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Coming from the company Vapir is the Vapir Pen for wax concentrates. Vapir is a veteran in the vaporizer industry and has brought to market several popular devices such as the Vapir Rise 2.o which is a desktop vaporizer that has a quad hookah style whip, and also the popular handheld Prima vaporizer designed for oil extracts and dry herbs. The Vapir Pen is the most portable device by Vapir to date and comes in a very modern and stylish look. Today we will be reviewing this compact pocket vaporizer pen, giving you insight into the build quality, features, how to use it, and whether or not you should purchase one... Also if this is your first vaporizer be sure to check out our Wax Pen Buyers Guide for helpful tips.

Review: Vapir Pen

Vapir Pen Wax Pen Review

Vapir Pen dual quartz atomizer

How it Works

The Vapir Pen is designed to be used with wax concentrates. To get started you should always charge your vaporizer fully once you first get it and have it run for a cycle of about 90 seconds at least to burn off any chemicals that may have been left over from the manufacturing process.

Once you have done that you can unscrew the Vapir Pen’s mouthpiece which will give you access to the oven chamber where you will load your concentrate material. You can use a loading tool to place the wax on and around the heating element. We have found that for the best performance you should use about a pea sized amount or roughly .1 to .2g of material.



Vapir Pen disassembled

When you have loaded your concentrate onto and around the coil you can replace the mouthpiece back onto the pen and get ready to vape. To turn the Vapir Pen on you simply click the power button 5 times in a row. As with most vaporizers the activation method of repeatedly pressing the power button is a safety measure to prevent vaporizers from turning on while in your pocket or travel bag.

When the device is powered on you can begin to inhale while holding down on the power button. If you are not pressing down on the power button while inhaling you will not get any vapor as the heating coil is only activated while pressing down on the button. With the Vapir Pen you are in control of how much vapor you get by the length of your draws.

Vapir Pen Power ButtonTemperature Flexibility

The Vapir Pen may not have precise temperature settings but it does have 3 pre set temperatures that do a pretty good job throughout the course of your session. You can start off slow with the lower temperature of 350°F (green light) and then make your way up to 390°F (blue light) and  to finish things off you can end your session at 430°F (red light).

You may also find that you prefer one of the 3 temperatures over the others for a majority of your session, but in the end it’s always a good idea to finish your session with the highest temperature setting. To cycle through each temperature setting you press the button 4 times in a row and the color will change accordingly.

Vapir Pen Mouthpiece

Vapor Quality

The Vapir Pen vapor quality is above average and depending on your preference you can choose to use either of the two atomizers that come with the device. In your package you are given a coil-less ceramic donut atomizer with a ceramic chamber and also a double-rod quartz atomizer with a ceramic chamber. A quartz coil helps to remain more true to traditional draws and is the one we found to provide better vapor quality.

Going into more detail with the atomizers – the quartz atomizer is designed to be used with thicker concentrates and has a faster heating time which delivers dense vapor at a quicker rate. The donut atomizer does not have exposed coils and is better for slower and longer sessions that vpe your material a bit slower.

Vapir Pen with atomizers and mouthpiece

Manufacturing Quality

The build quality of the Vapir Pen follows the same high end quality that you see in the other products released by Vapir. Vapir products are manufactured to the highest standards and is reflected by the performance of their vaporizers. The quartz dual atomizer coil is made of titanium which is a material that many new vape pens are using to eliminate the typical ‘burning’ taste you would otherwise get. The Vapir Pen comes with a 1 year manufacturer warranty.


Vapir Pen Battery

Vapir Pen with usbBattery Life

The Vapir Pen impressed us with the amount of draws were were able to get off of a single charge. The battery life will ofcourse depend on how long each of your draws are and also weighs heavily on the temperature setting the device is set to.

To charge the Vapir Pen you can use the USB charging cord that comes with the device which you connect directly into the unit to charge the internal battery.

Vapir Pen with Zeus Armor Case


You should have no troubles at all bringing the Vapir Pen around with you. Its simple design includes very minimal moving parts (just one button).

Something to be aware of, is that you will need to be a bit cautious with how quickly you put the pen in your pocket or bag immediately after use.

If the concentrate is not completely vaped and you put it upside down in your pocket while the device is still a bit warm there is potential to have a bit of leakage. This is typical among wax concentrate vaporizers and is just something to pay attention to.

Vapir Pen Ease of Use

Ease of Use

The Vapir Pen should not give you any difficulty and if you follow or instructions laid out on this page you will be good to go. The one button system and 510 thread twist off oven lid makes the device a universal and simple to use design.

As we mentioned before it is 5 quick clicks of the button to turn it on, 4 clicks to cycle through temperature settings, and hold down the button as you inhale.

Vapir Pen Full KitOverall Experience

Overall we were impressed with the Vapir Pen for concentrates and can safely recommend this unit to both beginner vape enthusiasts and long term vape users. The Vapir brand is one that has been around for a few years now and they have several high performing devices in circulation.

The Vapir Pen will not be for everyone and the reason for this is that many people are looking for a device that can vape multiple materials. If you are one of these people looking to vape both concentrates and dry herbs, we suggest you have a look at the Prohibited 5th Degree. If you are looking for a top tier multi material device we recommend you have a look at the Firefly 2.

If you have questions about our review or just want to let us know what you think, feel free to drop us a comment below! Also, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to keep up to date with all our contests, sales alerts and other fun stuff! Thanks for reading and as always, keep vapin’!

7.0 Good

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