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While there definitely has been no shortage of devices to come from Wismec recently, there definitely is a lack of innovation. Wismec is looking to change things up with the release of their latest kit, the Sinuous Ravage 230. Powered by two 18650 batteries that allow the mod to fire up to a maximum of 230 watts, this kit isn’t short on power by any means. Packaged with the Gnome Evo sub-ohm tank, the kit promises to deliver stellar sub-ohm performance at an accessible price point. Can the Sinuous Ravage 230 deliver? Let’s find out in the review below.

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Review: Sinuous Ravage 230 kit

Sinuous Ravage 230 Review

Sinuous Ravage 230 front profile

Manufacturing Quality

The Sinuous Ravage 230 bears many similarities with another popular Wismec mod, the Predator. Although there are small aesthetic differences, the overall shape and profile are remarkably similar. Small changes come in the form of an improved and more tactile firing bar located on the side of the device and most apparent of all, the large format color screen touted in front.

With its hybrid construction of zinc alloy and molded plastic, the Sinuous Ravage 230 feels solid enough to the touch but lacks a bit of the premium feel that some vapers look for in a device.

Another major change seen in the Sinuous Ravage 230 is the new placement of the 510 connection which can be now located dead center on top of the device. Aside from providing a cleaner and symmetrical look to the kit, the new placement also gives you the advantage of much better atomizer compatibility, with the option to use atomizers up to 28mm in diameter.

The stainless steel spring loaded 510 connection does a good job of holding the Gnome EVO tank in place and the connection is secure without any annoying hiccups when it comes to coil resistance detection.

Sinuous Ravage 230 available colors

The upgraded color screen also does a great job of providing a clear and well-defined format for you to easily view the device’s settings and menu. The UI feels intuitive and all the information that you might need is easily gleaned from a single glance at the screen.

Sunlight legibility is more than passable, letting you view the screen even under direct sunlight with ease thanks to the bright screen.

Sinuous Ravage 230 mouth piece

Flavor Quality

While Wismec made the decision not to develop or include anything new in terms of coil technology, the Gnome Evo tank does a good job of outputting the desired flavor and vapor requisite of a high-quality atomizer.

There’s plenty of airflow to go around which should be good news for all the prospective cloud chasers out there, but the airflow can always be tapered down easily if you need it to thanks to the adjustable bottom airflow ring.

The kit comes packaged with 2 * WM01 Single 0.4ohm Heads, and while single coil heads aren’t new by any means, they’ve always been a solid and reliable option when it comes to producing a satisfactory vaping experience.

The WM01 coils perform well enough and while their performance might not “wow” you by any means, they definitely provide a great vape.

Sinuous Ravage 230 power controlPower Flexibility

The Sinuous Ravage 230 is no pushover when it comes to supported features and vaping modes. With a total maximum output of 230 watts, I’d daresay that there are only a handful of builds out there where the Sinuous Ravage 230 would fail to deliver the required output.

Aside from the standard variable wattage or power mode, the mod allows you to vape in temperature control mode which supports all of the standard temperature control coils. Namely. Stainless steel, nickel, and titanium are all compatible with the TC mode of the Sinuous Ravage 230.

In addition, the device also supports pre-heat wattage curves which work wonderfully with bigger exotic coils out there that take more time to ramp up.

Adjustable TCR settings are also supported allowing for even the most finicky of vapers to dial their settings down to the way they want it exactly. The large atomizer compatibility is also another added boon and thanks to the centered placement of the 510 connection, it’ll be difficult to find a tank or RDA out there that the Sinuous Ravage 230 cant handle.

Sinuous Ravage 230 in handEase of Use

The Sinuous Ravage 230 functions just like most regulated devices so it shouldn’t be difficult to figure out it’s ins-and-outs, even for the most neophyte of vapers. A simple five clicks on the firing bar turns the mod on/off, while 3 clicks gives you access to the menu where you can make changes to each vaping mode easily thanks to the large color screen and intuitive interface.

The Gnome Evo tank makes it easy to maintain and top up your e-liquid even when on the go thanks to its push-to-slide mechanism that allows for quick refills that don’t require any annoying threading off of the top cap.

While the maximum e-liquid capacity of the tank is nothing to write home about with a 4ml capacity, it should still be plenty for a good majority of vapers.

Sinuous Ravage 230 with armor case


While the Sinuous Ravage 230 is far from tiny, it’s definitely a far cry from being humongous either. With dimensions measuring out to 43.6*30.0*83.4mm, it can still be considered pocketable, although I can hardly describe the device as a comfortable pocket mod.

It’s a bit on the heavier side as well with a total weight of near 200 grams making it one of the heavier devices in our line up, but that shouldn’t be surprising considering the mod’s capabilities.

As expected, battery life on the Sinuous Ravage 230 is more than adequate which isn’t really a surprise thanks to the dual 18650 batteries that power up the device. Regardless, the mod does come with a micro USB port which can be used to charge the batteries directly or update the firmware, which can always be helpful in a pinch.

Sinuous Ravage 230 flat display

Sinuous Ravage 230 full kit

Overall Experience

While the Sinuous Ravage 230 doesn’t really bring anything new to the table, that doesn’t discount the fact that its a solid performer in all regards. Some might be turned off by the uninspired design which just feels like a rehash of previous Wismec devices, but if you’re willing to overlook that, you’ll end up with a powerful and well-performing beast of a mod that can fire almost anything that you throw at it.

If you are looking for the most portable and straightforward unit we would probably chalk that up to the Kandypens Rubi.

If you are looking for a mod-style vape to start with we suggest checking out the Smok X-Priv.

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