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If you enjoy using wax pens but are looking for something a little more powerful SourceVapes may have a solution for you. The Source Nail combines the idea of the traditional wax rig setup and the portability and simplicity of a wax pen to give you a portable unit that offers water filtration and packs a punch. Also if this is your first time purchasing a wax pen, be sure to check out our Wax Pen Buyers Guide which is full of helpful tips on what to look for when purchasing your first pen.

Review: Source Nail

How it Works

Traditional rig setups involve using a blow torch as your source of heat, this is not only inconvenient it’s also dangerous. In lieu of a blow torch, the nail or atomizer of the Source Nail is powered by a 40W mod battery, similar to the mods that are usually used for e-liquid vapes.

Mount the glass on the mod battery by screwing the metal plate onto the mod battery. Next, select the atomizer you want to use and screw it onto the top of the metal plate.

Now fill the water adapter with water (duh) to just above the holes in the filter. Do not over fill the water filter unless you want a drink with your session.

To turn the unit on press the power button 5 times the screen will illuminate and it will ask to initialize the atomizer. All this means is that the mod will read which atomizer is attached and make adjustments internally to power that particular atomizer.

Next set your desired temperature or wattage and you are ready to start vaping. Take the included quartz wax applicator/carb cap and put a small amount of wax on the tip. Press and hold the power button to begin heating, after about 5 seconds using the wax applicator drop your concentrate into the atomizer dish, allow it to melt off the applicator while drawing and then cap the chamber with the disk part of the applicator, known as the carb cap. Continue to draw until you are satisfied.

Temperature Flexibility

Much like the Focusvape Tourist, this unit features temperature control, but it also has wattage control. The temperature control mode operates as one would suspect, you set the unit to your desired temperature between 93C and 371C, giving you a wide range of temperatures to choose from.

For best results we found between 260C – 340C produced the nicest draws. Once you set the temperature when you press the power button to heat the unit, the display will actually show the temperature of the atomizer increasing to your set temperature.

This unit can also be used in wattage mode, which may be familiar to some who have used e-liquid vapes before. When in wattage mode you simply set the wattage you want the unit to fire at.

Unlike temperature control there is no cap or cut-off when it reaches a certain temperature, it will just continually heat until the 15-second shutoff kicks in. This mode may be better for those who wish to achieve larger clouds as it will heat the atomizer hotter than temperature control will, but it also can more easily damage your atomizer so there is a bit of a trade off.

Vapor Quality

We have always loved the vapor quality from SourceVapes products ever since the Source Orb 3. This tradition was kept alive and well with the new Source Orb 4 and the same can be said about the Source Nail.

In fact, because of the water filtration, the Source Nail probably provides the smoothest draws out of the entire Source line.

The ability to control your temperature or wattage dramatically effects the type of vapor you can achieve. If you prefer lighter draws that are full of flavor you can use a lower temperature or wattage setting. If you enjoy seeing visible clouds you can bump the temperature or wattage to the higher end. So in the end vapor quality is highly dependent on how you choose to use the device.

Another factor for vapor quality is the 3 included atomizers. In the kit, you are provided with a quartz bucket atomizer, a titanium bucket atomizer, and a ceramic bucket atomizer. Quartz will provide you with the purest flavor and ceramic will provide the largest clouds, with titanium falling somewhere in between. So which atomizer you choose to use will also directly affect your session.source-nail-2

With so many options you are going to be hard-pressed not to find a setting you enjoy. There are just so many combinations to play with, we recommend having some fun and experimenting to find your sweet spot. 

Manufacturing Quality

Like all Source products, the Source Nail is made with the finest attention to detail. The glass filter is well made and free of visible defects and features a removable mouthpiece for easy filling and emptying. For more experienced users you can actually flip the water filter upside down without water in it and without the mouthpiece attached and attach it to any 19mm down stem water pipe for a completely new experience.

There is also a second mouthpiece which can be attached so you can use it more like a pen vape without the bulky water filter.

The mod battery provides users with 40 watts of power in a compact a sleek looking design. Our one complaint with the mod is that it feels a little too small, especially when it is supposed to support the water filter on top. It makes the unit too top heavy and it can easily be knocked over. A wider mod, while it would not be as attractive would give a much sturdier base of support.

What is really impressive about this unit are the 3 atomizers. Not only are they made of high-quality materials, but they can also be dissembled for easy cleaning. Each one can be unscrewed at the top, allowing you to remove the bucket completely so it can be soaked and cleaned with ease. Usually companies design atomizers to be disposable, forcing you to constantly buy new ones, which can get annoying and costly. We are really happy to see SourceVapes take a more consumer-friendly approach allowing you to easily maintain your atomizers.

Battery Life

Battery life on the Source Nail is pretty decent. This is in part because when you are using waxes you usually only take one or two draws and then you are finished. Meaning you probably interacted with the device for a total of 2 – 3 minutes and probably only heated it for 1 – 2 minutes max.

From moderate usage, we found it was a couple days before we needed to charge the mod. However, if you are a heavier user or perhaps are having friends over the device’s battery will deplete more quickly, especially if using it at higher temperatures or wattages.




Traditional rigs are far from portable, the Source Nail, on the other hand, is very portable relatively speaking. Sure it is not going to be as portable as your traditional wax pen, but it is going to be more convenient than lugging around your rig. Everything is stored in a nice rectangular case that can easily fit inside a backpack.

This unit is actually more portable than another popular e-nail, the Dr. Dabber Boost. The carrying case for the boost is roughly a foot by a foot while the case for the Source Nail is about half the size (closer to the size of a 6-inch sub).

Ease of Use

When compared to the traditional method of using waxes that involve a rig and a blowtorch, the Source Nail is far more user-friendly. Everything is compact and controlled with the touch of a button.

This does not necessarily mean your first sessions is going to be a cakewalk, there is definitely a learning curve associated with this unit, especially learning what temperature you prefer, when to place your concentrate onto the atomizer and how to effectively use the carb cap.

So we really do recommend experimenting when you first get it. After a few sessions and some trial and error, we are confident that any user will become a wax pro.

Overall Experience

If you have always enjoyed waxes and all the unique devices that come with it then you are sure to the love the Source Nail. It simplifies an overcomplicated and antiquated method while maintaining a similar feel.

We absolutely loved the included atomizers and the vapor we achieved from them. The water filter works as advertised providing probably the smoothest draw out of any wax unit we have used.

We do wish the mod was a little more sturdy when the glass is attached and do fear it could easily be knocked over. But if you are looking for a wax unit that is both portable and packs a massive punch the Source Nail may be for use.

If you are in the market for a 2 in 1 that is capable of handling both waxes and dry herbs superbly, be sure to also check out the Focusvape Tourist.

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