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It looks like the age of ultra-compact mods is finally upon us as it seems that even big-time manufacturers like Smok are cashing in on the trend by releasing mod after mod that caters to the sub-compact demographic. The Smok Rolo Badge is just another addition to the growing list of mods, but unlike the rest, it makes use of a unique aesthetic that hasn’t been done before.

With the use of its proprietary refillable pod system which is able to hold up to 2ml of any e-liquid of your choice, this just might be the mod to get you to make the switch to vaping. Be sure to check the vape buyer’s guides for important information to take into consideration before making your purchase.

Editors Note: For those interested in the convenience of a pod-based system but want the versatility of using your own e-liquid we suggest checking out the Jücee Slice, a simple yet elegant open pod-based unit that offers 2ml of juice capacity and both direct to lung and mouth to lung draws. The Jücee Slice is the best solution for those looking for a flexible pod-based system.

Review: Smok Rolo Badge

Smok Rolo Badge Review

Smok Rolo Badge front display

Manufacturing Quality

One of the undeniably most striking features of the Smok Rolo Badge is its shape. Unlike other ultra-compact devices which are often fashioned into USB or pen-style device, the Smok Rolo Badge takes the form of a metallic teardrop-shaped pod.

Not too different from the appearance of a luxury cars key FOB, the mod sports an exceedingly reflective mirror-like finish. While quite attractive, it’s a huge fingerprint magnet and is practically impossible to keep blemish or oil-free.

Besides some Smok branding and a tiny LED light which is used to indicate the device’s status and battery life, there aren’t any noteworthy markings of features found on the exterior of the Smok Rolo Badge. The entire section is comprised of two sections: the main body of the mod which contains the 250mAh battery, and the replaceable and refillable pod system which fits up on top.

Probably one of the best features of the replaceable pods is how they attach to the mod magnetically instead of through friction or clips. This makes them far easier to remove or install when compared to the pod systems of the Juul.

Smok Rolo Badge available colors

The pod not only contains the tank which holds up to 2ml of e-liquid, it also houses the pre-built coil and drip tip. What this means for you is that there are fewer parts overall to fiddle or get confused with, which makes this an ideal device for newcomers to vaping. While the mod lacks the heft of bigger box mods, it still feels reasonably solid given its size.

The inclusion of a micro USB port makes the mod a breeze to charge especially when on the go thanks to the battery having such a low mAh rating.

Smok Rolo Badge mouth piece

Flavor Quality

The Smok Rolo Badge does a pretty decent job of outputting a good amount of flavor and vapor for a mouth to lung device. Smok doesn’t actually specify what type of coils they use for this mod, nor do they bother to mention what resistance they’re rated at.

One thing is for sure though; the Smok Rolo Badge is not a sub-ohm device, so you’re definitely not going to get the thick clouds of vapor that you normally see from bigger box devices.

Overall, the vaping performance of the Smok Rolo Badge lies within a small margin of error within Juul territory, which is to say, not bad at all.

Smok Rolo Badge usb slotPower Flexibility

If you’re looking for a mod to tinker and experiment with, then the Smok Rolo Badge should definitely be far down on your to-buy list. There are no options for variable wattage, temperature control or TCR with the Smok Rolo Badge.

Having said that, its one of the most ideal plug and play devices based on the sheer simplicity of setting the mod up and going straight to vaping.

Smok Rolo Badge flat display

smok rolo tankEase of Use

Probably one of the best inclusions to the Smok Rolo Badge kit is the bundled e-liquid injection bottle. Instead of Smok opting for bigger fill holes which are prone to leaking, they’ve designed the tank with needle-sized fill holes to make sure none of that e-liquid leaks out. Simply transfer your e-liquid of choice to the included bottle and refills on the go should be easy as pie.

Setting up the Smok Rolo Badge is as simple as charging up the mod via the included micro USB cable. The LED indicator light should turn off when the mod is fully charged. Attach one of the included pods, fill it up with e-liquid, then you’re good to go.

Unlike other mods which use a firing button to activate the device, the Smok Rolo Badge is air-activated. So simply take a puff and the mod should instantly activate and deliver a fresh wave of vapor with little to no delay.

Smok Rolo Badge with armor case


With a weight of 62 grams, the Smok Rolo Badge is one of the easiest mods to take with you. Its dimensions which measure up to 73 * 50 * 12 millimeters make it incredibly easy to store or pocket. The small form factor makes it the ideal stealth device as well as it’s effortlessly concealed by the palm of your hand.

While the 250 mAh internal battery may not like much, especially more seasoned vapers, it’s important to not forget that this is a very low output wattage mod. So getting a full day’s worth of use is very possible.

Chain vapers might find the need to recharge the mod midway during the day, but for those who vape at high nic where a few puffs are more than satisfactory, a single charge is more than enough for one day use.

Smok Rolo Badge detached

Smok Rolo Badge full kit

Overall Experience

If you’re in the market for an ultra sub-compact device but are tired of all the pen-style devices and would like something a little more unique, the Smok Rolo Badge is a great contender for your hard earned cash.

The refillable pods make the mod more economical in the long run as you won’t be limited to purchasing pre-filled cartridges. However, we still tend to enjoy the slim design of the JWELL La Carte over the chunkier Badge.

If you are looking for the best mod style kit to start with we recommend the SMOK Procolor.

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