Joyetech Batpack Review – The Bat Vape?

For those who currently vape and are reading this, I think it’s pretty safe to say that most if not all of us are pretty attached to our vapes. We take them practically everywhere, from the inside the house, to work, to the beach, the list just goes on. But what happens when we have to tread international borders via plane? Airline regulations concerning electronic cigarettes and the batteries they use are pretty strict, and even when followed to a T, won’t guarantee a hassle-free experience at the airport. With its unique use of AA batteries, that is why mods like the Joyetech Batpack exist.
Let’s check out the full details of the device down below and see why it just might be the perfect device for your needs. Be sure to check the vape buyer’s guides for important information to take into consideration before making your purchase.

Review: Joyetech Batpack

Joyetech Batpack Review

Joyetech Batpack front display

Manufacturing Quality

Encased in a sturdy yet compact alloy chassis, the Joyetech Batpack thrives in its simplicity. Looking like a miniature version of a modern piece of luggage, the Joyetech Batpack manages to look great despite its simplistic unicolor design.

The front and back panels sport ribbed/textured grooves which are handy in improving the ergonomics of the device, not to mention adds a touch of rugged flair, which is almost symbolic for an electronic cigarette of this design.

When I mentioned that the Joyetech Batpack embodies the symbol of sturdiness, that’s a quality that proves itself not just through the quality of the materials used in making the mod, but also due to the core design. Thanks to the Joyetech Batpack’s use of AA batteries instead of the standard high voltage and high amp lithium ion cells, the mod is a lot safer to use compared to your standard vaping device.

Lithium-ion batteries are pretty volatile in comparison and are the cause of 99% of vaping related accidents and injuries. While most of these accidents are due to user error, and no matter how careful most vapers can be, the occasional mishap does occur. The use of AA NiMH batteries takes the danger out of the equation, resulting in a much safer to use device.

Joyetech Batpack available colors

The back panel acts as the battery door which is magnetically held in place. The standard 510 connection up top accommodates atomizers with diameters up to 16mm which can be limiting if you’re the type to mix and match atomizers to suit your vaping style.

The Joyetech Batpack vapes straight like a mechanical mod so you won’t be seeing any fancy nicknacks such as an LED display or up/down buttons to adjust settings or wattage. The singular fire button on the side of the mod is quality though and offers a crisp click when pressed.

Joyetech Batpack mouth piece

Flavor Quality

Despite my reservations about the overall flavor quality that the Joyetech Batpack was predicted to produce, it managed to surprise me slightly with a decent show of flavor production. It’s important to keep our expectations in check though.

In no way is the Joyetech Batpack going to compete with standard lithium-ion based vaping devices; it simply can output enough current from the low amperage AA batteries being used.

Due to its low output, the kit comes bundled with an appropriate ECO D16 atomizer which is designed for mouth to lung vaping. Also, take note that the kit is designed to be used with high concentration e-liquids in order to get a proper kick out of it.

The airflow on the ECO D16 tank is fixed so you won’t be able to make any adjustments, but from my experience with testing the mod, the airflow felt just about right with a sufficient amount of restrictiveness, without feeling too choked. As always though, your mileage may vary.

Joyetech Batpack power controlPower Flexibility

There isn’t much in this regard where the Joyetech Batpack shines. The included 0.5ohm coil heads do help in maximizing the current drawn from the AA a bit, but if you’re thinking that this device will vape anywhere close to the level of variable wattage devices, think again.

Think of the classic cartomizer vape pens of old and you’ll get a good approximate of what the Joyetech Batpack  can do (i.e: not much)

Joyetech Batpack flat display

Joyetech Batpack in handEase of Use

Simple and straightforward is the best way to describe the basic operation of the Joyetech Batpack. Without any LED screen, extra buttons, or fancy schmancy UI to get the hang of, getting the hang of using the Joyetech Batpack is as easy as it comes.

Despite its mechanical-like design, the Joyetech Batpack does make use of a mosfet to help regulate the power and also acts as an on and off mechanism. 5 clicks on the firing button turn the device on or off, just like most electronic cigarettes.

The included Joye ECO D16 tank holds up to a maximum of 2ml of e-liquid which can be considered more than enough for a mouth to lung style atomizer. One caveat though is Joyetech skimped slightly on the filling mechanism used for this tank. Instead of the almost standard push/slide mechanism, the ECO D16 uses a threadable top cap that needs to be twisted off whenever you need to refill the tank. It’s not a deal breaker by any means, but a better job could’ve been done in this regard.

Joyetech Batpack with armor case


One of the greatest strengths of the Joyetech Batpack is surely its battery life. Thanks to the extremely low output used, it’s not uncommon to get more than a day’s worth of use out of it before the batteries need a recharge.

With the Joyetech Batpack being compatible with both rechargeable NiMH and standard store bought batteries, the compatibility alone can be a godsend when travelling via air where bringing your batteries along can prove to be a nuisance.

The Joyetech Batpack gives you the option of leaving your batteries at home and just buying a pair at your destination for hassle-free travelling.

Joyetech Batpack back side

Joyetech Batpack full kit

Overall Experience

While I can’t vouch 100% for the performance of the Joyetech Batpack, it definitely has its merits. The low output definitely isn’t for everyone, and can hardly be considered a daily driver for those who’ve already grown accustomed to the performance of more powerful box mods.

Where it shines is in the portability factor. One of the biggest pet peeves for travelling vapers is having to worry about bringing in their batteries through airport security, and the Joyetech Batpack easily circumvents that. With all that said we still think the Smok X-Priv features the best value.

If you want something extremely simple, check out the Kandypens Rubi.

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