ZEUS Thunder Vaporizer Launch


We are stoked to announce that TorontoVaporizer will soon be the exclusive online retailer for one of the most exciting new product releases this June 2014: the ZEUS Thunder vaporizer! This unit made our list of the Most Anticipated Portable Vaporizer Releases as the “mystery” Canadian company unit and we are quite convinced it will be a game changer in the category of oil/wax vapes.  

ZEUS Thunder Vaporizer Launch

ZEUS Thunder Vaporizer Launch


The ZEUS Thunder comes to you from ZEUSArsenal, the same company that offers the ZEUS premium vaporizer accessory line, including items like the ZEUS Bolt Grinder, ZEUS Armor Hard Case and ZEUS Temple De-Humidor. This company is based out of Toronto, Canada and strives to provide connoisseurs with key items that will enhance and complete their vaporizing experience, hence their slogan: “Complete Your Arsenal.” Though ZEUS has until now, focused only on accessories, the company firmly believes that an oil/wax vape is much like a grinder: an essential item for every connoisseur’s Arsenal. In this regard, ZEUS highlights an interesting point: vape pens for oil/wax, unlike other portable vaporizers, are complimentary rather than supplementary items to any vape collection.


The market is seeing more dedicated oil/wax vaporizers emerge as their discreetness and portability features become more recognized. What makes the ZEUS Thunder stand out from the rest of the oil/wax vape crowd is its unmatched vapor quality, uber chic design and fantastic ZEUS warranty. The Thunder has already been tested by our Review Team and of course, it passed with flying colours; the vapour quality will just blow you away. With regards to the design, the ZEUS Thunder is the only vape of its kind to boast a PVD surface coating finish. This is one of the most expensive surface finishes around. You can only find it on luxury items like Rolex and Porsche watches. Competing units like the GPen and other oil/wax vaporizers offer no where near the same quality. They use rubberized paint as their exterior finish. And what about the ZEUS Thunder warranty? Let’s just say every vaporizer in this category provides a standard 1-year warranty. The ZEUS Thunder comes with a 2-year warranty. It typically holds true that great quality products offer longer warranties. To see how the GPen and units like the Omicron stack up against the ZEUS Thunder, stay tuned for our Vape SHOWDOWNs!

ZEUS Thunder Vaporizer


Be sure to stay posted on our website and social media pages for more details on the release of the ZEUS Thunder! This unit will be ready for pre-orders in merely a few short months and the anticipated release is set for this June 2014! And for all of you connoisseurs wondering if there will be any giveaways, definitely follow us on Twitter and Facebook for a chance to win one! In doing so you will also be among the first to get wind of discounts and news!

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Thank you for reading today’s post on the ZEUS Thunder vaporizer launch! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them in the section below; you can do so anonymously ;). Don’t forget to follow us on FacebookTwitter or Instagram for contests, coupon codes and other fun stuff!

Thanks for reading and as always, keep vapin’! 😉

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    • Haha good plan ;)! The GPen is a good standard pen vaporizer, but the ZEUS Thunder is really the Volcano of pen vapes. It’s superior in design, build and performance; indeed a definite must have for any connoisseur’s collection! The official release won’t be for another few months, but pre-orders are opening up next week!! Be sure to visit our website on March 26th at 12PM EST to be one of the first connoisseurs to claim your Thunder! While quantities last!

  1. Been SO READY to acquire this!

    Thrilled at the affordable price point, and even more so that it fits into a niche not yet filled in my vape quiver.

    More then pleased with my current residing members of the Zeus family, De-Humidor, Vortex Grinder, and Torch Lighter (all came with my Beloved, and Daily used Vapman Mica!)
    Wondering too, what else, if anything ZEUS may deem worthy of gifting us with?

    Wonderful to have reason to return as a repeat customer, who craves the type of attention your company has given, and so few others even consider.
    Will be waiting, funds in hand.

  2. that teaser trailer is sick….saw it on youtube and thought it is a game so i followed to find out what it was and now i find out its a vape….i am sooo buying one…..

