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The iStick Pico left behind a legacy that most deem hard to forget. Proof of this lies with Smok crafting their own version of the popular mod with their own AL85. Now its iJoy’s turn to take a stab at the limelight with their very own rendition of the popular classic with the iJoy Capo 100. Featuring an extremely compact form factor that rivals even the smallest devices out there, the iJoy Capo 100 features unprecedented performance in a compact frame with its maximum output of 100 watts.

Let’s dive down in the meat of this tiny terror and see if it lives up to its inspiration. Be sure to check the vape buyer’s guides for important information to take into consideration before making your purchase.

Review: iJoy Capo 100

iJoy Capo Review

iJoy Capo front display

Manufacturing Quality

When viewed from a distance, it would be all too easy to mistake the iJoy Capo 100 for a mere reskin of the Pico. But upon closer inspection, there are a few details that help set it apart from the original and actually improves upon the predecessor’s design. One of these improvements is an almost radical redesign of the fire button.

The fire button on the Pico was oval shaped and barely protruded from the body of the mod, almost sitting flush. The iJoy Capo 100 tosses this concept out of the window and instead opts for a much larger yet recessed firing button, shaped into what almost resembles a trigger. Definitely, a more ergonomic and optimized design compared to the original.

Another minor change is the iJoy Capo 100 supports customization with the use of swappable side panels, letting you mix and match colors with the finish of the zinc alloy body. A larger screen is also present here, offering a much broader view of the device’s status, letting you glean all important information from a single glance thanks to the well-designed UI.

Unlike the Pico which had it’s up/down buttons located underneath the device (sometimes leading to uncomfortable situations when trying to make adjustment’s to the device’s settings), the iJoy Capo 100 now sports these buttons underneath the screen making them a lot easier to reach and use.

iJoy Capo back side

The iJoy Capo 100 makes use of the same threadable battery cap design used by the Pico, and while this allows for larger batteries to fit in a smaller frame, the main drawback is it sets a physical limitation on the maximum size possible for atomizers you plan to use.

Any tank or RDA larger than 22.5mm will be physically incapable of fitting on top since the battery cap blocks access which can be a pity since a large portion of popular atomizers in the market are 24mm in diameter. This isn’t all bad news though as there are still a lot of high-quality atomizers that fit into the 22mm diameter range.

iJoy Capo mouth piece

Flavor Quality

Thanks to the spring loaded 510 connection of the mod and the gold plated 510 pin on the included Captain Mini tank, getting a perfect connection between the two is effortless and you’ll rarely encounter an issue getting a proper handshake between the two.

What this is means is a more consistent resistance reading and a much smoother vaping experience all throughout. The Delrin drip tip also does a good job of sheltering your lips from the heat oftentimes generated by the coils, facilitating a comfortable vaping experience.

The included M1 and M2 coils are rated for a medium to low resistance to achieve a balance between flavor density and vapor production. The end result is quite desirable as both coils don’t fail to deliver. This works even better considering that the Captain Mini tank offers one of the smoothest airflows available for a bundled kit setup, regardless of how loose or how restricted you set the airflow ring to.

Coil durability doesn’t disappoint as well and falls within the accepted lifespan of most standard coils which is about 7-10 days depending on your frequency of use, e-liquid used, and preferred power settings.

iJoy Capo temperature controlPower Flexibility

Thanks to the powerful 21700 battery cell, (which comes included with the kit by the way!) the iJoy Capo 100 is capable of firing all the way up to a powerful 100 watts which is almost unprecedented for a device of this small size. Variable wattage works like a charm without fault, thanks to the custom chip used and designed by IWEPAL. This allows the mod to achieve a smooth and consistent wattage output throughout all power ranges.

As for other features, the iJoy Capo 100 doesn’t skimp in the slightest as it also supports temperature control for stainless steel, titanium, and nickel coil builds. TCR mode is also an option for the more adept vapers who aim to get the most out of this device. Temperature control is fairly smooth and could even be deemed accurate placing it within close proximity of the much esteemed yet expensive DNA chips.

iJoy Capo flat display

iJoy Capo tankEase of Use

Thanks to the threadless design for the coils used by the Captain Mini tank, installing or replacing used up coil heads is even made easier. The tank also uses a push-to-open mechanism for the top cap, enabling easier and quicker refills even when on the go, eliminating the need to unscrew the top cap off which can sometimes get a bit tedious.

When it comes to the actual operation of the kit, the iJoy Capo 100 doesn’t differ much from the standard modern regulated device. 5 clicks on the fire button turns the mod on or off, while 3 clicks give you access to make changes to the device’s settings or current vaping mode.

iJoy Capo with armor case


When it comes to combining the best of both worlds where small form factor meets high capacity batteries, the iJoy Capo 100 is king.

The included 21700 battery cell offers roughly the same mAh capacity of two 18650 batteries, giving it the unique distinction of being one of the most powerful and long-lasting devices for its size range.

While small, the iJoy Capo 100 is still comfortable to hold and use which can be attributed to the improved fire button. The mod also features a micro USB port which can be used to the charge the battery internally through any powered USB source or to upgrade the firmware of the device.

iJoy Capo tank detached

iJoy Capo full kit

Overall Experience

It’s hard to pass up the iJoy Capo 100 as just another Pico clone. Unlike the Smok AL85 which merely borrowed a lot of aesthetic qualities of the Pico yet failed to make any improvements on the original design, the iJoy Capo 100 truly stands out on its own.

The awesome power delivery coupled with the long lasting battery life already make it an instant winner in our books. Now if only iJoy could work on a design to further increase atomizer compatibility to at least 25mm.

If you are looking for the most portable and straightforward unit we would probably chalk that up to the Kandypens RubiIf you are looking for a mod-style vape to start with we suggest checking out the Smok X-Priv.

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