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It’s an era where the trend has shifted from miniaturizing practically all forms of tech to making every gadget as big as possible. As a result, options for a discreet and portable vape pen capable of vaping e-liquid and oil are quite scarce, especially if you factor in reliability and performance into the mix. Thankfully, the Linx Hermes 2 fits that niche almost perfectly, providing a sturdy, stylish, and compact way to vape your oils and e-liquid as stealthily as possible.
Let’s take a closer look down below at the Linx Hermes 2, see what all the fuss is about, and decide if its the right device for you. Be sure to check the vape buyer’s guides for important information to take into consideration before making your purchase.

Review: Linx Hermes 2

Linx Hermes 2 Review

Linx Hermes 2 front profile

Manufacturing Quality

Unlike other small form factor devices which are usually crafted out of a hybrid of plastic and zinc alloy, the Linx Hermes 2 doesn’t skimp on premium materials. Built out of a solid stainless steel all throughout with the exception of the glass tank, holding the Linx Hermes 2 is an utter joy thanks to the great hand feel it offers when used.

The device doesn’t produce any wiggling, wobbling, or rattling when handled whatsoever which is almost a rarity in its size category.

The kit is packaged in a box with a low-key design that doesn’t scream “vape”, ideal for those who like to keep their vaping on the down-low. The packaging features a similar minimalist layout, neatly presenting the components of the kit, namely the main body which houses the 290mAh internal battery, glass tank/mouthpiece, and micro USB charger.

One of the factors that contribute greatly to the aesthetics of the Linx Hermes 2 is the totally button-less design of the mod. The clean stainless steel look is a marvel to behold, and while there is some branding involved in the form of the Linx Vapors logo located near the base of the mod, the execution is tasteful and unobtrusive.

Linx Hermes 2 partsThe Linx Hermes 2 uses a standard 510 connection to connect the battery to the atomizer and it’s at this point that it becomes evident that this kit doesn’t prioritize form over function. The stainless steel is machined extremely well, which can be seen by the smooth threads on the female and male ends of the 510 connection, facilitating a smooth and easy connection without any rough burrs or edges.

The only con that one could point out about the Linx Hermes 2 kit is the total lack of color options. Available only in a stainless steel variant, it would be nice to see Linx Vapors release a matte or satin black version to cater to those who prefer a non-shiny aesthetic.

Linx Hermes 2 mouth piece

Flavor Quality

While Linx Vapors markets the Linx Hermes 2 as a vape pen capable of vaping both oils and e-liquid, the kit performs at its best when used with the former. The 0.5ml capacity of the tank is just too small to use practically when vaping with e-liquid and you’ll find yourself refilling way too often which can be a chore.

On the flip side of things, the Linx Hermes 2 truly shines when used to vape with oil, as the low output and portable size make it a great choice for vapers who prefer not to stand out. Vapor production is low, and while this isn’t desirable for most vapers who vape e-liquid, it’s an excellent feature for discreet oil vapers.

Regardless of what material you vape with the Linx Hermes 2, flavor production is more than decent, especially considering the relatively low power output of the mod. Airflow is restrictive enough to classify the Linx Hermes 2 as a mouth to lung vape, ideal for those looking for that type of draw.

Linx Hermes 2 power controlPower Flexibility

The Linx Hermes 2 while stylish and reliable, is far from versatile. Unlike like larger and more full-featured vape pens, the Linx Hermes 2 doesn’t sport multiple vaping modes or temperatures for a fully customizable experience. The power output is fixed at a constant 4.2 volts which slowly tapers down as the battery depletes with use, and it’s pretty easy to tell when the Linx Hermes 2 needs recharging as the vaping performance becomes weaker as the battery empties out.

Despite having said all this, it’s hard to fault the Linx Hermes 2 for any shortcomings in the features department. It’s evident from the get-go that Linx Vapors aimed to produce an easy to use device with the cleanest possible aesthetic. Adding buttons or switches to the Linx Hermes 2 would disrupt that design and potentially detract from the overall visual appeal of the kit.

Linx Hermes 2 flat display

Linx Hermes 2 in handEase of Use

The Linx Hermes 2 has the distinction of being one of the few air-activated vape pens capable of vaping oils. This feature truly shines especially for beginners as it eliminates most of the learning curve when initially setting up the kit. The response of the mod is consistent, and since the beginning of testing, I haven’t experienced the mod misfiring or failing to fire when taking a puff.

Another cool feature is the easy fill mechanism of the tank. Simply yank off the mouthpiece and drip your oil or e-liquid of choice into the tank. Unlike other ultra-compact vape pens, no specialized dripping equipment is required thanks to the adequately sized fill port.

Linx Hermes 2 with armor case


As far as oil vape pens go, the Linx Hermes 2 is one of the smallest in its class. The small and slim tubular hybrid of stainless steel and glass fits easily into your pocket making it a great kit for on-the-go vaping.

The battery does a decent job of supplying the required power to the coils, but it’s definitely not a mod for sharing between friends. Designed for personal use as the primary focus, the Linx Hermes 2 has just enough power in it to get you a full day of conservative vaping.

Chain vapers will definitely need to recharge the mod during the day. Fortunately, the included micro USB charger makes this an easy affair, even for the absolute beginner. Obtaining a full charge is possible within 1-2 hours so there’s minimal downtime in between recharges.

Linx Hermes 2 haeting chamber

Linx Hermes 2 full kit

Overall Experience

There are many things to like about the Linx Hermes 2. The compact form factor, quality of materials, and reliable performance make it a solid option for any beginner to vaping.

While it’s certainly not the perfect device, with a battery life that can stand for some upgrading, and the small need for a larger capacity tank, the Linx Hermes 2 does a remarkable job considering the ease of use, making it one of the better entry-level options for budding vapers.

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