  3. Thanks! I do have 2 other vapes for dry botanicals as well, one of them I also use daily, the other in weekly rotation (depending on medical needs)- both of the others are handcrafted/small company too- love that option!

    thanks for a save the date tip!

    • Hey Sean! The ZEUS Thunder will be retailing at $99.99 and this includes:

      – ZEUS Thunder Vaporizer
      – Z-Tool Spatula
      – 1 Glass Storage Z-Jar
      – USB Charger
      – Wall Charger
      – Z-Wax Tank
      – Z-Oil Tank

      However, there is a special promotion for all connoisseurs that pre-order the ZEUS Thunder! They will receive a Gift Pack worth $100 that includes a ZEUS Bolt Grinder, Z-Oil and Z-Wax Pro Tanks as well in their package! Pre-orders start tomorrow at 12PM EST and the Gift Packs are available while quantities last! Find out more here: http://torontovaporizer.ca/portable-vaporizers/zeus-thunder-vaporizer.html.

  4. Hey there, without the videos, I’m wondering if there are any other pictures of the Thunder and the gift pack that comes with it? I am curious about the glass storage Z-Jar. I already have a sexy Zeus grinder, would love another. Thanks for your response T-Vape. Keep on vapin’ ChrisJ

    • Hey Chris! You can find more pictures of the ZEUS Thunder vaporizer here: http://www.zeusarsenal.com/zeus-thunder-vaporizer. There you will also find pictures of the items included in your package. In terms of the pre-order gift pack, you will receive a ZEUS Bolt Grinder and two upgraded tanks: the Z-Wax Pro and Z-Oil Pro (which are higher quality components to improve your vaporizing experience with your Thunder). The Z-Wax Pro for example offers a combo stainless steel and glass pathway. Both Pro Tanks also offer increased storage capacity. The Gift Pack is valued at $100 and this is FREE for all connoisseurs that place a pre-order! To place an order, visit our website here: http://torontovaporizer.ca/zeus-thunder-vaporizer.html.

  5. Steve Brown: What do I like about Zeus products? Well that’s an easy one, I like everything from Zeus. They’re grinders are some of the best in the biz. I also love the fact that they are Canadian. I have 3 grinders, 1 torch and the dehumidifier box. I have no complaints with any one of them. Great product overall.

  6. I like Zeus because they are probably the most durable products that I have used over the years. I would break pretty much every grinder that I bought. Zeus has seem holdup fine since I’ve had it

  7. Zeus makes great products. I try to buy from canadian businesses as much as possible and love to promote Zeus! I think the fact that they have a wide range of product is great from start to finish for a session Zeus has something for you.

  8. Michel Beaulieu
    High quality product and extremely good warranty….. Hell Zeus bolt Grinders have a lifetime no hassle warranty!!

  9. Jonathon Hoang on

    I own the Zues Vortex and I have to honestly say it’s the best grinder in the world. This grinder hands down puts all others to shame. The consistency is perfect for vaping, the quality is exceptional (made with all metal parts), very easy to use and it even comes with a kief scraper. I have a solo Arizer coming in tomorrow with a free bolt grinder, which i’m gifting to my brother. Whoever wins this contest will definitely appreciate this amazing grinder.

  10. I really can’t wait to try the Thunder. I have a Gpen but when you say it’s comparable to the volcano for oil and wax I can’t pass that by. plus the video is super cool

  11. Stephanie Williams on

    I love the quality of the product, it’s sleek design makes it discreet and portable. I like that it’s a Canadian product as well. Way to go Canada! Haha

  12. Tony Haizimsque on

    I definitely love the quality of Zeus products. The Thunder sounds like a great buy for that price. I do believe that a great arsenal is needed for every true connoisseur. That being said…. I NEED THIS! Ahhah, I am very greatful to say that you’ve added to mine, ( Zeus Bolt & Torch lighter) and the thunder would definitely be a major addition to my collection. I do understand though we need a lot of entries for that prize. However, as long as they’re available in time or me to purchase one, I will be doing so regardless of whether or not there are enough entries. ! The great material and aesthetic quality of the Zeus products will always have me back for more. ^.^

