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Amidst what seems to be the never-ending humdrum of new pod-style devices being released one after the other, sometimes there’s a time where a gem shines more brightly than the rest. That gem is the Vaporesso Zero. Vaporesso is no stranger to adding their own little twist to the tried and true conventions of the vaping world and the Vaporesso Zero is no exception that fact. Incorporating Vaporesso’s unique CCELL coil tech, it aims to deliver an even cleaner and purer flavor than what current options what have to offer.
Let’s take a closer look at the device, see what makes it tick, then draw our own conclusion on whether it’s worth picking up. Be sure to check the vape buyer’s guides for important information to take into consideration before making your purchase.

Review: Vaporesso Zero

Vaporesso Zero Review

Vaporesso Zero front display

Manufacturing Quality

One of the defining aspects of the Vaporesso Zero is that unlike most pod-system devices that use your typical plastic frame, the Vaporesso Zero goes above and beyond its station by employing a very premium feeling zinc alloy chassis.

This alone gives it the same touch of class that most of us have come to be familiar with as far as Vaporesso products are concerned. The excellent handfeel paired with the alloy’s increased durability give it a distinctive edge over pretty much every other device in its class

Another area where the Vaporesso Zero manages to stand on its own is through the use of a functional on/off button which works great for vapers who want the peace of mind that comes with truly switching their mod off for safer storage. The same button also serves as a way of quickly switching between the three available power mods on the fly.

The Vaporesso Zero takes advantage of it’s elegant and minimalistic form factor by offering a large variety of colorways to choose from. Up to 9 colorways are available, from the classic black, all the way to a dazzling and eye-catching rainbow finish. The finish is excellently executed and looks to be quite resistant to wear and tear as its yet to incur and chips or dings throughout the regular use it’s been subjected to over the past week, but there aren’t any guarantees on how it’ll hold if the mod is dropped or banged against a hard surface.Vaporesso Zero backs side

A standard micro USB port can be found at the bottom of the mod for quick and easy charging of the mod which is a great design choice over some of the proprietary charging designs we’ve seen in some devices such as the Pax Juul.

As for the pod itself, it’s constructed out of a food grade PCTG plastic and is BPA free so you need not worry about chemicals leeching into your e-liquid and affecting the flavor (and more importantly your health). The pod is affixed to the body of the mod through magnets which makes for easy removal and installation, a design which has almost become standard amongst pod-style devices.

Vaporesso Zero mouth piece

Flavor Quality

If you thought that the Vaporesso Zero wasn’t already unique in comparison to the rest of its competition, think again. Each pod makes use of Vaporesso’s signature CCELL ceramic coil. This gives the overall vaping experience a much-wanted boost in flavor production with a much cleaner output.

The CCELL coils also have a remarkable lifespan as I’ve been vaping pretty much non-stop on the Vaporesso Zero for the entire testing period and it’s yet to exhibit any decline in flavor or vapor production in the time that it’s been with me (over a week).

If you’re used to expecting weak vapor output from pod-style devices, the Vaporesso Zero just might change your mind. The relatively larger 650mAh integrated battery definitely gives it some headroom in terms of power output. While in no way does this means that the Vaporesso Zero can compete with the sheer power of typical box mods, it still fires harder than the vast majority of devices in its size class.

Vaporesso Zero power controlPower Flexibility

While the Vaporesso Zero might not revel in the variety of vaping modes and settings available to most box mods, it’s not as limited as your typical pod-style device either. The mod uses a power button which lets you cycle between various fixed wattage outputs or presets.

The same button uses a colored led indicator to let you know which power setting the mod is currently set to. When set to high (green), the Vaporesso Zero outputs a maximum of 12.5 watts., when set to medium (blue), 10.5 watts, and when set to low (red) a minimum wattage output of 9 watts is reached.

Vaporesso has never been a slouch when it comes to integrating high-quality chipsets into their devices and this can be seen in the Vaporesso Zero. Using a miniaturized version of Vaporesso’s own OMNI board, the OMNI Board Mini, the Vaporesso Zero is one of the safest pod-style devices to be made. Aside from the standard suite of safety features, the chip also makes use of a simplified temperature control function that effectively prevents dry burning the coil when the pod is running low on e-liquid.Vaporesso Zero flat display

Vaporesso Zero tank refillEase of Use

Being a pod-style device, the Vaporesso Zero functions similarly to mods such as the Pax Juul where an air-activated sensor takes charge of firing the device when you take a puff, giving you a simplified hands-free approach when it comes to vaping. As this closely emulates the feel of smoking a traditional tobacco cigarette, the Vaporesso Zero is a pretty good option for newbie vapers.

Another innovation that the Vaporesso Zero makes use of is the PtF or Push to Fill system used by the pod. Where your typical pod uses a removable rubber gasket or seal to lock the e-liquid inside the tank/pod, the PtF system eliminates the need to remove the said gasket and only requires that you push in the nozzle of your e-liquid bottle to be able to fill it up.

After removing the nozzle, the fill port instantly seals itself up, effectively locking in the e-liquid without having to bother with a removable gasket which can be easily lost, misplaced, or damaged.

Vaporesso Zero with armor case


With dimensions measuring out to 40*15*74.9mm for the entire kit, the Vaporesso Zero is larger than your average pod-style vape and even comes dangerously close to the realm of compact sub-ohm mods such as the Eleaf iStick Pico.

While it’s definitely smaller than your average mod in general, those looking for the ultimate form factor in terms of portability might want to take a gander at other pod-style offerings for their much smaller size.

When it comes to battery life, the Vaporesso Zero easily outstrips the competition in overall longevity which it has the 650mAh battery to thank for mostly. It’s definitely within the mod’s capabilities to let you achieve a full day’s worth of vaping when used in moderation. Power users though might find the need to recharge the device, especially when used frequently in its high output setting.Vaporesso Zero tank detached

Vaporesso Zero full kit

Overall Experience

Despite it’s larger than average compared to the rest of the competition, the Vaporesso Zero still presents a very compelling package especially to those who are new to vaping. Everything from its excellent flavor production to the impressive durability of the CCELL coils is good enough reason to pick up this awesome piece of vaping kit.

Tack on the fact that the Vaporesso Zero comes packaged in a beautifully finished aluminum alloy chassis makes it one of the best options to go with if you’re in the market for a compact and reliable starter kit.

If you want something a bit slimmer but are still looking for a pod system check out the Kandypens Rubi and if you are looking for a mod style kit to start with we recommend the SMOK X-Priv.

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  1. This is what’s best for me. Mind you it’s not the heavy duty mod…for those who seek large clouds and exaggerated nicotine sensation…Good solid little vapor…does a real good job especially with its 3 types of vaporizing for anybody’s convenience…I have a PockeX vaporiser from Aspire, which is a level above the Zero…but my little Zero does a better job of satisfaction…for me anyways. By the way…for my PockeX I fill it with ordinary nic …while as my little Zero I fill it with salt nic. This is where I understood the use of straight nic versus salt nic…so for me…strong apparatus …straight nic…mini pod vape…salt nic. Only flaw for the Zero…discharges quickly if used often. But still the best in the mini vapes out there.

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