NO2 versus Iolite V2 Vape Showdown

Everyone wants to make sure that they are smartly spending their money when they make a purchase, and you connoisseurs are no different. To help you all make the most of every dollar you spend, today we are comparing two different vaporizers to see how they stack up against each other in a vape Showdown. In this battle we have the NO2 from Vapir and the Iolite from Ireland. There’s no telling who’ll win until we pit them against each other, so let’s get started to see which one will be victorious!

NO2 vs Iolite V2

Vapir NO2 vs Iolite V2 Showdown
Vapor Quality Winner: Tie

Vapor Quality

The NO2 has good quality vapor production.  The vapor is thick and dense when vaporing at 195 degrees Celsius. However, when you vaporize above this temperature, the vapor can get a bit harsh.  This is due to the fact that the short tube doesn’t cool the vapor much before it gets to you and there is little more the unit can do to cool the vapor before it gets to your mouth.
The Iolite produces good quality vapor. This is due to the patented catalytic converter that efficientlyuses purified butane to heat your botanical.  Due to this efficiency, you never have to worry about drawing in any butane with your vapor so the taste is pure and unaffected by the butane.  You can also improve the quality of vapor by getting optimizer accessory.


Manufacturing Quality Winner: Vapir NO2

Manufacturing Quality

The NO2 has good manufacturing quality.  The unit works pretty effectively and easily and is quite robust. The heating chamber is made of stainless steel, with a bronze heating element.  It has a digital display to allow precise control over your unit’s temperature. This unit does however have some issues, the biggest one being the build materials used for the body of the unit. It’s mostly made of plastic and feels cheap when in use thought it does break down less than the Iolite.
The Iolite is manufactured well.  It uses purified butane to heat your botanical. All parts that come in direct contact with heat are made of stainless steel and the body is made of a plastic like material designed for safety. The new version of the Iolite has better manufacturing quality compared to units of the past, but there are still defects present in some units.


Ease of Use Winner: Iolite V2

Ease of Use

The NO2 is pretty easy to use. You set your temperature with the easy to read buttons on the digital display. This unit works quickly and will give you about 70 minutes of continuous vaping. The only thing that takes some getting used to is the size of the unit.
The Iolite is very simple and easy to use.  You fill it up with purified butane, put in your botanical, click the button and wait for it to heat up.  Heating only takes about 45 seconds and refuelling is easy and convenient. It also comes with an automatic shut off feature, which gives you peace of mind when it comes to safety.

Portability Winner: Iolite V2


The NO2 is not very portable.  It is robust, but it’s also quite large.  It gets even bigger as you attach the tube and mouthpiece to take your draws. Battery life for the NO2 is great but this unit would be better for around the house usage instead of taking it out in public.
The Iolite is quite portable. It is very light, weighing in at about 81 grams.   It is powered by purified butane so you never have to worry about having to charge batteries every time you leave your house. It also comes with a heat resistant case in case you’re concerned about the heat being a problem after use. You can get about two hours of continuous vaping when your fuel is completely topped off.
Discreetness Winner: Iolite V2



The NO2 is not very discreet.  It is large and noticeable when in use not to mention impossible to fit into your pockets. The tube and mouthpiece only make it more noticeable. Like we mentioned before, this is better used as a portable unit that you use around the house than one you take on the go with you.
The Iolite is very discreet. It is small and resembles a smartphone in size and shape. You can easily fit in your pocket and use it for on the go vaporizing. It also heats up pretty quickly so you don’t have to have it exposed to the elements longer than you need it to be.


Temperature Flexibility Winner: Vapir NO2

Temperature Flexibility

The NO2 has a maximum temperature of 205 degrees Celsius, which is set using the buttons below the digital display. The Iolite unfortunately only has one temperature setting of 195 degrees Celsius.  This is a result of the one button design functionality and limits the unit’s ability to customize the vapor to your personal preferences.

Overall Winner: Iolite V2


After careful consideration and research, our winner today is the Iolite. It is a vaporizer ideal for on the go use, with good efficiency, good quality vapor, portability and discreetness. You may want to pick up the NO2 if you absolutely have to have a portable vaporizer with a digital display but overall the Iolite takes the win today!
So what do you think, fellow connoisseurs? What vapes do you want to see duke it out in a future showdown?
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  1. The smaller the vaporizers that are portable but hold a lot of product, and do not lose a charge so quickly!! Would like to see two models about the same prize point and have a long charge time!!

  2. I would definitely like to see the price come down. The batteries need to hold a bigger charge. A longer warranty period is needed. Like to see the GPen vs vapair please.

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