  13. Dawson Joyner on

    My favorite thing about this vape is the sleek and discreet design, if i saw someone out in public sucking on one of these i would assume they were just sucking on an expensive pen, LOL! Secondly I love the quality of Zeus products! I have the Bolt and it works great and grinds to the PERFECT consistency EVERY time and again looks very sleek and new. Finally I LOVE the price point. Some other vapes can cost as much as 200+ dollars and a lot of people don’t have that kind of money, $100 is just right for this product.

  14. The portability is the most appealing to me… It also looks fantastic as far as quality of build is concerned!! Stoked to order one of these!!! I still love my old one though…

  15. Michel Beaulieu
    Wow seems like Zeus is going to expand in there products and what a great price point! Would love to get my hands on one for that beautiful dust collected in the bottom of my Zeus grinder!

  16. Like many others, I also really enjoy Zeus products. While I only have a modest collection comprised of the Zeus Bolt grinder and Zeus Touch lighter, I know these aesthetically designed products are not just for appearances but are capable of quality performance and are very durable as well.

    In this respect, I’m positive that the Zeus Thunder will also perform above and beyond my expectations. I’m already quite impressed with the sleek design. Comparatively speaking, it’s just .25 cm longer and wider but just as long as the name brand fine point permanent marker and as light as a travel sized bottle of lotion. On top of which the producers are also promising that it’s powered by “an incredibly strong battery”, That’s simply ridiculously awesome.

    Even if I had any doubts, they were swept away by your review team that had revealed the Zeus Thunder is like the Volcano of pen vapes! That said, what’s not to like about the Zeus Thunder! 😀

    And on a different but related note- please, for the LOVE of Zeus, give us the wonderful opportunity to pre-order the Zeus Thunder with the gift pack once more!

  17. Adam Seukumar on

    I like that it includes a 2 year warranty. These small portable vapes sometimes you can’t tell if they’re gonna last because of the heat and the size. You get an extra piece of mind with 2 year warranty as opposed to 1 by many other manufacturers.

  18. I am so excited for the Zeus Thunder! I love supporting a homegrown Canadian company, especially one that makes such quality products. The Zeus Thunder is completely unique on the market. I love its sleek, discrete design and I know it would compliment my beloved Zeus Bolt perfectly. 🙂 My favourite thing is that everyone has a chance to win such a fab product!

  19. For one I love torontovaporizer and I recommend it to all my friends, family and who ever talks about vaporizers. I purchased a solo arizer from them and had 7 other friends buy one too. They all love it and appreciate its true vaporization 😉 I received a zeus grinder with the deal as a bonus and love it. Best grinder I have ever owned. Just recently after 1.4 years I claimed my warranty and they gave me a brand new one when it was still working. I love these guys too.
    Now the arizer solo to me is the best portable all around vaporizer on the market, I’ve tried many and besides looks and discreteness the solo is ranked #1. I have even brought it into theatres but the tubes and the way around it just doesn’t work for me in public. Now the Thunder? hella ya. I was going to buy the gpen by grenco. Snoop Dogg gave me a 30% discount code but after doing research I realized they’re vapes are not true vapes and they are not made with quality parts. However the Thunder meets all expectations and once again my patience makes me feel like the winner. I waited 2 years for the Arizer and it was well worth it. Now I patiently wait for a Thunder. I will not leave home without it again!
    The people at TorontoVaporizer, Arizer, Zeusarsenal rock and I wouldnt recommend anyone else!

  20. One thing I do not like about a the few vaporizers I have tried is the weight in the hand.. The Toronto Thunder vaporizer has a solid and balanced feel in my hand.

  21. After losing my brother in 2013, my goal is to get all my friends using a vape pen in 2014! Perfect timing, looking forward to it’s release.

