V2 Pro Series 7 Vaporizer Review – Better than the V2 Pro Series 3, or just bigger?


Updated July 20th, 2017

V2 is a leading manufacturer in the e-cig market who has more recently begun to cater to those of us who prefer dry herbs, in addition to e-juices and waxes with their ‘V2 Pro’ line. In early August 2015 we reviewed the V2 Pro Series 3, a 3-in-1 pen vape which impressed us with its ‘smart technology’ tanks and effortless versatility. We then got our hands on the V2 Pro Series 7 which is a larger 3-in-1 vaporizer that offers temperature flexibility and variable voltage too. This unit has been getting a lot of great attention lately from industry critics such as iDigitalTimes and Paint the Moon so we were excited to give it a go and add our own 2 cents to the Series 7 discussion. So read on to see what we think!

Editors Note: If you are interested in the Series 7, but are only interested in vaping herbs and concentrates we recommend checking out the Prohibited 5th Degree, they share the same magnetic tank system, but the Prohibited is better calibrated for both herbs and waxes, supplying tanks for both.

Review: V2 Pro Series 7 Vaporizer

V2 Pro Series 7 Vaporizer

V2 Pro Series 7 Vaporizer Heating Chamber

How it Works

To load the dry herbs tank installed in the V2 Pro Series 7, twist the mouthpiece, counter clockwise, and lift to remove. Load it up about 80% of the way with fresh ground herbs and twist the mouthpiece back on, clockwise. To unlock the unit, press the button 3 times quickly and the LED light around the base of the unit and the button will blink white 3 times. Press and hold the button for 4 seconds and the V2 Pro Series 7 vaporizer will begin heating to the last pre-set temperature. The base will glow red, then orange then stay solid green once the temperature is reached and the unit is hot and ready, in just 30 seconds! To change the temperature of the dry herb tank, press the button 2 times very quickly to put the Series 7 into ‘temperature mode’. The unit will then begin to ‘cycle’ through the 3 temperature settings as the LED lights below the button light up in sequence to indicate this. The LED closest to the button indicates the highest heat setting and the LED closest to the base of the unit represents the lowest temperature. When the light cycles to the temperature you desire, just press the button to select it.

Video Transcript

Let’s have a look at the V2 Pro Series 7 Portable vaporizer. This is the second, multi-purpose vaporizer from the e-cig manufacturer V2 Pro, offering quick and convenient e-liquid, oil or dry herb vaporization.

Inside the box you’ll find the V2 Pro series 7 vaporizer, one loose leaf cartridge , one e-liquid cartridge, one USB charger, one wall charger adapter, one cleaning brush, one metal pick tool, three extra screens and if you order with us you can also choose to receive a free ZEUS Bolt grinder made of aircraft grade aluminum.

The first thing you’ll want to do with the unit is sterilize it. To do that, press the activation button quickly 3 times to unlock the unit. The LED lights around the button and base of the unit will flash white to indicate the unit is unlocked. For sterilization, we recommend changing your unit to the highest temperature setting, so press the button 2 times very quickly to put the Series 7 into ‘temperature mode’. The unit will then begin to ‘cycle’ through the 3 temperature settings as the LED lights below the button light up in sequence to indicate this. The LED closest to the button indicates the highest heat setting so when the light cycles to that temperature, just press the button to select it. Then, press and hold the activation button for 4 seconds to activate heating. Let the unit heat up as the LED light at the base of the unit turns from red, to yellow to green. Once the LED is set on green, let the series 7 sit and run through a full cycle. After 150 seconds the auto cut-off will engage and put the unit to sleep. Simply repeat the process 2-3 more times to complete the sterilization. This will get rid of any of the manufacturing oils that may have gotten inside the unit as a result of putting it together.

