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The first wax pen from Zeus Arsenal, the Thunder, was hugely popular. It soon became our best-selling wax pen vaporizer and was acclaimed by critics like Gizmodo for its ease of use, great vapor quality and long battery life. ZEUS Arsenal has continued the Thunder’s legacy with the All-New Thunder 2 wax pen, offering users improved extraction and better flavor with its newly designed ceramic plate atomizer. We are thrilled to bring you the exclusive first review of the new and improved Zeus Thunder 2 Wax Pen.

Review: Zeus Thunder 2 Wax Pen

Zeus Thunder 2 Review

How it Works

ZEUS Arsenal decided to streamline this pen and put its focus strictly on wax. Because of this focus on one discipline, ZEUS Arsenal has produced a more complete wax experience in a very easy to use device.

Simply remove the glass shield on the Z-Wax 2 atomizer and unscrew the metal filter to reveal the chamber. Take the provided wax tool and your preferred concentrate and load some onto the ceramic plate at the bottom of the chamber. Once loaded, screw the filter back on and slide the shield and mouthpiece back on.

Next, take your battery and screw it onto the base of the wax tank. Press the power button 5 times within 2 – 3 seconds to unlock the battery. Once the battery is unlocked, press and hold the power button to start heating your concentrates, and at the same time inhale from the mouthpiece. This unit is very user-friendly making it a great starter unit with quality vapor even seasoned users will appreciate.

Temperature Flexibility

The Zeus Thunder 2 features a fixed wattage battery which is fairly common for wax pens. Because of this there is no control over the temperature.

Instead, you press the single button to engage the heating element and release it when you are satisfied with your draw.

Zeus has swapped out its old style exposed coil atomizer for a ceramic plate atomizer. This greatly improves your session which we will touch on next.

Vapor Quality

Vapor quality of the Thunder 2 is smooth and full of flavor; exactly what we’ve come to expect from ZEUS Arsenal.  As mentioned above, the Zeus has opted to leave behind the exposed coil atomizer in exchange for a ceramic plate atomizer.

Instead of your wax being vaporized by direct contact with a metal coil, which can lead to uneven heating, loss of flavor and harsher vapor, the new Thunder 2 has a ceramic plate atomizer.

This plate style of atomizer is gaining popularity in the wax world because it heats to a lower temperature threshold than coiled wax pens like the Galaxy, which results in smoother vapor and improved flavor.

You will be able to taste all the subtle flavors that are in your wax for a more enjoyable session. The ceramic plate also ensures even heating of your wax for more efficient extraction. The end result is a very fulfilling wax experience with smooth and superbly flavorful vapor, while at the same time, evenly and effectively vaporizing your concentrate.

Manufacturing Quality

ZEUS Arsenal continues its tradition of putting out high-quality components with the Zeus Thunder 2. This wax pen is sleek and stylish while still feeling robust and durable in your hands.

The tank has a beautiful all-glass exterior with a stainless steel air pathway and the battery boasts a PVD coated finish. The PVD coating on the battery is the same luxurious finish that can be found on Porsche design pens and is known for its high quality, durability and protection from scratches.

This means you can be confident with carrying it in your pocket without too much worry of it getting marked up by your keys or change. Though all the components of the Thunder 2 are of the highest quality, the wax tank is designed to be disposable which is not ideal, however, tanks on other units like the V2 Pro Series 3 also have a lifespan and are designed to be replaced.

With that in mind, disposable tanks do make the unit more hygienic, maintenance free and less expensive than having to replace the entire device. The battery is also covered for a full year through TVape. 

Battery Life

The Thunder 2 is powered by the Z-Fuel battery which is a 650 mAh lithium polymer battery. This battery lasts roughly an hour of continuous use.

However seeing as most connoisseurs only use their pens for only a minute or so at a time, you can be confident the battery should last at LEAST a couple days before needing to be recharged with moderate use.

Needless to say the Thunder 2 is super convenient when it comes to battery life unlike other units and allows to vape effortlessly throughout the day without being worried about your battery randomly dying.


Because the Thunder 2 is shaped like a pen this unit is light weight, slim, and easy to transport when you are out and about. The wax tank and battery also separate making the wax pen even more portable.

The only hitch in the portability of this gadget is the glass shield. Glass tends to be easier to clean but is also more fragile than the rest of the components the wax pen is made out of and will require some care when transporting.

Aside from the glass, the size, durability, and battery life of the Thunder 2 make it easy to carry around and enjoy while you are on-the-go.  Zeus has also included a rugged silicone wax container to store your concentrates.

This is a nice touch and an improvement over their old wax jars which were made of glass and could shatter easily. We will also note that Zeus currently offers a hard shell case for the Zeus Thunder 2. This case is a perfect way to protect your pen when out and about.

Ease of Use

Pen-Style units are designed with simplicity in mind. The Thunder 2 only has 1 button to operate the device which makes using the device a breeze. Just simply press the button 5 times to lock and unlock the device, and press and hold the button when unlocked to engage the heating element.

The wax tank easily dissembles for quick and simple loading and maintenance. Just remove the glass shield and mouthpiece and unscrew the stainless steel filter to expose the chamber.

Load your concentrates directly on the ceramic plate with the included tool and you are ready to go. What is nice about the ceramic plate is there are no exposed coils that you have to worry about breaking by coming into contact with your loading tool.

This makes loading much easier so you can enjoy your wax without any stress.


The small size and pen shape of the Zeus Thunder make it a very covert unit. Most people around you won’t be able to tell the difference between this wax pen and an e-liquid pen vape making it perfect for stealthy on the go sessions.

As well because of the lower temperature that this unit vaporizes at the clouds produced will be thinner and emit a lower odor than other wax pens.

This will allow you to enjoy sessions out and about without bothering others around you.

 Overall Experience

ZEUS proves that lightning can strike the same place twice with their exceptional follow up to their already successful Thunder Pen. The shift in focus to a wax-only pen allows the quality to truly shine in this unit.

The redesigned wax tank provides smooth and wonderfully flavorful vapor that will have you enjoying your concentrates on a whole new level. All powered by a sleek PVD finished lithium polymer battery that will provide you with countless tasteful draws. Designed to be easy to use, this wax pen is inviting to newcomers while providing the vapor quality seasoned users will desire.

While the disposable nature of the tank is not the best option, the upside is cleaner, better tasting vapor every month or so without the annoying hassle of cleaning and maintenance. Overall we truly enjoyed this unit, its super simple to use, feels nice in your hands, and the flavor and quality of the vapor is top notch making it a high-value wax pen that you will easily fall in love with.

So, If the Thunder looks like it’s for you, you can check out the product page here to get one for yourself!

Compatible with ZEUS Iceborn
This vaporizer is compatible with the ZEUS Iceborn, a revolutionary new vapor cooling system engineered by Canadian vape manufacturer ZEUSArsenal. The Iceborn is designed to produce cooler draws and bigger clouds when connected to your vaporizer. The vapour produced is ultra smooth and crisp and because of ice cooling, instead of water filtration, there is no loss of efficiency. The ZEUS Iceborn adds an additional 2 points to the vapor quality score of this vaporizer and is a highly recommended vaporizer accessory.

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