you’re shopping for prefers concentrates over dried material, the ZEUS Thunder 2 is an excellent option. This wax pen features the most advanced chamber technology on the market with a coilless ceramic dish in place of the standard rods and coils. This translates to smooth vapor with unbelievable flavor. Give This Gift


Under $200

Zeus Smite – $129

The Zeus Smite is just one step above the ‘budget’ vaporizer category in terms of price, but it delivers the performance expected from premium devices. The battery is capable of lasting 2-3 hours, and it includes three temperature presets. It’s also extremely portable, complete with an internal storage compartment for the mouthpiece. Give This Gift


Focusvape Pro – $159

The Focusvape Pro is a pen-style vaporizer designed for dry herbs. It features precision temperature control and a removable 18650 battery, meaning you can easily get extras to extend the battery life. The cylindrical shape also makes it very pocket friendly, making it a great gift for anyone who would enjoy vaping on the go. Give This Gift. 


Zeus Smite+ – $189

The Smite Plus is an updated version of the regular Zeus Smite. It includes full temperature control and a digital display, along with all the other great features you’ll find in the regular version. The Smite Plus literally has everything you could want in a vaporizer, yet the price is half that of other options with similar specs. Give This Gift


Under $300

Utillian 721 – $219

The Utillian 721 is a fully convection vaporizer, meaning the herbs heat as hot air passes through the ground material, not as the walls of the chamber get hot. This heating style is known for delivering the best flavor possible, and the proof is in the results you get from the 721. The vapor quality from this is among the best you’ll find in any vaporizer. There’s a reason we included it in our Black Diamond Holiday Bundle. Give This Gift


Airvape XS – $239

The Airvape XS is one of the slimmest vaporizers available, if not the slimmest, period. Despite the thin profile, it still manages to feature a big heating chamber, a digital screen, and full temperature control. The battery life is even good for how small it is, coming in at up to an hour of continuous use. Another pocket friendly option that is a good gift for people who are always on the go. Give This Gift


Prohibited 5th Degree – $249

Looking for a gift for someone who enjoys both dry herbs and concentrates? The Prohibited 5th Degree is a dual-purpose vaporizer that features magnetic cartridges that easily swap out so the device can be used with different materials. It even has variable voltage settings for the wax mode and variable temperature presets for the dry herb cartridge. Give This Gift.


Focusvape Tourist – $259

The Focusvape Tourist is another 2-in-1 vaporizer for dry herbs and concentrates. The set up is a bit more sophisticated though, complete with a water filtration attachment for both modes. The Tourist even has full temperature control and a removable 18650 battery. This is one of the most flexible and accommodating vaporizers you’ll find anywhere, making it perfect for someone who enjoys many different vaping styles. Give This Gift.

Big Spenders

Mighty – $459

The Mighty is the undisputed champ of portable vaporizers. Made by the legendary Storz and Bickel, you won’t find a better built portable vaporizer than this one. The Mighty also offers the best vapor possible from a portable unit, delivering exceptional flavor from its fully convection heating. If you are shopping for someone who deserves and expects the best, splurge on the Mighty. If you’d like similar performance but don’t want to spend this much, go with the Utillian 721. Give This Gift.


Volcano Digital  – $799

While the Mighty may be best portable, the Volcano is the king of all vaporizers. It is also made by Storz and Bickel, and the vapor it produces is the absolute best you can get. The Volcano is super efficient with material, and buying one is buying a vaporizer that will last for life. This is a desktop unit, meaning it has to be plugged in to be used. This will be a show-stopper if given as a gift, and you’re guaranteed to be giving them their favorite present of the year. Give This Gift


That wraps up our gift guide for 2017. The best deals will be had by getting one of our three holiday gift bundles, but everything here will make a great present. Feel free to share this list with friends if they are struggling to find gifts – especially if they are shopping for you 😉

Happy Holidays!


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