Once you’ve done that, you’re ready to load your unit with freshly ground botanical. To grind up your botanical we always recommend using the ZEUS bolt grinder. The bolt grinder has been calibrated to grind up your botanical to the perfect consistency for vaporization. That means its fine enough to be properly vaporized inside of your unit, but not so fine that it fly’s through screens. To load your loose leaf cartridge, twist the mouthpiece counter clockwise and take it off. Using your fingers or the metal tool provided, load freshly ground botanical into the heading chamber without over filling. Just put the mouthpiece back on, and you are ready to vaporize! To load the e-liquid cartridge, remove the mouthpiece and screw off the e-liquid cap. Slowly and carefully drip your e-liquid into the cartridge and onto the wicks, careful to not get any inside the metal core or overfill the cartridge. Just put the cap and mouthpiece back on and you are ready to vaporize!

The V2 Pro Series 7’s loose leaf cartridge has 3 temperature settings as indicated by the 3 LED lights located under the activation button. To toggle between these temperature settings, just double click the activation button to put the series 7 into temperature mode. When the LED furthest from the button is lit white, it means the unit is set at 200 degrees Celsius. When the middle LED is lit white, it means the unit is set at 210 degrees Celsius and when the led closest to the button is lit white, it means the unit is set at 225 degrees Celsius. To select your temperature, just press the button 1 time. For best results we recommend vaporizing between 190- 210 degrees Celsius, which is either level 1 or level 2.The V2 Pro Series 7’s e-liquid cartridge has 3 voltage settings, also indicated by the 3 LED lights located under the activation button. To toggle between these voltage settings, just double click the activation button to put the series 7 into voltage mode. When the LED furthest from the button is lit white, it means the unit is set at 3.7voltages. When the middle led is lit white, it means the unit is set 4.2voltages and when the led closest to the button is lit white, it means the unit is set at 4.7voltages. To select your voltage, just press the button 1 time. Once you’ve selected your temperature or voltage, the LED temperature indicators will flash white. Press and hold the button to activate heating and the LED at the bottom of the unit will glow red, then yellow, and when the when the LED is lit green, the unit is ready. This unit heats up really fast and should be ready in just about 20 seconds.

To wrap this unit up, I’d like to tell you guys about some of the impressive features of the V2 Pro Series 7 vaporizer that make it such a great unit. The first is herb optimization. While this unit offers 3in1 versatility, with 2 of those tanks out of the box, this unit is really optimized for loose leaf. Easy to load, mess free, optimal pre-set temperature settings and an industry leading heat up time of 30 seconds, this unit is calibrated not only for convenient but also ultra fast vaporizing on the go. The second is the Series 7 smart technology. The series 7’s cartridges use what the manufacturer calls smart technology to communicate with the device the optimal pre-set temperatures or voltages to vaporize at, based on the individual cartridge installed. This smart technology is very innovate and unique, really taking the guess work out of choosing what temperatures are best for whatever material you are using. The third is general convenience factor of this unit. This unit couples a 1 button design with smart technology, 3 different magnetic tank options and a magnetic charger, to make every aspect of using the 7 series a total breeze. From turning the unit on to swapping out your tanks to charging – the process is quick and painless, and very convenient when on the go.
The V2Pro series 7 is a great portable for those who are looking for a convenient and versatile unit, with the ability to seamlessly switch between different cartridges and vaporize a variety of materials, whatever your preference is! I’m HollyJane for TorontoV TV. We hope you enjoyed this video and we hope you found it useful. And for all you connoisseurs out there, keep vapin!

V2 Pro Series 7 Vaporizer temperature lights

Temperature Flexibility

The V2 Pro Series 7 offers 3 temperature settings for its dry herb cartridge. The first setting, low, is 200 °C, the medium setting is 210°C and the highest heat setting is 225°C. Most vaporizers with only a few pre-set temperature settings usually have their lowest heat setting in the 180-190’s, for example the Smite or Air , to cater to those who prefer lighter more flavourful draws. So we think it’s a pretty interesting choice for V2 to choose the high temperature range they did. The wax cartridge claims to be the hottest on the market, vaporizing at 600 °C with 3 variable voltages and the e-juice tank also has 3 variable voltage settings to choose from making this unit ( overall ) quite versatile, but fairly average in terms of the dry tanks temperature flexibility.

