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If you’re the type of vaper who hates having to constantly recharge their mod every day just to ensure that you don’t run out of a charge mid-day then Smok has got a treat for you. The new Smok V-Fin boasts a whopping 8000mAh internal battery which is set to last you days on a single charge regardless of how often you vape. It’s 160-watt output coupled with the bundled Big Baby Prince tank should cover pretty much every vaping need possible.

Top the entire package off with OLED screen and we’ve got a potential winner in the books. Let’s take a closer look at the Smok V-Fin and see if its everything it promises to be. Be sure to check the vape buyer’s guides for important information to take into consideration before making your purchase.

Editors Note: For those who are looking for the easiest and most efficient way to make the switch, we suggest checking out the Bo Plus, a pod-based vaping system that offers great battery life and a hassle-free approach to vaping, no settings, no ohm law, just vapor.

Review: Smok V-Fin kit

Smok V-Fin Review

Smok V-Fin front display

Manufacturing Quality

While it seems that Smok V-Fin has taken a small step back in terms of aesthetics, looking more like a callback to the original H-Priv, that doesn’t mean that it looks outdated or old-fashioned in any way whatsoever.

Sporting clean bold lines that help accentuate the simplicity of the mod’s design, not only does the Smok V-Fin look great, but it feels fantastic to hold as well. Those with tastes that lean toward the minimalist design will definitely prefer the Smok V-Fin’s aesthetic over Smok’s other recent releases.

With the trademark firing bar located off to the side of the mod, the Smok V-Fin is easy to operate. The firing bar feels sturdy when held, not giving off any obvious rattle when moved about, and the click action is crisp, well-defined, and satisfying to activate, giving you more control over the device when held.

With the outer chassis of the device crafted out of a high-grade zinc alloy, it gives off a nice premium feel which requires the device to be held in order to be fully experienced.

Part of the secret to the Smok V-Fin’s clean look is that practically all components have been shunted to the top off the device, giving the sides more room to breathe and show off the bold yet minimalist design of the mod.

A crisp and clear OLED display is located on the top along with the up/down buttons used to navigate the menu system and make any changes to the device’s settings. The screen while rather small manages to output a good amount of relevant information to keep you aware of the Smok V-Fins’s activity.

Smok V-Fin available colors

The 510 connection positioned off center on top of the mod can accommodate atomizers up to 25mm in diameter. Threads are well machined and polished, making threading on the included Big Baby Prince tank an absolute breeze. Like most well constructed 510 connections, there isn’t any gap between the tank and the connection, further contributing to the clean and seamless design.

There’s also plenty of battery venting located at the bottom of the mod to ensure that the massive battery stays cool and within safe operating parameters.

Smok V-Fin mouth piece

Flavor Quality

We’ve done numerous reviews on kits that have included the Big Baby Prince tank, and this kit is no exception to the norm. The bundled tank does a great job of producing heaps of flavor and vapor that should satisfy the cravings of pretty much every vaper out there.

The included V8 Q4 and T8 coils do a phenomenal job of vaporizing all your e-liquid and is a huge step up from Smok coils of the past year.

The pre-installed Q4 quadruple coil head is a great choice for flavor chasers, with the spare T8 head with its whopping octuple coil setup is a match made in heaven for all the cloud chasers out there with its massive vapor production which is hard to replicate with other stock coil kits.

The TFV12 Big Baby Prince tank is also no slouch in this regard with its smooth airflow system which is highly configurable, allowing you to dial down the airflow to a bare minimum achieving a restricted hit. Fans of wide open airflows arent left hanging either because when the airflow ring is opened up, it doesn’t fail to provide a wide open and airy vape when desired.

Smok V-Fin power controlPower Flexibility

While the Smok V-Fin might not be able to compete with the top dogs in terms of overall power output, its maximum 160 watts of power is still plenty enough to keep the average vaper satisfied.

Personally, I prefer setting the output at 45-55 watts to yield the most satisfying results but like all things, your mileage may vary. I can confidently say though that 95% will hardly find the need to venture north of 100 watts.

Aside from variable wattage mode which lets you directly control the raw power output of the Smok V-Fin, temperature control is also a very welcome addition to the device’s arsenal.

Capable of firing and regulating the temperature of stainless steel, titanium, and nickel coils, the Smok V-Fin is also a handy device for vapers who like to tinker with the settings in order to get the most optimal vaping experience.

Smok V-Fin dual

Smok V-Fin tankEase of Use

While it’s been a given that any mod that sports a screen and any sort of menu navigation will have some sort of learning curve, the Smok V-Fin is far from complicated to operate and most users should be up to speed within a few minutes of getting their hands on the mod.

The TFV12 Big Baby Prince tank holds up to a massive 6ml of e-liquid, meaning that frequent refills are not a necessity when using this tank. And speaking of refills, just like all the other Smok tanks, the Big Baby Prince uses the same push swivel mechanism, enabling quick and easy refilling of the tank, even when on the go.

Smok V-Fin with armor case


One of the most surprising aspects of the Smok V-Fin is its size. Despite holding a massive battery within its chassis, the mod measures out to a mere 85mm in height. That’s practically bordering on compact mod territory!

And while many unfamiliar with the mod might assume that such a compact device might not fare well in the longevity department, they’d be wrong.

The massive 8000mAh internal battery does a fantastic job of keeping you vaping throughout multiple days of use.

Don’t let the size of the Smok V-Fin fool you though because it is mighty hefty, weighing in at almost 300grams. It’s difficult to fault the Smok V-Fin for being such a heavyweight since that’s merely just a limitation of the LiPo battery technology that many modern vapes use these days.

Smok V-Fin mouth piece detached

Smok V-Fin full kit

Overall Experience

For those looking for a powerful long lasting and compact device, the Smok V-Fin has a strong recommendation. From it’s polished aesthetics to its powerful vaping output, it’s hardly a disappointment in any regard.

If you want something extremely simple, check out the Bo Plus and if you are looking for the best mod style kit to start with we recommend the SMOK Procolor.

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