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Adding to their successful line of wax pens and accessories, SourceVapes has introduced the Source Slim XL travel kit – allowing for extreme power in a slim and compact form. Available on its own as well, the Source Slim XL attachment works with 3 series, 4 series, and XL series atomizers, and delivers superior quality when paired with a sub-ohm battery. Those who opt for the travel kit, however, love the included Source Volt Mega battery, and the vaping variety that the included atomizers provide.

Review: Source Slim XL Travel Kit

Source Slim XL Review

Source Slim XL coils

How it Works

Once fully assembled, waxes and concentrates of different consistencies are placed onto the atomizer or coil wire, before replacing the top cap.

Press the power button 5 times quickly to turn the device on and press the power button 3 times quickly to switch between the 3 available voltage settings which we will touch on later.

Once loaded, the vapor is inhaled through the mouthpiece after holding down the voltage button on the battery for a three to five seconds.

The amount of vapor and flavor can be adjusted by pulling on both the voltage button and the carb hole that is featured on the side of the pen attachment.


Source Slim XL

Source Slim XL powerTemperature Flexibility

With more than twenty atomizer options and compatibility with batteries providing varying voltages, temperature possibilities are possibly endless, when also considering the .5g capacity of the Source Slim XL. Choose low, slow and natural flavor all day, or turn the voltage up for a higher result.

To change between high, medium, and low-temperature voltage settings on the Source Slim XL wax pen, click the button three times in a row. A green light indicates the lowest temperature setting – between 2.6v and 3.2v. Red shows a medium temperature setting – between 3.2v and 3.7v. For a dense cloud of smoke, choose the highest temperature voltage setting, indicated by a blue light. This setting sits between 3.7v and 4.2v of power. 

Source Slim XL mouth piece

Vapor Quality

Three included atomizers produce varying vapor experiences – use the quad coil atomizer for an impressive cloud; for maximum flavor preservation, go with the – also included – bucket style atomizer.

The larger size of the Source Slim XL allows for experimentation with more and less wax or concentrate as well, for an entirely customized wax vaping experience.

Be warne though, these atomizers are not for the faint of heart and do require a decent amount of concentrate to get it working properly.

Source Slim XL full kit

Source Slim XL front profile

Manufacturing Quality

Large enough to hold up to .5g of herbal wax or concentrate, yet compact enough to carry in your pocket, the travel kit includes SourceVapes’ Source Slim XL wax pen attachment – not only impressive in its sleek design but also in its premium construction in the manufacturing process.

The Source Slim XL allows for better discretion in its size and shape, resembling many e-cigarette vape models, and is made of 100% Stainless Steel 303 in its construction. SourceVapes guarantees that all products and materials have been certified by the United States Federal Drug Administration, as well.

Source Slim XL usb slotBattery Life

The included Source Volt Mega battery features a temperature control mode. Or, if preferred, the temperature can be adjusted manually by pulsing the button for shorter and more extended periods of time, and increasing or decreasing the wattage. If the wattage is too low, the pen will not produce any vapor. Too high, however, and the vapor will be harsh and without flavor.

With the use of an 1800 mah sub-ohm battery such as the Source Volt, the Source Slim XL wax pen attachment can pack a powerful punch – although high voltage and wattage and consistent use will result is a lower battery life. 

Source Slim XL with armor case


When fully assembled, the Source Slim XL boasts a lesser length in comparison to some other competitors, allowing for discreet portability in a pocket or purse.

Its solid steel construction, however, does make it slightly heavier than other Source wax pen models, weighing in at more than 85 grams when fully assembled. 

Source Slim XL refill

Ease of Use

The Source Slim XL features a finger carb hole, located on the side of the atomizer cover, as well as a voltage button.

This method of vaping may take some getting used to for those trying the Source Slim XL for the first time, but the added variances in vapor strength and flavor that it allows for is a feature that many other wax pens do not offer.

Airflow can also be easily adjusted and controlled by twisting the ring at the top of the pen. The narrow mouthpiece allows for comfort in use and can be connected to other accessories with a silicone whip. The Source Slim XL also features a friction fit cap with o-rings for easy cleaning. 

Source Slim XL in hand


The discreetness of this is average. It’s on the bigger side for a wax pen, but it’s still small enough that you should be able to conceal it.

If you do get your wax applied so it’s in contact with all four coils, you’ll have a decent amount of visible vapor to exhale – which isn’t a good thing if you don’t want people to notice what you are doing. 

Source Slim XL kitOverall Experience

If you have already reviewed our Wax Pen Buyers Guide, and are in the market for a heavy duty wax pen that also offers compact portability, consider investing in the Source Slim XL Travel Kit from SourceVapes. With a completely variable airflow system, the Source Slim XL Travel Kit features two varying included atomizers plus more than twenty others that are compatible.

If you are interested in a wax pen that is a bit simpler to use and geared towards great flavor be sure to check out the Zeus Thunder 2.

What do you think of the Source Slim XL Travel Kit from SourceVapes? Comment below, and remember to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for information on contests, sales, and the latest wax and concentrate accessories!

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