V2 Pro Series 7 Vaporizer Close upVapor Quality

On the lowest heat setting of the dry herb cartridge, the vapor quality of the V2 Pro Series 7 has decent vapor density and flavour, although it is a bit warm. When you bump up the temperature to the medium or high heat settings however, the vapor is very, very warm. Despite this, it isn’t outrageously harsh, but it is pretty much unanimous among all reviewers who have tested this unit, that the lowest temperature setting for the dry tank was the only one we would use. When testing the e-juice tank, we were very impressed. It draws well and creates smooth clouds as satisfying as the Series 3 or Thunder Pro Tank. The wax tank was very large (and almost too large for what you need to be honest), and worked on a coil system, providing several massive hauls of tasty vapor. Of the 3-in-1 vaporizers we’ve tested, this one’s wax tank is certainly top notch in terms of the vapor quality it produced.

V2 Pro Series 7 Vaporizer CatridgeManufacturing Quality

The V2 Pro series 7 is actually made very well, especially for its reasonable price point. The body is a sleek brushed aluminum and the mouthpiece appears to be comprised of high quality, hard plastic that is very durable. The plastic mouthpiece does not taint the vapor flavour and the materials used actually make the unit incredibly light ( 119g with an empty cartridge ) . The manufacturer also paid special attention to details such as the quality of the LED lights and the two air vents located on the side of the unit which help cool the cartridge during use. The cartridge’s themselves are insulated with plastic and a silicone insert, which is very innovative and works incredibly well. However, one of the most noticeable aspects of quality and innovation is the cartridge system .The Series 7 uses the same ‘smart technology’ as the Series 3, which means each cartridge is recognized by the unit and will begin heating to the optimal temperature for vaporization for that specific tank, with the added benefit that you can select your variable voltage (for the e-juice/ wax tank) or temperature setting (for the dry herb tank). The charger magnetically connects to the base of the unit and is very high quality as well, with the option for USB or wall charging. The only thing we’d like to see improved is the ‘silver’ plastic used for the button and aspects of the cartridges which make these parts look a bit cheap in comparison to the rest of the unit.

V2 Pro Series 7 Vaporizer with chargerBattery Life

The V2 Pro Series 7 contains an internal, rechargeable 1800mAh battery which takes about 2 hours to fully charge. However the Series 7 can also be used while charging for those pesky times when you forget to juice up your unit. The battery life of this unit is OK, offering between an hour to hour and a half of vaping depending on what cartridge you are using and at what temperature or voltage. Nowadays, however, this is pretty low to average considering units much lower in price, like the Smite, offer 2-3x this battery life. Furthermore, there is no real battery indicator on this unit other than the fact its LED lights blink red right before it dies. The Series 7’s dry tank does have an auto-sleep mode though which kicks in after 150 seconds ( 2.5 minutes ) of use, thus helping to save on battery life.

V2 Pro Series 7 Vaporizer vs pax 2 sizePortability

The V2 Pro is similar in size and shape to the original PAX vaporizer, just a big bigger, and this makes it pretty convenient to slip in your pocket, or small bag. The battery life however doesn’t make it the ideal unit for day trips, and if you are planning on being out for several hours while squeezing in many sessions, we’d suggest a portable with a longer battery life, like the Utillian 650. Another thing to note is that we don’t recommend pre-loading the dry tank if you are transporting it loosely in your bag, because the mouthpiece can twist off very easy, leaving your chamber’s contents vulnerable.

