Loki Touch Vaporizer Review – A sight for Thor eyes?


The Loki Touch dry herb vaporizer by Loki Vapes features a large touchscreen that compliments a slim streamlined body, large ceramic heating chamber, and isolated vapor path. The Loki Touch vaporizer also offers precise temperature control for a customized vapor session. While the touchscreen design is innovative and the first in the vaporizer world, does the overall functionality of this vaporizer impress us enough to recommend it? Read our review to find out!

Review: Loki Touch Vaporizer

How it Works

Similar to a unit like the Utillian 651, the Loki Touch features a chamber at the bottom of the device. To load the Loki Touch, first remove the cap at the bottom of the device to reveal the ceramic heating chamber. Place your desired herbs in the heating chamber and place the cap back on the device. We also recommend sliding on the silicone cover provided as this unit does get warm while in use.

With the Loki Touch most of the functionality is found on the touchscreen itself.  To turn the device on press the power button 5 times. The larger LED will illuminate with the Loki logo and then begin to heat to the last set temperature.

To charge the set temperature simply press the up and down arrow on the unit to set it anywhere between 90C to 226C. Once you select the temperature the device will then work to reach the set temperature.

Temperature Flexibility

This unit allows for precise temperature control through the touchscreen which offers you a wide range at your disposal to vape at.

At lower temperatures, between 180 – 200 degrees Celsius, flavor is good but visible vapor is a bit lacking, which is a reoccurring theme with this unit.

Bumping the temperature up to 205 – 220 will yield better results for visible vapor for the first couple of draws but then diminishes quickly along with the flavor of your herbs.

For our team around the 210 mark was the sweet spot that we found produced the best results for our preferred vapor quality.

Vapor Quality

This device is made entirely of plastic which did not thrill us, but with units like the Crafty producing amazing vapor using plastic parts we approached this unit with some optimism.

Unfortunately our optimism was short lived after the first couple of draws produced a plastic flavor, even after several initial burn offs.

Because this unit is bottom loaded, the vapor travels a significant distant before it reaches your mouth which means this unit does not have an issue with hot vapor unlike similar shaped units like the G-Pen Elite which is notorious for hot vapor.

Despite the cool vapor, the quality of the vapor from this unit is far from perfect. Lower temperatures produce good flavor (despite a plastic taste) but struggles to output any visible vapor, likely because of the long narrow vapor path which can thin vapor.

At higher temperatures visible vapor improves, but flavor significantly diminishes. The thick vapor is short lived unfortunately as the unit will struggle to produce vapor after a couple draws. 

Manufacturing Quality

As we touched upon briefly the body of this unit is primarily constructed from plastic which leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to the overall feel of the device. To be frank, the Loki vaporizer looks great from a distance but feels slightly cheap when holding it in your hands.

Our favorite part of the Loki Touch is in its namesake, the large LED touchscreen. We love the size of the numbers are they appear on the display making it extremely easy to read even from a distance. The touch screen is also responsive and actually works pretty well, even though all you really use the touch screen for is to increase and decrease temperature.

For this simple reason the touchscreen does come across as a bit gimmicky and hopefully if we see a future iteration there will be more options accessed via the touchscreen.

The other issue we had with this unit is hot it gets when in use. You literally cannot hold it without the silicone cover applied and even then your hand will slowly creep up the device as your session continues.

Battery Life

Battery Life is another department that needs some attention. We found the Loki Touch tapping out after 45 minutes of use. This would have been acceptable back in the day of the Arizer Air, but vaporizer charge times have slowly increased, even the Pax 3 now lasts an hour and a half.

Seeing as the battery is not removable, we are pretty disappointed with the battery life as it will have you cursing Odin whenever you run low on juice.


This is the one department that the Loki excels in as the unit only stands 5” tall, 1.5 inces wide and about ¾ of an inch deep. It can easily fit in a pocket or bag for easy portability.

Our greatest fear with the Loki Touch is that the touch screen is always exposed and could be easily scratched when tossed in a pocket with keys or haphazardly putting in your bag.

A unit like this garners a case like the Zeus Armor Hard Case to keep that display pristine and free from scratches, scuffs and cracks.

Overall Experience

The Loki Touch has kicked open the door to touchscreen vaporizers, a technology we are sure to see used as more vaporizers are developed. Unfortunately for the Loki Touch the display is the most impressive part of the unit.

It may be named after a god but the vapor production and overall quality of the device make it quite pedestrian.

If a compact unit with a digital display is something you are looking for definitely check out the Smite Plus which offers users much better vapor quality and battery life, while still reaming perfectly portable.

Warning: Not Compatible with ZEUS Iceborn
This vaporizer is not compatible with the ZEUS Iceborn, a revolutionary new vapor cooling system designed to produce cooler draws and bigger clouds when connected to your vaporizer. The ZEUS Iceborn adds an additional 2 points to the vapor quality score of compatible units, so we highly recommend considering a whip-compatible vaporizer to take advantage of this stellar ZEUS accessory item. All compatible vaporizers will have a compatibility notice.

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5.7 Okay
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