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While we liked some of the offerings from Source like the Orb 4, the odd shape of the Orb made it a bit awkward in the pocket and not entirely stealthy, even though it has fantastic performance! Enter, the Source Slim 3 – a budget-friendly quality vape pen which has a small and sleek form-factor, while hoping to keep the same vapor quality from their other units. We’ll go over how the Source Slim 3 performs!

If this might be your first concentrate specific vaporizer, check out the Wax Pen Buyers Guide for an introduction and helpful guide to some things you should know!

Review: Source Slim 3 Travel Kit

Source Slim 3 Review

Source Slim 3 coils

How it Works

The Slim 3 is very easy to operate. The airflow adjusts at the top via a small rotary dial, it turns on by a few clicks of the button and engaging the heating element is done by holding that same button.

A very no-frills, easy to use, barebones device! There are no convoluted steps, rituals or frustrating pieces with this device – just load your material by taking off the top mouthpiece and you’re ready to go.

There’s also a handy carb hole integrated into the mouthpiece which allows you some further control over your experience.

Source Slim 3 different parts 

Source Slim 3 power buttonTemperature Flexibility

Likewise, with all 3-series Source products, there are three pre-selected voltage settings at 3.3v, 3.6v, and 3.9v. The presets definitely work well and give distinct differences in terms of vapor quality and production.

For the majority of users, the three settings will certainly do the job and then some. Although independent temperature control would be nice, for the price, it’s hard to ask for!

Source Slim 3 mouth piece

Vapor Quality

While most units at this price point ‘do the job’, none really manage to impress by any margin. I find the Source Slim 3 to be one of the best for its modest price.

Flavor is definitely very good, heat and harshness from the vapor are also below average compared to other units at this price point. Of course, this is the slim version with a standard low-profile mouthpiece so no fancy cooling paths or water filtration is tacked on so it won’t be giving any units with those features a run for their money.

Still, at the price point, it’s about as good as you can get, and the adjustable air flow, carb hole, and two atomizer selections give you plenty of control over your experience. I’m quite fond of the Terra ceramic donut as it gives an especially smooth flavor and even vaporization.

Source Slim 3 flat display

Source Slim 3 front profile

Manufacturing Quality

Manufacturing quality is quite good. The battery is eGo-510 threaded which allows you to swap out the top tank on a whim – if you want to do that.

You’re also given two atomizers – a titanium-wrapped dual quartz setup and the Terra ceramic donut atomizer which each serve a different purpose; the dual-quartz setup being good for clearing a chunk of wax within two draws and the Terra being better for longer sessions.

Not to mention the tiny storage compartment at the bottom of the battery which hosts a few sessions worth of concentrates – really ideal for on-the-go usage. You’re also given a small charging adapter, a small tool, and a travel case.

Unfortunately, there’s no manual included however you can find it on Source’s website. Overall the fit, feel and finish of the unit certainly surpasses the vast majority of budget units and even some which are more expensive!

Source Slim 3 chargingBattery Life

The 650mAh battery has become standard for many budget portable wax pens, and you can’t fault Source for choosing one too.

Though it’ll last a good 2-3 days for casual users, frequent hitters may want to top up by the end of the day. Charging is done with the included charging adapter.

Source Slim 3 with armor case


This is what the Slim is perfect for! On-the-go use is ideal and the included tiny storage chamber frees up one more spot in your pocket! The small pen size is what I consider to be the sweet spot between performance and portability.

Smaller units often sacrifice vapor quality in the quest for compact size, however, the Slim is really as small as you’ll ever need aside from rare circumstances. It stores well in the pocket and of course takes up minimal space in your bag.

Source Slim 3 in hand

Ease of Use

Dead simple. If you’ve ever used a wax vaporizer once you’ll already know what to do with this one. If you’ve never used a wax vaporizer ever, well, you’ll really already know what to do if you’ve read this review!

There are a total of zero complications and guessing games to do with this device and it’s as simple as they come. A complete beginner will figure it out within moments.

Maintenance is also a breeze as a cotton swab soaked in isopropyl alcohol will clear out any accumulated grime easily! Don’t forget to do a quick water rinse and burn-off to make sure no alcohol remains!

Source Slim 3 in another hand


Carrying on from the size department, this device is very discreet, only beaten by very unique units or micro-sized ones. No one will think twice if they were to look at someone taking a draw as it looks practically identical to a standard e-juice pen.

If you’re really looking for the most ultra-discreet concentrate vaporizer you can get your hands on, check out the Kandypens Slim, Rubi, though these are for oils, cartridge based and sacrifice vapor quality.

Source Slim 3 full kitOverall Experience

The Source Slim 3 is a pretty good unit for the price. Like most Source products you have a lot of versatility in the future too with available accessories and atomizers.

If you are a true connoisseur you may want to just make the jump to a unit like the Source Orb 4 premium kit which gives you better overall quality parts, more control over voltage or go right to the Source Orb 4 signature kit which gives you full control through a mod battery and more atomizers than I know what to do with.

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7.3 Good
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