V2 Pro Series 7 Vaporizer side viewEase of Use

One button vapes are usually extremely easy to operate but for some reason, the V2 pro’s button sequences were kind of inconvenient. For example, if you want to change the temperature, you have to turn the unit all the way off, then back on and then go into temperature mode with its double click sequence. With that being said, the V2 PRO cartridges are some of the most convenient we’ve seen in 3-in-1 units making the unit effortlessly versatile because you can just pop a magnetically attached cartridge in whenever you need. In terms of maintenance, the dry herbs heating chamber is a breeze to clean because the screen at the bottom is very easy to remove and it’s pretty wide and accessible. However, when cleaning the mouthpiece, you have to actually unscrew part of it to access the upper section, which is a huge pain, considering after a couple weeks these parts will gum up and you will need to clean them for proper airflow

V2 Pro Series 7 Vaporizer in handDiscreetness

The V2 Series 7 is a nice, discreet unit due to its size and shape. It’s also surprisingly low odor considering vapor continues to leak from the mouthpiece after each draw, which can certainly draw attention too. If you were to use this in a dark place, like at a concert or night club, you may notice that the LED lights (especially the one at the bottom) are quite noticeable, but with some strategic hand placement, you can pretty much take care of that. The logo is also pretty prominent on the front of the unit. If discretion is a concern for you, we also certainly recommend choosing the black color ( the one we have ), as opposed to the bright electric blue or silver models which lower its ninja-factor by several points.

V2 Pro Series 7 Vaporizer package contentsOverall Experience

The V2 Pro Series 7 vaporizer is a nice upgrade from the Series 3 and offers better quality cartridges and more options, like variable temperature and voltage. We were very impressed with this unit’s versatility, innovative ‘smart technology’ for someone who is truly looking for a unit that can give them a quality experience with all 3 materials ( dry herb, wax & e-juice ) this is one of the best options out there. We would whole-heartedly recommend this unit over the similarly sized and shaped PAX or PAX 2, and for its price point, its functionality is phenomenal. If the idea of wax, liquid AND dry herbs capability strikes your fancy, you can purchase a V2 Pro Series 7 for yourself, right here!

Warning: Not Compatible with ZEUS Iceborn
This vaporizer is not compatible with the ZEUS Iceborn, a revolutionary new vapor cooling system designed to produce cooler draws and bigger clouds when connected to your vaporizer. The ZEUS Iceborn adds an additional 2 points to the vapor quality score of compatible units, so we highly recommend considering a whip-compatible vaporizer to take advantage of this stellar ZEUS accessory item. All compatible vaporizers will have a compatibility notice.

We hope you enjoyed our review of the V2Pro Series 7! If you have any questions about the unit, feel free to leave a comment at the end of this page. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to keep up to date with all our contests, sales alerts and other fun stuff! Thanks for reading and as always, keep vapin’! 😉

7.3 Score

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  1. DO NOT BUY V2

    I ordered two cartridges in January, to replace a third I ordered in August. One stopped working within about ten days, and the other just fell apart today.

    So to summarize: the original cartridge didn’t even last 4 months; the second broke after less than 1 month; and now the third is dead after about 2.5 months.

    ALL of these cartridges, even when they were briefly functional, were prone to various levels of leaking. And glycerin is a tough product to clean out of your pockets or off of furniture!

    I legitimately want to enjoy this product, and I love the potential for a 3-in-1 pen. But I absolutely refuse to pay V2 one more cent until it can show that it has rectified these issues.

    • WOW so sorry to hear you had these issues! Did you purchase from us or V2 directly. And if from us, Did you happen to contact our customer service team regarding these issues? That’s certainly not a pleasant experience and we are truly sorry. We recommend also contacting V2 directly so they can use your feedback for product updates.

  2. Good vaporizer even it is little bigger than series 3 it is still good size and nice designed pen. Maybe Vapour2 should just produce their products in more colors for girls but i think that is not problem. You can just find yours even between these ones. I have the steel one and it looks good. It heats pretty fast, great it can be even use when charging. I am also happy with the vapor it produces and good flavors.

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