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Back when multi-battery monstrosities used to rule the vaping space, Smoant did a pretty good job of announcing its presence with its release of the largely successful Smoant Charon. It’s a good indicator that this relatively new company isn’t giving off any signs of slowing down with it’s the latest release, the Smoant S8. In keeping up with the times, the Smoant S8 is by no large surprise, a pod-style device.
Editors Note: For those who are looking for the easiest and most efficient way to make the switch, we suggest checking out the Jücee Slice, a pod-based vaping system that offers a hassle-free approach to vaping, no settings, no ohm law, just vapor.

Review: Smoant S8

Smoant S8 Review

Smoant S8 front display

Manufacturing Quality

Based on looks alone, there’s not much about the aesthetics of the Smoant S8 that sets it apart from the rest of the competition. Like most pod-style devices that focus on serving as an accessible entryway for beginners to vaping, the Smoant S8 avoids expensive materials when it comes to constructing the chassis of the device.

Instead what we get is a typical glossy plastic shell that doubles as a major fingerprint magnet. The upside to this, however, is that this keeps the overall weight of the Smoant S8 to a bare minimum making it one of the lighter devices in the pod-style roster. Branding on the device is minimal as well with the simple yet clearly seen Smoant logo printed onto the front side of the chassis.

The teardrop shape of the Smoant S8 makes it comfortable to hold albeit a little slippery thanks to the glossy and smooth finish which might spell trouble for those who often find themselves with sweaty hands.Smoant S8 available colors

The symmetrical design of the S8 isn’t a game changer by any standard, but that also means that the device can be very discreet mostly thanks to its non-descript design and small form factor which make it incredibly easy to conceal in the palm of your hand.

Smoant S8 mouth piece

Flavor Quality

Despite its cookie-cutter aesthetics, we’ve found vaping on the Smoant S8 to be surprisingly satisfying and dare we say it, robust. The mouthpiece on the device which lacks any noticeable protrusions feels comfortable to use and does a good job of insulating much of the heat from the coil, even when vaping for longer periods of time.

Flavor production, while not excellent can be considered well above average which is already a lot more than what most tend to demand from a device of this price and stature. Vapor production on the Smoant S8 might not please those looking to blow clouds and clouds of vapor, but it does a good enough job of providing a satisfactory vaping experience.

The draw activated firing system works flawlessly which is a good indicator of Smoant’s growing popularity as a manufacturer of reliable and quality devices. A dedicated off switch would have been nice though since that always helps put nervous hearts to rest especially when storing the Smoant S8 for safekeeping in your bag or pocket where things can get messy if ever the firing mechanism decides to go haywire.

This isn’t a standard though when it comes to pod-style devices it wouldn’t be fair to take a point away from the Smoant S8 just because of this alone.

Smoant S8 power controlPower Flexibility

When it comes to available options on how to fine-tune your vaping experience with the Smoant S8, there’s not much to fiddle around with which is understandable due to the inherent limitations and design of a pod-style device.

On a good note, however, the Smoant S8 does use a refillable cartridge which enables you to use any brand or flavor or e-liquid you wish. This alone lets you lower or increase the intensity of your vape depending on the strength level your chosen e-liquid contains.

For best results and maximum vaping satisfaction, we always recommend using a high-quality solution thanks to the lower output of the device.Smoant S8 side view

Smoant S8 tank refillEase of Use

Like most pod-style devices, the Smoant S8 is incredibly easy to pick up and use, even for the most absolute of beginners when it comes to vaping. The lack of an LED display or any buttons (power or auxiliary) lends to the extremely low learning curve which has made pod-style vaping such a trend over the past year or two.

Removing the cartridge from the base device is a breeze thanks to the magnets which easily detach when given a decent tug. Like most cartridges found in these types of devices, the filling port for e-liquid is found at the bottom which makes removing the cartridge a necessity when refilling.

Lastly, the kit also includes a small needle-nosed filling bottle for your e-liquid of choice which makes refilling the cartridge incredibly easy and mess-free.

Another strong point of the Smoant S8 is the excellent coil design which wicks e-liquid quickly and consistently. What this means for you is that when installing a new cartridge/coil, you won’t have to spend as much time to wait for the coil and wicks to prime before you can start vaping. This also means less to nonexistent dry hits for those who tend to chain vape.

Smoant S8 with armor case


With the dimensions of the Smoant S8 measuring out to a mere 86.6mm * 48mm * 12.8mm (height * length * width) it occupies roughly the same space as your typical car key FOB making it an exceedingly hassle-free experience to slip the device into your pocket or storage compartment of choice.

The 2ml capacity of the cartridges used also means that you’ll rarely find yourself refilling in the middle of the day as is the case with most pod-style devices with similar e-liquid capacities, 2ml is more than enough to get you through a single day of vaping.

The Smoant S8 uses an integrated battery rated at 370mAh. While it’s not necessarily the largest battery in the market right now, it’s definitely sufficient for most vapers needs and only needs recharging once a day (although your mileage may vary depending on how often you vape).

The Smoant S8 also supports pass-through micro USB charging so there’s no need to wait for your device to fully charge before you get to vape on it which is always a plus.
Smoant S8 mouth piece detached

Smoant S8 full kit

Overall Experience

Aside from a few nitpicks regarding the devices rather standard design, there’s not much to complain about when regarding the Smoant S8 in all its pod-style glory.

Maintaining and charging the device has been a pain-free experience for us so far, however, the bottom line is, not much sets it apart from other pod-based vape pen systems on the market. In fact, we still prefer the Jücee Slice over the Smoant S8, the Slice has a slimmer design, the rounded edges feel nicer, and we found we got less spit back.

And if this is your first time choosing a vape be sure to check out our Best Vapes & E-Cigs post to see what is the best in the industy.

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