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Loto Lux Preview

The Loto Lux – formerly the Evoke Vaporizer – is a heavily hyped 3-in-1 vaporizer that is the world’s first to use induction heating. More importantly, it’s finally shipping!

Kind of.

Loto Labs has at least shipped a few units. According to their Facebook page, they shipped 5 last week with another 24 that were supposed to go out this week, but it seems to be more of a beta-testing kind of deal than actually shipping final-production units.

loto-lux-main2In case you were wondering, we were not one of the lucky 5 to get a Loto Lux. We’re just finally getting around to doing a preview of it. We considered publishing one at various points over the last few years but are glad we decided to wait until one actually shipped. It’s taken a very long time for Loto Labs to manufacture this. The Indiegogo campaign that initially launched the idea was 4 years ago!

If you aren’t familiar with the Loto Lux yet, this preview will catch you up to speed. We’ll go over everything that Loto Labs has released about it, along with our initial impressions of it based on our years of experience in the vaporizer community.

What’s the buzz about?

The initial excitement for the Lux all surrounds the fact that it uses induction heating. You’re probably familiar with people talking about conduction and convection heating for vaporizers but not induction.

If you don’t know what that means, don’t worry. Neither did we. It took a good deal of reading and researching to understand. I’ll do my best to simplify the concept below.

Most vaporizers rely on something called resistive heating. With resistive heating, an electrical current is sent through a material that has some amount of resistance to the electrical flow. As the electrical current encounters this resistance, heat is generated. This heat is then used to vaporizer your material.


Induction heating starts in a similar way. An electrical current is still sent through a coil, but that coil then generates a “time-varying” magnetic field. When you place a susceptor inside that magnetic field, the susceptor is pretty much heated instantaneously thanks to something called eddy currents.

If you’re still confused, you’re almost certainly not alone. All you really need to know is that magnets are used to heat a piece of metal that is inside your heating chamber and not connected to anything else.

According to Loto Labs, using induction heating makes the Lux the most advanced and best vaporizer on the market. They also claim that induction heating will lead to vastly improved vapor quality. I’ll get back to this idea later.

The Lux has three separate chambers and setups for e-liquids, wax, and dry herb. In theory, you shouldn’t have to replace any of them no matter how much you use them.

The Lux also has an app. While it will work without using the app, you need it to be able to adjust the heat levels. From what we can tell, there is only one button on the vape itself.

Our Take

I have a couple of thoughts on the Lux.

For starters, I think that the value of induction heating is being heavily overstated, at least by Loto Labs. While I hope I’m wrong, I just don’t see how it is going to improve vapor quality by huge margins over traditional vaporizers.

It all comes down to how your material is being heated. And with the Lux, it’s still just being heated by a hot piece of metal. Sure, that piece of metal is being heated in a new way. But once it’s hot, how much different is it from other vaporizers?


For that reason, I can’t see this outperforming other competitors when it comes to dry herb. It will be just like any conduction-style vaporizer with no convection at all.

For concentrates and e-liquids, I do see much more some value to this approach. An instantaneously and evenly heated metal rod that never has to be replaced? Sounds like a recipe for good vapor and the convenience of not having to buy new coils. The Firefly 2 kills it with concentrates and then simply use a mesh pad and convection heating, so we are hoping for similar results.

But even then, the price is set at $399. That can buy you a lot of top-quality atomizers and coils.



In my opinion, I would definitely wait to hear more user reviews before buying the Loto Lux.

This is an interesting concept, but there are plenty of reasons to doubt this being worth the extremely high price tag.

We’ll be doing our best to get our hands on one soon so that we can publish a full review for you so keep an eye on our blog. Like I said, I hope I’m wrong about the limitations of the design. I’d love a vaporizer that blows everything we’ve seen so far out of the water in terms of vapor quality, but please forgive my skepticism.

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  1. « For starters, I think that the value of induction heating is being heavily overstated, at least by Loto Labs. »

    My guess is we’d possibly reach some agreement by stating that the widely publicized Loto Labs implementation of Induction Heat technology formerly called “Evoke” and now rebranded as the “Lux” (as in “Luxury”!…) hardly meets most expectations once inspired by the thought that was is supposed to be what IH Vaporization had best to offer!! Euh…

    IMHO it would be wrong to deny the potential of Induction Heat based on this piss-poor concept of theirs. Actually what’s utterly overstated here it Loto Labs ability to put their shit together, etc., but it’s still a 1-battery design for starters! With lots of conduction heat in the bowl, whatever, etc!

    Quite frankly, after all this time, 4 years only to get there… how many more does it take??

  2. I’m an early backer of this device when it was originally crowdfunded on indie gogo. I was one of the earliest backers, order ID below the 50s. It’s now 4 years later and after 2 years of being told we’ll get it “soon”. Still nothing.

  3. I am the same as John. Early backer of their indiegogo campaign that funder their research and production of the first 29 devices which are merely marketing tools to help them gain more “funding” so everyone else can get their units. I too have an order number below 50 and can confirm the lies and BS we are still being fed by this sham of a company.

  4. Dmitry Kostovetsky on

    I received my Loto Lux Vaporizer 03/02/18. This is one BIG PEAS OF GARBAGE. Very heavy bulky and you have to go true hell to start vaping. Mouse pease keep coming off build wit 2 left hands. Customer service 0 response. Email them few times to get RMA no respond. Try to call them Good Luck leave a message some one my call you back in 2022. I call my CC to HELP ME GET MY $$$ BACK.

  5. Matthew Klein on

    We were among the one in the indiegogo fraud launch campaign. We were supposed to have final working units years ago, but they continually come up with reasons, each holding less water than the last. My wife still thinks it is coming. I’ve move on to better, purpose built units that deliver reality, not complete and utter falsehoods.

  6. I got mine. Eliquid is off the table for now and it only does concentrates or dry herbs (beta). I ordered mine for liquids, but that got abandoned for now. All I can seem to find is weed related wax/concentrates. I emailed them asking where I can find flavoured concentrates that aren’t related to weed. The response I got was “Canada is a huge country, I’m sure if you keep googling, you’ll find something. The device is also much bigger than I expected. Quite a disappointment after a 4 year wait if you ask me.

  7. Yeah save your money, I just got mine and it doesn’t live up to the standards they try to stress to all the customers. Then they told me to amp up the settings, which I already have, and that drains the fragile and fraud battery they supply you with even quicker. So it’s probably burnt out and not even usable anymore (sad because they stressed out sturdy the end-product was going to be). They wanted to give you a vaporizer that didn’t have to have a replacement coil, plus a vaporizer that would start burning it in seconds. The truth is, every time I load concentrates onto the metal stick, it’ll burn a little bit of smoke through it, deplete the battery, and all of the leftover will be hanging at the bottom… 4 or 5 full charges later and I’m still trying to clear all the vapeable material at the bottom by reusing them, but this just isn’t a nice way to vape. I barely get any smoke each and every time, yet there’s still plenty of material to burn. Coming from somebody who bought this at 99 dollars, I’ll be damned if you had the balls to pay 400 for this, it’s not even worth 99

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