Vaporesso Drizzle Fit Review – The Right Fit?

Vaporesso has been on a roll lately and while we’re all here thinking they’ve only been pumping out updates to the higher end of their product line, here comes the Vaporesso Drizzle Fit, an all-in-one starter kit that fits into the palm of your hand. Powered by an integrated 1400mAh battery, the Vaporesso Drizzle Fit looks like it has excellent potential to be any beginners first kit thanks to capabilities for both MTL and DTL vaping. With a maximum wattage output of 40 watts, should have no problem providing ample versatility for vapers of both camps. Be sure to check the vape buyer’s guides for important information to take into consideration before making your purchase.
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Review: Vaporesso Drizzle Fit

Vaporesso Drizzle Fit Review

Vaporesso Drizzle Fit front display

Manufacturing Quality

Considering how the Vaporesso Drizzle fit is designed as a budget device to serve as an attractive option for those who are just considering getting into vaping, this little device managed to surprise us with a build quality that easily surpasses most devices in its category.

From its alloy chassis giving it that extra bit of durability and premium feel, down to the excellent selection of colorways, showing that Vaporesso isn’t just throwing this device out into the market at a mere whim and hoping clueless vapers are going to snatch it up.

As for the aesthetics of the Vaporesso Drizzle Fit, we have to say that we’re quite partial to it. Despite the barebones functionality of the device which logically excludes the use of an LED display, the Drizzle Fit is quite the looker thanks to the variety of tastefully designed two-tone colorways.Vaporesso Drizzle Fit available colors

The front face of the device features a large format firing button and this is the only button you’re going to find on the Drizzle Fit.  An LED indicator can also be found on the front and is used to know which of the three firing modes the device is currently set to, as well as gauging how much battery life is left.

Unlike most all-in-one devices, the Vaporesso Drizzle Fit uses a standard 510 connection for the tank. Threads are well-machined without any imperfections or burrs that might prevent easy installation or operation of the kit. Another feature we like about the Drizzle Fit is that it uses an external tank in the form of the Drizzle Tank to house both the coil head and e-liquid which makes filling the tank and cleaning up a breeze.

Vaporesso Drizzle Fit mouth piece

Flavor Quality

The most common complaint most vapers have (that includes ourselves) when it comes to tanks that claim to be capable of vaping in both MTL (mouth to the lung) and DTL (direct to the lung) airflow modes is that the end results to said tank not really excelling in either MTL or DTL.

This isn’t the first time for the Drizzle tank to hit the shelves though as it was included with the Drizzle Fit’s predecessor, the Vaporesso Drizzle so for Vaporesso to release the same tank albeit with a different mod should speak volumes on how much confidence they have in the Drizzle Tank.

And that confidence does indeed pay off with the Vaporesso Drizzle kit. When setting the airflow to MTL mode, the restrictiveness of the airflow is more than sufficient, providing a nice and tight inhale with good vapor and throat hit when using the included EUC Mini CCELL coil rated at 1.3 ohms.

While the kit does only come with dedicated EUC MTL coils, the Drizzle tank is compatible with the entire EUC coil head lineup of Vaporesso which also offers 0.3-ohm coils. While vaping in DTL mode with the Vaporesso Drizzle Fit is definitely not up to par with the higher end mods in Vaporesso’s lineup, it still does a good enough job, providing more than ample vapor and flavor per puff.

Vaporesso Drizzle Fit usb slotPower Flexibility

The Vaporesso Drizzle manages to stand out a bit amidst the swarm of starter kits thanks to its ability to adjust its output depending on the resistance of the coil used in the tank. So if you opt to vape with the included EUC CCELL coil heads that come with the kit you can expect a decent 7-13 watts maximum depending on which power setting you choose.

The hook though is by swapping the included EUC coils with a lower resistance EUC coil (which needs to be purchased separately, unfortunately), the Vaporesso Drizzle Fit automatically adjusts its wattage range to accommodate the lower resistance and higher airflow determined by the coils, essentially turning the kit into a pretty decent DTL device which produces pretty decent flavor and vapor.

We’ve swapped the low and high resistance EUC coils back and forth and so far the transition between wattage ranges are looking pretty smooth with nary a hiccup in the process.Vaporesso Drizzle Fit tank

Vaporesso Drizzle Fit coilsEase of Use

One feature we normally loathe in AIO devices is the tank being integrated into the main body of the mod itself which can make it pretty difficult to clean the tank considering it’s in close proximity to the battery and circuit board.

Thankfully, the Vaporesso Drizzle Fit manages to circumvent this by going for the traditional route of using a completely discrete tank, making maintenance and clean up a breeze as the tank can simply be unthreaded from the device and soaked into your cleaning solvent of choice.

As to actual operation, the Vaporesso Drizzle Fit is pretty straightforward in daily use. Charge the device up via hooking the included cable to the device’s micro USB port. After the LED indicator lets you know that the device is fully charged, thread your coil of choice into the tank and thread the entire tank onto the top of the device.

The Drizzle Fit uses a top fill assembly which makes refilling easy so you won’t have to worry about carefully handling the tank upside down which is normally the case with most AIO’s that use bottom fill designs.

Vaporesso Drizzle Fit wit armor case


Despite the discrete tank extending the height of the Vaporesso Drizzle Fit, the overall dimensions keep it compact with the entire kit measuring out to 97.0 X 33.3 X 23.3mm (tank included). The 1.8ml capacity of the tank also ensures that you won’t be refilling very often as long as you’re vaping in MTL mode.

Last but not least, the integrated 1400mAh battery is more than enough for at least a day or two of moderate vaping with the included EUC MTL coils.

Vaporesso Drizzle Fit mouth piece detached

Vaporesso Drizzle Fit full kit

Overall Experience

While we were quite apprehensive at first of the Vaporesso Drizzle Fit considering most devices that promise to deliver both MTL and DTL performance tend to fail to deliver on either or both fronts, the Vaporesso Drizzle Fit more than exceeded our expectations.

The well-designed airflow integrated both into the tank and compatible EUC coils deliver just the right amount flexibility to allow an excellent MTL and DTL vaping experience. This alone makes it an exceptionally good buy for potential vapers who’ve yet to make their first purchase as the versatility of the kit allows newcomers to sample either style of vaping with just a single device.

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