Smok Infinix Pen Vape Review – To Infinix and Beyond!


Another addition to the growing family of pod-style devices joins the fray in the form of the Smok Infinix. Modeled after the Juul, the Smok Infinix sports the same air activated firing design which creates a smooth and button-less interface. Housing an internal 250mAh battery, it supports micro USB charging for easy topping up on the go. Now supporting a fully refillable pod system, vapers now have the freedom to vape on any e-liquid, instead of pre-filled/non-refillable disposable pods which the Juul uses.

But hows does it hold up when it comes to vaping and overall build quality? Let’s find out in the review below. Be sure to check the vape buyer’s guides for important information to take into consideration before making your purchase.

Editors Note: For those who are looking for the easiest and most efficient way to make the switch, we suggest checking out the Jücee Slice, a pod-based vaping system that offers a hassle-free approach to vaping, no settings, no ohm law, just vapor.

Review: Smok Infinix

Smok Infinix Review

Smok Infinix front display

Manufacturing Quality

Crafted out of a high-quality aluminum, the exterior of the Smok Infinix practically bleeds quality. Not only is the device exceptionally nice to look at, but it feels even better to hold as the aluminum finish gives it a truly premium feel that many mods fail to match.

Available in gunmetal gray, blue, and red color options, each of these colorways are a sight to behold and the finish holds up well to regular wear and tear.

Thanks to the seamless button-less design of the Smok Infinix, the mod achieves an ultra-smooth aesthetic. Only a single LED light is placed on the chassis which acts as a battery level indicator and to notify you of the device’s status.

A micro USB port for charging the mod is located at the bottom of the device which allows for easy and hassle-free recharging of the battery.

Smok Infinix available colors

The entire kit which comprises the Smok Infinix is built out two parts. The first of which is the main aluminum body which houses the 250mah internal battery, which then the second part, the polycarbonate cartridge which holds all the e-liquid as well as the pre-built coil.

A small rubber grommet on the Smok Infinix cartridge seals the tiny fill hole rather well and prevents any undesired leaks. Also, Smok has included two of these cartridges in the kit just in case you lose or damage one.

Smok Infinix mouth piece

Flavor Quality

Juxtaposing the Smok Infinix and the Juul, you’ll note that unlike the pre-filled disposable pods that the Juul uses, the Smok Infinix kit includes two refillable cartridges. Made out of a solid polycarbonate, the cartridges are quite durable and won’t easily break even when dropped (still never a good idea to drop your mod though).

Thanks to the cartridge’s refillable design, you can vape practically any flavor of e-liquid you want on the Smok Infinix, a large improvement over the Juul where flavor options are rather limited.

The tiny coils inside the cartridges do a surprisingly good job of outputting a decent amount of flavor and vapor considering the low output of the Smok Infinix. Flavors don’t feel muted in any way whatsoever and more importantly, there isn’t any metallic or weird aftertaste which is a common issue with pre-built coils.

Vapor output is obviously a far cry from the high powered box mods that are ubiquitous in the market, but given the Smok Infinix’s extremely compact form and tiny battery, it’s still decent. Granted that cloud chasers are most definitely not going to see any appeal in a mod like this, flavor chasers and those who are new to vaping will definitely be impressed by this kits solid performance.

Smok Infinix power controlPower Flexibility

When judging the Smok Infinix based on its internal battery rating of 250mAh, it’s easy to tell that this device doesn’t have a lot of watts going for it.

While there isn’t any official documentation from Smok stating what the actual output is in terms of watts, based on my experience with the device its safe to say that the Smok Infinix outputs a range of 6-12 watts depending on how much charge is left in the battery.

Smok Infinix flat display

Smok Infinix tank refillEase of Use

What’s wonderful about the Smok Infinix is that it’s probably one of the easiest mods to operate. There’s no array of confusing buttons or screens to be found on the mod. If you want to vape, simply take a puff from the mouthpiece.

The Smok Infinix is air activated meaning it’ll fire as you draw air in through the device, instantly creating a cool vapor flavored with your e-liquid of choice.

Refilling the cartridge has been made even easier thanks to Smok including a dedicated filling bottle for the Smok Infinix.

The needle nose spout makes it simple and mess-free to transfer your favorite e-liquids straight in the cartridge. A rubber stopper easily secures the fill port ensuring that any unwanted leaks or spills don’t occur at all.

Smok Infinix with armor case


The good news is that when it comes to battery longevity, the Smok Infinix has the Juul beat. Trumping the Juuls 200mAh battery with it’s slightly larger 250mAh battery, it might not seem like much at first.

But when you’re vaping at low outputs, a little goes a long way. The Smok Infinix can last close to an entire day of conservative to medium vaping. But for heavy chain vapers, topping up the battery becomes a necessity.

Carrying the Smok Infinix around doesn’t pose a problem at all thanks to its small footprint and extremely light weight of 20 grams. It easily fits into any pocket without feeling heavy or cumbersome, and also feels great to hold in your hand.

Smok Infinix detached

Smok Infinix full kit

Overall Experience

The Smok Infinix shares more than a few similarities with the Juul, but the small differences that set it apart make it worth a second look.

This is especially true if you want more freedom in e-liquid choices. Performance is nothing to complain about and the mod should provide an above satisfactory vaping experience for beginners.

However not much sets it apart from other pod-based vape pen systems on the market. In fact, we still prefer the Jücee Slice over the Smok Infinix, the Rubi has a slimmer design, the rounded edges feel nicer, and we found we got less spit back. 

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  1. If anyone reads this pre purchase, do not buy it. Spits literally every other hit. On top of that, when I plug mine in to charge, it charges for a max 5 minutes then stops. Credit where credit is due, it hits very well IF it doesn’t leak. Would not suggest to anyone except people who like juice in their mouth.

  2. Not hatred but I give this product 0/10, just don’t buy I’m pretty sure many agrees with this, this the sequence of experiences it gave me..
    1. First week: Spits out alot
    2. Sec week: Charges for 5 min
    3. Third week: Doesn’t charge at all only used when plugged in
    4. 4th week: Stopped working

    Plus their pods lasts for few days..

  3. I just bought my second one to see if my luck changes. The first Infinix I bought started off well and continued to perform nominally; until the day came when, I stumbled across a bad pod that leaked profusely into the pen. At first, the pen began activating itself in my pocket; removing the pod stopped it (thank goodness, because the pen doesn’t have an on/off switch). Then the pen stopped working altogether. I just bought a new pen, and I hope I don’t come across a bad pod like that again.

    In summary: Everything is great until one little thing mucks it all up for good. Poor durability.

  4. Like the look the performance but have one issue and this is the body should have a matted finish as find it to be very slick between the fingers and causes unnecessary drops which is not good


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