  22. I agree that this is more a complimentary item as opposed to replacing a vape. I have three (all from Toronto V) vapes in my arsenal now (extreme q, solo and mflb)and this Zeus would be an awesome addition for enjoying my botanical dust when out and about.

  23. I like how sleek it looks, and the price is right! Toronto Vaporizer has never disappointed me, you have great products!

  24. As a G-Pen purchaser from TorontoVaporizer, I’d be extremely happy to upgrade to your new Zeus Thunder.

    I used my pen a lot, and always use my 2 Zeus grinders to prep my materials.

    The Thunder looks awesome – great contest, and here’s hoping we get enough folks behind it to have the Thunder awarded to some lucky, eloquent (hint hint) customer.

    Peace, and happy vaping

  25. Its beautiful!!! I like that I could win it!!! If you reply as anonymous are you still entered in the contest?

  26. Christina M on

    I love the Zeus product line. The design of all of their products is downright sexy!!! Can’t beat that sweet smooth finish, awesome logo, mm mmm mmmmmm, sexy.
    And we all know sexy isn’t great without brains behind it – which Zeus has!!!
    I’ve never been disappointed with any Zeus product, I have several grinders and a couple dehumidor boxes which are fantastically made and gorgeous to look at.

    While I’ve not gotten my hands on a Thunder…..yet…… I’m looking forward to it. I have zero doubts that it will perform to my expectations of Zeus products.

    Oh and did I mention sexy? Damn I love their product line.

    Be Well and keep on vapin’
    Chris M

  27. I like almost everything about the new Zeus Thunder Vaporizer! Only thing I hate is that it’s not in my possession right now. From the amazing price to the sleek design. Perfectly discreet and the portability is wonderful, due to the product not being very heavy. And not only is the vaporizer amazing, the team selling it are absolutely wonderful to give a chance to customers to win, not only the vaporizer, but a Zesus Arsenal Package. Keep up the good work guys! -Ameer Khan

  28. Wow that’s incredible, it looks so good I can’t wait to get my hands on one, that reveal video was incredibly well made, I love Zeus products and I’m super excited about this one.

  29. This looks great. Is there a price point somewhere I’m not seeing? Also, how is the release coming along? Thanks!

    • Haha nice! You will definitely be blown away by the performance of the Thunder! They are actually on their way to us as we speak!! Shouldn’t be more than a week longer! They’re just stuck in traffic! 😉

    • Currently the package only comes with a Z-Wax and Z-Oil tank. But a dry botanical tank is in the works at ZEUSArsenal, which we expect to receive in the fall! So, grab one to use with your dust and oils now and benefit from the added bonus dry botanical tank that will be available VERY SOON! 😉

    • Indeed! Also a tutorial on cleaning/maintaining the Zeus Torch PLEASE….been struggling with that so much(months) lately I have considered regulating my manual vapes from daily use to “back up”…:( I have tried checking youtube for butane torch cleaning info with very limited success. I would LOVE a tutorial addressing each of the tanks in detail as well.

  30. Thrilled to receive my Zeus Thunder Pre-Order bundle today! it is charging while I paw through other goodies, the tanks and Bolt grinder. Interesting to read how the Zeus Torch is meant to be used within the Arsenal- I had been confused about why it was included, now I am just confused in a new way- Ah well, something to search later. I have been very impressed with all my Zeus products to date, with only one disappointment among them, even after TV customer service suggested a “fix”….but I still use them all regularly!

    • Great questions and here are the videos to help you out! Check out ZEUSArsenal’s youtube channel here: http://www.youtube.com/user/ArsenalZeus. There is a detailed ZEUS Thunder video that goes through how to operate the Thunder and use all the contents inside package. The video also goes through how to use the Torch in combo with your Z-Wax tank. On their channel ZEUSArsenal also posted Pro tank tutorial videos :). Let us know if you have any other questions!

  31. Beautiful! Thanks for posting the link! clarified most of my issues, so now on the days my lighter behaves I can test this fine tool!

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