Utillian 721 vs Arizer Air – Mid-range Mud Fight!


Today we have a showdown for you that has been demanded by our customers and our staff alike, the Utillian 721 vs Arizer Air. The Arizer Air has been a tried and true unit beloved for many years now, it features glass stems to provide smooth and satisfying vapor. Our challenger for today, the Utillian 721, is new on the vaporizer scene being released at the end of 2016 to rave reviews. It offers customers the most affordable convection vapor on the market. Convection vapor is usually reserved for high end units like the Crafty or Firefly 2 but manufacturer Utillian has brought convection to the masses which provides impressive vapor especially for the price point. So let’s dive right in and see how these 2 stack up against each other.

Utillian 721 vs Arizer

Utillian 721 vs Arizer Air

Utillian 721 with mouthpiece upVapor Quality

When the Arizer Air first came out it was considered to have some of the best vapor quality for the time. This was due to the all glass vapor path that allowed you to enjoy all the flavor in your herbs. However one of the criticisms of the Arizer Air is how tight the airflow is, which tends to me you feel like you are sucking a milkshake through a small straw. They have tried to rectify this with the latest iteration but overall airflow is still restricted.

The Utillian 721 is a convection unit which means your herbs are cooked as hot air passes over them. Because of this the airflow of the Utillian 721 is more free flowing especially compared to the air. Convection vapor also tends to have better flavor overall, which is true for the Utillian 721, throughout the session you get the full flavor of your herb and flavor only dimishes near the end of your session. The other thing the 721 has over the Air is near instant vapor production, we found when the Air reaches temperature it can take several draws before the glass heats and the vaporization process begins. With the Utillian 721 at least by your second draw you will be enjoying very nice vapor production.

Arizer Air Profile ShotManufacturing Quality

Arizer products are known for their excellent manufacturing quality, you can expect these units to work for a long time. What helps extend the life of their units is the fact that the Air features a removeable 18650 which can easily be swapped out for a new one should the battery ever fail.

The Utillian 721 on the other hand has a non-removeable lithium polymer battery, and while we like the fact they used a lithium polymer battery because they are far more stable than Lithium-Ion batteries, it is not removable which means if the battery fails you will may have to replace the unit.

One down side to the Arizer Air is the removable glass tubes. While the tubes do offer great vapor quality the glass does tend to be fragile and break easily, meaning you will be purchasing replacement parts often.

The Utillian 721 uses robust plastic that is much more forgiving than glass if dropped or knocked around. We are also happy to report that like the Crafty, the plastic on the 721 does not influence flavor all together.

It is tough to pick a clear winner in this category but we are going to give the edge to the Arizer Air. The main reason is the removable battery which will extend the life of your unit and allows for easy maintenance should the battery ever fail. Though we do wish the mouthpieces weren’t so fragile.

Utillian 721 power buttonEase of Use

The Air is fairly straight forward to use, you press and hold the up and down button to turn it on or off, and set the temperature using the same up and down arrow buttons. Where the Air becomes a little more complicated is how you pack the device, instead of packing the heating chamber, you pack your herbs into the dish at the bottom of the glass mouthpiece and then insert that into a heating chamber. While it does not seem like that big of a nuisance this method of packing your device gets annoying after a while especially if you are trying to pack the unit of the go. Not to mention if the glass ever breaks you won’t be able to use the device at all.

The 721 features a single button to operate the device. 5 clicks turns the unit on, 2 clicks cycles between the 4 base temperatures and pressing and holding the power button boosts the base temperatures by 5 degrees Celsius. Interacting with this device is extremely straight forward and filling it is even easier. Just remove the magnetic cap to expose the heating chamber, fill it with your desired herb and snap the mouthpiece back onto the unit. This makes loading easy regardless if you are at home or on the go.

We have to give the edge to the 721 when it comes to ease of use. There is very little learning curve with this device, just remove the cap, fill the chamber, turn it on, set the temperature and you are good to go. While the Air is also fairly straight forward the need to fill the glass stems makes it more inconvenient than the 721.

Utillian 721 in a handPortability

The Arizer Air was Arizer’s attempt at making a much more portable version of the Solo and while technically they succeeded, the unit still has some issues which hinder its portability. The biggest factor is the removable air stems which you are forced to carry separate from the unit which makes taking the unit out for the night very annoying. Also the fact that the stems are glass means you need to be extra careful with them as they have a good chance of breaking if handled roughly.

The Utillian 721 is far more portable. The entire device, mouthpiece and all can easily fit in your pocket for hassle free portability. So if portability is your main concern we would highly recommend going with the Utillian 721 over the Air. The need to carry the tubes separately really hurts the Air in the portability department.

Utillian 721 with mouthpiece cap offBattery Life

The Air comes with one 18650 battery which tends to last about 45 minutes when tested. This is a bit short for a portable units battery life and will only give you 2 – 3 sessions per charge.

The Utillian 721 on the other hand lasted about 90 minutes with our testing, which is double that of the Air, giving you far more time between charges.

The Utillian 721 also charges via USB which makes it much more convenient to find a charge port if you are ever running low.

Utillian 721 laying on sideDiscreetness

The Arizer Air is not the most discreet looking unit, especially because of the glass mouthpiece that sticks out. The unit as a hole is a bit awkward and will definitely have people glancing in your direction wondering what you are doing.

The Utillian 721 on the other hand is a little more discreet because of its compact size. Most people will probably suspect you are using an e-cig because of the shape of the unit. It can also be easily concealed in your hand or pocket if the occasion should ever arise.

Utillian 721 side profile with power buttonTemperature Flexibility

The Arizer Air comes with 5 temperatures which rangers from 180 – 215 degrees Celsius offering users a decent range of temperatures to choose from.

In comparison the Utillian 721 features 4 base temperatures and a boost mode which increases each of the base temperature by 5 degrees Celsius. Therefore with the Utillian 721 technically you get 8 temperature settings that range from 180 celcius to 220 celsius.

So for this category we have to give the edge to the 721, it offers a bit more flexibility offering 3 more temperature ranges for a more fine-tuned session. It also is able to achieve a higher temperature than the Air going all the way up to 220 celsius.

Utillian 721 showdown winnerSHOWDOWN

It was a hard fought battle and while the Air put up an excellent fight it is the new contender, the Utillian 721 that emerges victorious. Unfortunately changing technology is leaving Arizer behind in the vaporizer industry.

The Utillian 721 features a more compact design, offers better battery life and most importantly provides users with convection vapor. Don’t get us wrong the Air is still a great unit and has its place in the vaporizer industry providing very flavorful vapor.

But when push comes to shove we find ourselves grabbing our Utillian 721 more often than not. We especially like that we don’t have to worry about glass components like you would for the Arizer Air. If you live in Northern Ontario, and looking for a Utillian 721, we highly recommend picking one up from our friends at Rocky Shore, an excellent family run business. And because they are located closer to Northern Ontario, shipping speeds will be a bit quicker if you’re located in North of the GTA.

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Thanks for reading and as always, keep vapin’! 😉

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